A Few Quick Tidbits

  • Dreamlines mirrors the wedding attire in a fashion style sketch.
  • A Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch takes 7 days to complete once we have your photos.
  • We offer 4-days and 2-day turnaround art completion if time is a factor.
  • We ship all over the world.
  • Frames:  Click here. You must select the frame when ordering, as a frame does not automatically come with a sketch order. The frame will be mailed separately from the sketch. The cream / off white linen mat may change based on what is available from the manufacturer.  ***** ON THE WEBSITE there are many photos and examples of frames. Some are purchased from the client themselves from other stores and some are examples to show off the sketch. Click here to see the frame sizes we offer. *******
  • Printed Pieces will be mailed separately. They will be the same size as your sketch order. 
  • After your order is placed I will personally send you an initial email that we have received your order, photos, details, etc. within 12 hours. If you need to reach me before you receive my initial email you can contact me at dream@mydreamlines.com. I will reference your email in the initial email. You will also receive an automatic email from the system. Please check your spam if you do not see it. You will email me your photos, details, color accent colors, etc. I will forward them to the artist and she will provide her input, advice, or just run with your vision. I will be in touch once the artist approves everything. I will then be in touch with the tracking. A proof is not available, if you love our style you won’t be disappointed.
  • Coupon codes will be turned off when we reach max orders based on due dates. Coupon codes for sketch orders do not include the frame, printed piece, turnaround time, and shipping.
  • Our work is created as a pencil drawn sketch on off white paper that is a stylized sketch and is not an exact representation. 
  • If you are unhappy with any part of the sketch please let me know, as I want you to be 100% satisfied, so please email me with any concerns before leaving a bad review. As a small business owner your complete satisfaction is my top concern so please let me know. Please note... a bad review can truly affect a small business and since I am willing to work with you to make sure you are happy I will do everything I can on my end.

To Order a Gift Certificate

Place an order by clicking here.  After the order is placed you will receive a link to a form to submit any details. Please state that this a gift certificate and who the gift is for. The gift certificate will be emailed to you so you can print it. The gift certificate will expire one year after ordering. 

To Redeem the Gift Certificate

Redeem your gift certificate by clicking here. Once we receive your photos and details for the order we will have the sketch mailed 30 days out from that date. The gift certificate expires one year after it was ordered. We do not offer refunds on gift certificates for any reason, as our artists and fees are paid for after each order.

Sketch Details

After you place an order you will receive an automatic email from the system. I, Nikki Gentry, will email you with an introduction email within 24 hours after you have placed the order, verifying your details and photos, as well as an email stating that we have everything we need and then a final email once the sketch is mailed out.

  • Size of the sketch on the paper – click here
  • Place acid-free tape (provided with a Dreamlines frame) along the top of the sketch to the mat.  Do not tape the sides or bottom, as it can cause warping.
  • The sketch is mailed with very sturdy packaging
  • A dress that is white or ivory will have a tint of color (pale pink, blue, champagne, etc.) of the artist’s choice to enhance areas of the dress, which will be applied with pens, water colors or other tools. The sketch paper is off-white. If your wedding dress has a dark rich color we will make it as dark as possible without taking away from the detail of the wedding gown.
  • The artist will add color to the suit and gown, so as to give the dimension needed to the sketch.  If we do not add this color the sketch will be flat.
  • The suit is drawn to mid-knee length.
  • The artist will enhance the beading, lace, tint of color etc. to her choice or your choice if you specify in the order form.
  • The artist will create the Indian attire with bright colors, but they are still muted and softer. 
  • If you don’t make any special requests for a piece she will create it with her vision. If you want changes made to the sketch after you have received it, which will entail us creating a new sketch you will be invoiced for 50% of the original sketch for the artist to recreate it.
  • The sketch will be illustrated by pencil on high quality drawing paper with the best water color, which provides a softer and muted color, pens or colored pencils.
  • The hand-made custom frames for Dreamlines will be sent separately from the sketch, if time doesn’t allow.
  • We have amazing sketch artists from all over the world.  They love to sketch the delicate and intricate form of a wedding gown knowing the final piece of art is given as a wedding gift or anniversary gift.  If you like what you see on the gallery you will love a Dreamlines sketch that will take your breath away.
  • The My Dreamlines logo will not be on the final sketch.
  • A proof is not available, if you love our style you won’t be disappointed.

