Wedding Suits

The History Of Wedding Suits For Men

Very few people can authoritatively tell you when wedding suits were first used. However, there are important things that you need to know as far as wedding suits for men are concerned, particularly wedding suits for the groom.

In the early 19th century, men used to wear coats with ‘tails’ till a point where one Beau Brummell invented wedding suits for men. He refused the then frock coats and powdered wigs in favor of full-length trousers. The invention marked the birth of the wedding suits we wear today.

Abraham Lincoln, commonly referred to as Honest Abe, who also rose to become America’s 16th president, also goes into the books in terms of the history of wedding suits for men. Basically, the history of wedding suits for men dates back to the early 1800s.

Styles Of Suits For Weddings

There is no doubt that, at weddings, the suits for the groom just is the case with the suits for groomsmen, matters a lot. They tell a lot about their style and taste. Here are the commonly used wedding suit styles. As the best man, your role can help him with the suit buying process.

Re-use Wedding Suit

The re-use wedding suit is basically perfect for any type of wedding – daytime, evening, cold or hot weather and indoors or outdoors. It is also a type of suit that the groom can use for work or in other functions after his wedding. It is normally not flashy. The material should ideally be 100% wool or a blend of wool and cashmere.

The Casual Wedding Suits

The casual wedding suits are typically for outdoor weddings, for instance, at the beach or somewhere in a garden. They can also be used for weddings that take place during warmer seasons. They help the groom to get a bit more relaxed – not really a formal look. They can be made of linen, cotton or even lightweight wool materials.

The Statement Wedding Suits

The statement wedding suits are usually meant for indoors or evening weddings. They can, however, be used for daytime outdoor ceremonies. They are the kind of wedding suits for the groom that will help them stand out. They are made of wool or a mixture of wool and cashmere or better still silk.

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Alternative Groom’s Attire Weddings

It can sometimes seem as though when it comes to weddings men are often left with little choice when it comes to the groom’s attire. This is usually down to the same typical choices being available for both the groom and the male guests.

This usually ranges between a two-piece or three-piece suit, a tie, and maybe a pocket square if they fancy pushing the boat out a bit! However, there are a number of alternatives to the typical wedding day outfit choices – so let’s discuss!

Smart Casual – Groom’s Attire

Often, when it comes to the wedding day – we tell the bride that they should look and feel like themselves on the wedding day as it is the best version of themself. For instance, if they don’t usually overdo with their make-up then they shouldn’t have to do so at the wedding. So why not have this rule the same for grooms or male guests?

If they don’t usually dress smartly or extravagantly, it should be acceptable to do the same on a wedding day. This opens up a number of possibilities. The classic smart casual outfit is usually a blazer with a pair of jeans.

But the men could choose to go outside the box a bit more and follow the sports luxe trend by going with a black bomber jacket over the top of a white shirt with a pair of grey trousers.

Tweed – Groom’s Attire

The tweed look is a timeless fashion statement and one that can be perfect for a real gentlemanly look at a wedding. The cut of a lot of tweed blazers and waistcoats now means they look exceedingly modish and can easily fit with any top wedding outfit, be it for the groom or a guest.

You can also choose to just use splashes of tweed with your outfit – with a scarf or a flat cap that goes with the same color theme of your outfit.

Add Some Colour and Accessories

With the vast majority of male wedding outfits, we often see the 3 standard colors of black, navy, and grey. Most men rarely venture out into different colors, but there is often good reason for this, as brightly colored suits can sometimes look slightly silly. But you can still include some color to your outfit via some accessories.

This can be done by wearing some colored socks that are part of the same color family of your shirt or tie (e.g different shades of purple) or you can wear some braces under your blazer, with the other option being a tie and pocket square that complement each other’s design or color.

Take a Trip Back Through the Era’s

This is a trend which has become more popular through the emergence of television shows and films which have been set in the past. With Cillian Murphy and Leanardo Di Caprio looking remarkably dapper in The Peaky Blinders and The Great Gatsby, it has encouraged a lot of men to bring this trend into the 21st century.

This is done with 3 piece suits with thicker lapels on the blazer and waistcoat, as well as thick multi-toned brogues and even a top hat. If you wanting to create a theme with the groomsmen, this really is a perfect alternative to the usual wedding outfits.