Dream Wedding Ideas

5 Things You Should Have For Your Dream Wedding

You may have been dreaming about the perfect wedding since you were a little kid so to have dream wedding ideas at hand will truly help plan your big day. Even if you don’t have any concrete plans yet, it’s something that you could’ve been planning in your mind, with little details here and there. However, what constitutes a dream wedding for one person may not be the right choice for another. Different brides will certainly have different visions of what their special day will look like. But, even with some minor differences in the details, there are also certain things any bride-to-be should have.

Dream Wedding Ideas

You can get your dream wedding off to a magical and stellar start with this list of must-haves:

1. Hair And Makeup Artist

Because this is your dream wedding, you’ll want to look extra good. Remember, it’s not about looking like someone you’re not. Rather, it’s about getting all dolled up to highlight your best features. That way, you can feel and look like your absolute best on your most special day.
dream wedding ideas
Dream Wedding Ideas – Bridal Beauty World
As much as you’ll want the wedding to be stress-free, this will also be quite a long and tiring day. You’ll need a professional wedding hair and makeup Toronto artist’s expertise to put the right makeup on you, so it doesn’t end up oily and sticky. Their skills will leave you feeling beautiful and fresh, no matter how long the day will get. More importantly, you’ll want to look flawless in your wedding photos. These stills commemorate that once-in-a-lifetime event that you’ll be looking back on for the rest of your life. Your children, friends, and even grandchildren will look through those photos. A professional hair and makeup artist is sure to make you look amazing. 

2. Photographer

Wedding photographers are expensive, and this is for a very good reason. They’re professionals who have the eye and skills to capture all the very special moments from the morning prep to the reception. Even if you were to DIY your dream wedding, don’t skimp on your photographers. Remember that they’re responsible for the wedding photos that you’ll keep as a souvenir for the rest of your life.

dream wedding ideas
Dream Wedding Ideas – Photo By Nathan Moreau Photo
Here are other compelling reasons for you to hire a wedding photographer:
  • They know how to make you feel at ease, even with posed photographs;
  • They can organize friends and family for photographs that wouldn’t stress anyone out;
  • They’re professionals who can be trusted to get things right, which is very important for a day that’ll usually only happen once in your life;

3. Color Palette Or Theme

Every bride will have their preferences as to the color palette or theme they’d like to see on their dream wedding. For instance, some are bold enough to go for black elegance, while some prefer more subtle pastel colors. When deciding on this, don’t be pressured by what’s trendy or what every other bride is using. Even if you have to be different, go for it. This is your dream, after all.

4. Skincare

Apart from the makeup itself on the big day, you’ll also want to indulge yourself in some self-love and care on the days leading to your wedding. These days can be quite stressful, so a little skincare won’t hurt. You can even have this part of your preparation festivities with your entire bridal party. Good skincare and a mani and pedi session can help you relax, feel, and look better for this big day of your life.

5. Dream Wedding Dress

By dream gown, this refers not just to yours, but also that of your bridal party. You’ll also certainly have your pegs of how your bridal party’s dresses are going to look like. It can even include that of your groom’s suit too. Make sure your outfits fit the overall look and theme you’re going for. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, shorter dresses might work. But if you’re having a traditional, church wedding, it’s best to stick to classic and elegant styles. If you can afford to buy a new dress, then do so. Your wedding dress and have a sketch created of your wedding dress is a perfect memento for you to keep forever, and perhaps even pass on to your daughter.
dream wedding ideas
Dream Wedding Ideas – Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch
With the essential dream wedding ideas, it can also help if you come to terms with the fact that not every dream wedding must be expensive. You definitely don’t want to start this new chapter of your life buried in a mountain of debt. Remember, only spend what you can actually pay for. Even if you only stick to the more affordable options, you can still achieve a dream wedding that’s truly yours if you follow your dream wedding ideas.

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