Provide A Photo

  • You will submit your photos after you place your order.
  • If your photos have been altered in any way from the original (pulled off of a website or the photographer sent them to you after they edited / created as a proof) we might need more.
  • Please let us know if there are any embellishments to the dress that we cannot see in the photos. ie) pale pink lace, crystal embellishments, etc.
  • If you do not have crisp photos we can make the sketch look amazing, but we would rather have more detail to work with. We won’t draw the sketch if we feel we need more photos.
  • If you place an order and send photos at a future date we will wait for you to reach out to us.
  • If you provide details on what you see or what your vision is based on low quality photos provided we will create our interpretation. We can only create what we see. If we feel we cannot do the sketch justice, based on pre-wedding photos you will be given the option for us to create the sketch with our interpretation or you can be given a gift card so the couple can work with us directly. 
  • All photos must be shared before we begin the sketch. If you share additional photos after we have started and are complete we may not be able to edit the completed sketch if you have provided additional photos.
  • PHOTO TIP for your photographer: Suggest that the photographer takes a photo of the bride and groom side by side…holding hands….a little space in between both of them. His other hand in his pocket. Her other hand holding the bouquet resting at her side. Also get another photo of the bride posing – front and back. Both her hands on her hips so she is showing herself off in the most important dress she will ever wear. Also have your photographer take all full length photos, as they have amazing cameras so there is no need to take a waist up photo. Photos can be cropped so they can be made into a close up. Also having a photo of the dress on a hanger is nice, but it doesn’t show the shape and curve of the bride, as well as how it hangs and rests on the floor. FYI….artificial indoor lighting without light from any windows is best to show all the detail of a white dress, if you do not have the natural light during sunset. Sunlight will wash out the dress and you will not be able to capture all the details of the dress.

When Do You Need The Sketch?

A wedding dress sketch order takes up to 7 days to complete once we have your photos and details. You can choose ‘turnaround art fee’ for any order to have it completed before 7 days. We can also email you a card to give to the recipient so they have the opportunity to work with a Dreamlines artist. 

  • Need the sketch completed in 4 days? Choose the 4 Day Turnaround Art Fee – $30
  • Need the sketch completed in 2 days? Choose the 2 Day Turnaround Art Fee – $50

Expedited, Insurance and Tracked Shipping 

  • If you are not home at the time of delivery the sketch might be held for you at the post office or at your door. A note will be left on the door or mailbox. Please reach out if you have not received the sketch per the delivery times below.
  • If a sketch is lost in route or even delayed from outside factors ie) post office is closed or they can’t find it, hurricanes, snowstorms, fires, etc. we will not offer a refund.  If the tracking shows a sketch or frame was delivered, but is not found we will create this again, but will invoice you for half to cover the artist’s fee, as we want the items shipped to those who will be able to collect them once they are delivered. We don’t advise that the package is left on your porch. You can sign up for email and text tracking notifications so as to make sure you receive the sketch once it is delivered.
  • If an item is in route and taking longer than expected we will wait that time for it to arrive, if it is moving along. I will reach out to the post office to get a better update, if it is taking longer than expected.
  • If a sketch shows delivered to a business and is not in your possession we will invoice you for half of the sketch order, so as create it again, which covers the artist’s fee. This is because the sketch was not delivered to you personally, but could be received by anyone in the building.
  • Delivery times are guaranteed by DHL/USPS/Fedex and not Dreamlines.
  • Natural disasters are out of the shipping centers and Dreamlines control.

Delivery Times**

  • Europe – 2-4 day delivery via USPS Priority with a tracking number *
  • USA – 2-4 day delivery via USPS Priority with a tracking number
  • Canada – 6-10 day delivery via USPS Priority with a tracking number *
  • Australia – 6-10 day delivery via USPS Priority with a tracking number * / **
  • Asia – 5-8 day delivery via USPS Priority with a tracking number
  • Africa – 4-8 day delivery via USPS Priority with tracking number

If you need the shipping faster than the above dates we will also look at other options for shipping, as there are express options with shorter times.

*Custom delays (VAT – value added tax and duty charges) may apply to imports into Europe, Canada and Australia. Fedex, USPS and DHL creates the label and pricing for us, but random packages could be selected with a customs charge or delay, up to thirty days. This additional cost will be at your expense, as we are unable to pay for it when we create the label. This can also cause a delay in shipping. The packages can be held through customs, but we can track through the tracking number. For the UK you will receive, on the tracking link, message: “Payment of charges – Item being held, addressee being notified.” The following day you will receive sealed card from “Parcel force” which is one of the UK’s postco’s. They will give you a reference number and direct you to a website where you can pay the fee online and arrange a delivery date. (this has happened two times since we launched in 2006)

**Australia Goods and Services Tax (GST) – Effective July 1, 2018, Australia will apply the 10% GST to all imports, including products valued under A$1,000. When a produt is sold to an Australian buyer, the GST tax will be applied at the border when the product is imported.

**Delivery times are guaranteed by DHL/USPS /Fedex and not Dreamlines. You will be provided with the tracking number so you track your package. Please view the tracking, as the frame and some sketches need to be signed for.  If a sketch has not made it by the above time frames please reach out to us immediately so we can make sure you have it on time or provide you with a card to give to the recipient stating the gift is on the way. Please check your mail for a note that it was left at the post office. Some packages, depending on who we use, require a signature so if tracking shows it has been delivered the package will be at the post office waiting to get picked up. We do not check the tracking for each order to make sure each sketch has arrived to you. It is the customer’s responsibility to reach out to us if the sketch, frame or printed piece has not arrived in time. You can go to the tracking number online to request a text or email notification so you know the exact time a package is left. We are not responsible for packages that are dropped off and not retrieved by you. You can choose the shipping address if you would like the packages sent to a safe location ie) work, PO Box, someone you know who will be home, etc.

Completion will determine on receiving the photos by the end of the business day CST, 5:00pm. We will do everything to make sure the sketch is mailed so you have it in time.

Please make sure the name of the person it is being shipped to lives at that location. If you include only your name with their address the package will be rerouted to the shipping center in your region so they can figure out where the package should be delivered to. This will cause a delay in receiving your package. Include their name and yours with c/o (care of).

Shipping Address Example

John Smith (the person who lives there)
c/o your first and last name
city, state and zip

We Cannot Guarantee Exact Color Match

We will do our absolute best to color match the suits, military uniforms, Indian attire, flowers, etc. Colors from photos and computer screens are translated over digitally, which is not a true color to the original. Please keep in mind this is a sketch and is a not an exact replica. The final sketch is not to be confused with a drawing that can be created identical with every line and color. Please also keep in mind we are using water colors, which holds color differently. Water color also bleeds into other colors so we will do our best to show different colors if they are next to each other. I have had only ONE customer in over 15 years and over 3,000 sketches who felt the color was not exact. Please keep in mind our sketches are not an exact replica. 

Military Discount

Receive a free hanger sketch at $20 value at no cost when ordering a Dreamlines wedding dress sketch.  We sketch the suit with detail of everything that is on the suit. Midnight blue and dark navy suits will not be sketched dark, but a blue tone.  This is not a drawing, but a sketch. It is a sketch that captures the essence of the suit.  Please click here to view the portfolio to view how we draw our suits and military suits. You can still receive the military discount even if you were not married in your military attire. Just state in the form after you order you would like a free hanger sketch.

Did He Order A Wedding Day Gift?
For all the mothers, mother-in-laws, sisters and maid of honors

If you are ordering a gift for the bride on behalf of the groom, please include his email during the order process.  We like the groom to be involved in the process.  We will make sure he never sees the bride’s gown or the sketch before the wedding.  He will receive the initial email, update that we are set and a final email through the sketch process. We strive on providing an amazing product with amazing customer service and we like for the gift-giver which in this case is the groom to be part of the complete Dreamlines experience. This process also protects you and I so that the groom is fully aware of everything that is involved with the gift, because no one likes surprises.  Also I like for the groom to have some stake in the process of the gift he is giving to his bride. Proofs are not available for the sketch.

If the groom himself ordered a sketch from us he was searching for a perfect gift for his bride. He found our website and loved the whimsical style of our sketches. He chose Dreamlines because he wanted to give her a piece of art by using the artist’s interpretation from a photo creating the essence of his bride’s dress. Art is very subjective and we are elated to know he loves our art.

However, if you are unhappy with the sketch and you are the Maid of Honor, Mother, etc giving this gift on behalf of the groom, we ask that you present the newly married couple with the sketch and let them decide if they have concerns. We ask for you not to worry the groom, but to allow him to present his bride with the sketch. We have complete confidence he will love this Dreamlines sketch.

If you are still unhappy with part of the sketch and want changes made to a sketch that was purchased by the groom, we can make those changes. We will not charge you to make those edits; most edits can be fixed easily. The artist will not touch the sketch if she believes she cannot make those edits without ruining the paper. We can email you a mailing label or we will reimburse you for a mailing label if you purchase it. If you choose to purchase your mailing label for reimbursement please choose priority tracked shipping with USPS to receive a reimbursement.  If after he receives the sketch he wants changes made from your request and we cannot make those edits per the original changes, we can create the sketch again. He will receive an invoice for 50% of the sketch to cover the artist’s fee.  Again, this is why we suggest to let the groom and bride decide if they want changes made, as this relieves all pressure from you. I want all parties to be happy and I will follow your lead if you want changes made.

A Few Extras

*Your wedding photos could be used in marketing materials on the website, online, or in print, as well as sold as wedding art.  Once the piece has been used online marketing efforts we cannot remove what has already been placed on the world wide web. Please let us know in writing, via email, if you would not like your photos used in marketing efforts. The wedding dress sketch will be used online for marketing efforts.

*Testimonials via email will be posted online.

*All emails collected through our form will be added to our newsletter.  You may opt out at any time.  (this also includes orders that were not completed)

*If we speak on the phone, email, or chat messaging about any details for your order please state them the form after you order  I speak to many husbands, grooms, MOH’s etc, and it is impossible for me to keep track of these conversations. 

*If the dress is short or has a front opening we will create the dress on a stand

*If we are creating a scenery that includes a statue, building, lighthouse, etc. We will add color to the structure and less gray, so as to keep the focus on her gown. We also make the scenery more selective rather than being too literal. 

*If we are drawing a bouquet without looking at the actual bouquet photo please let us know the rough number count on the flowers. Please send us photos of each flower we are drawing and please name the file what the flower is.  ie)  50% pink roses / 50% white peonies. Please let us know what the stem will be wrapped with. Please let us know if the bouquet is round, long, loose or tight.  The bouquet sketch will not be exact, as this will just be a representation.

*A beautiful part of art is that an artist’s skill and talent is enhanced each time they create a Dreamlines wedding dress sketch. If you like a certain sketch in our gallery please let us know, as we have many artists within our portfolio. Please note that the images on the gallery do not pick up all of the color, pencils and water color, so the original piece will have much more detail. We are always evolving and creating beautiful pieces, which are always added to the site and you will see how the sketches have evolved with the beautiful bow hangers to more defined lines. We always create the final piece that if you were to place it side-by-side to the photo it is a great representation.  The sketches we create all have the same style, but they will all have different techniques and mediums each time we create a sketch.  Dreamlines art is not precise and exact, we will replicate the outline and silhouette. Our art is whimsical and playful. If you place the sketch next to the bride we have made the sketch waist much tinier than the bride is and much hippier than the bride, but a side by side of the sketch and photo has the silhouette and outline spot on.  That is our style…cinched wastes and curvy with gowns that have movement and flow.  Again…this is whimsical art.  We use watercolors and enhance colors for white watercolors. For instance we might not just use white water color, but will add a blue or yellow for depth. See others who love our style: Dreamlines Testimonials (all copied from emails from the customer / recipient)

*We do not always draw a wedding dress sketch from a wedding photo that has full lace all over the dress, as the dress becomes too dark and black.  If the gown has a sequence lace type of applique covering the gown we will show off the design, but will not add every detail of the sequence. The type of pen used to show off the sequence does not have a fine tip like a pencil and it also expands once it touches the paper, so we take more of a delicate approach. 

*Please let us know if there are any embellishments to the dress that we cannot see in the photos.  ie)  pale pink lace, crystal embellishments, etc. If you do provide detail the artist WILL incorporate your vision with hers so as to create a unique piece.  If the dress is slinky, tight and straight we will sketch it pretty streamlined. If there is any movement with excess material we will sketch it going out – swooshing left to right, which is a signature Dreamlines style. The dress will not just rest and skim the floor. Please note that military uniforms are very detailed.  We use water colors as our main medium, as well as pens and pencils. We will replicate all the details of the uniform, but please know that it is very hard to capture the exact shapes and letters, as they are so very small. 

*If we are sketching a personalized hanger that is black or a dark cherry wood we will not create it in that color, as it will take away from the gown.  We will soften it up a bit.  We try to make the gown the focal point. If you want us to create the hanger with the wire name that is silver or gold we will use a color over that since it will not show up as it is small and in cursive.

*Shoes are drawn to show off the detail, as they are small compared to the size of the wedding dress.  We enhance their size slightly to show off the detail.

*If you are undecided to which frame and mat to purchase we suggest the white mat with the black frame, as the off-white paper that the sketch is created on really pops against the white mat. You can also purchase an additional mat from our framer, if you change your mind on the color mat you purchased from Dreamlines. If you are unsure please take the sketch to a framer to find the perfect match. If you don’t see something you like in our collection let the recipient pick out their own frame. You can also place the frame from us at a later date. 

*We do not fill up the entire page with the sketch, we leave an appropriate amount of white space for visual purposes, as well as for the frame and mat. Negative space is, quite simply, the space that surrounds an object in a image. Just as important as that object itself, negative space helps to define the boundaries of positive space and brings balance to a composition.(source: Creative Blog). 

*We do not provide a preview /proof of your sketch. If you love our style you will love your sketch. We are unable to edit or change the sketch before mailing your order. Once the sketch has been created and mailed the sale is final. We are unable to create another sketch, if the dress selection has changed or if you would like to give the sketch to a different recipient.

*We are unable to refund a sketch simply because you changed your mind, wanted an exact replica or a painting. You do have the option of converting your sketch order into a gift certificate or to use the purchase for someone else if you contact us within 24 hours of ordering. We start on the sketch within 24 hours, with an outline to make sure we have all the photos needed. The artist is paid at that time.   Please note:  Your Dreamlines wedding dress sketch is not an ‘exact’ replica, but a rough design based on the artist’s style and vision, but will replicate the silhouette and outline of the dress.  It is not an exact photocopy and is not to be confused with a drawing or painting.  We create sketches to look similar to the photos, but they will not be exact and detailed with every stitch, lace, tulle, and harsh lines for the suits.  If you choose not to provide detail of what your vision is our artist will create what her vision is.  If the adjustments are minor you can mail the sketch back so we can edit the sketch.   Again please be specific, clear, and defined. Please provide too much information in regards to details.  If you choose not to provide detail of what your vision is our artist will create what her vision is and what she sees.  Please view the gallery to see our style. 

*If a sketch has not been redeemed we are unable to provide a refund, as our artist has been paid and our accounting books have been processed when the order was placed. You can use the sketch as a gift card and give to someone else, if you do not want the sketch created for the original order.

*If the sketch was damaged during the delivery process you must notify us within 30 days so we can file a claim with the postal service. We will also need photos of the damaged packaging and damaged sketch to file the claim. The post office will reimburse us, which will allow for our artist to draw your sketch again. If you do not notify within 30 days or do not have photos of the damaged packaging then we will charge you 50% of your order to redraw your sketch. 

*We double check that the sketch is immaculate before shipping. Free of smudges, paint drops or paper creases. If the sketch was damaged in your possession we can create another sketch for you. An invoice will be sent to you for 50% of your order, so as to cover the artist’s commission.

*If a sketch is lost in route to you we will not offer a refund, but will contact USPS or DHL.  The sketch is mailed separately from the frame. 

*I provide a rough date that the frame and sketch will arrive to you. If it does not arrive by that date please reach out to us immediately, as we can do what we can to track the packages so as to find the status on them. It is your responsibility to track your package and notify us if it does not make it to you in time. Sometimes packages are left at the post office for you to pick up if the delivery driver chooses not to leave it at the doorstep. A note should be left in your mailbox or on the door. If the packages are left there too long they will be returned to us. I will mail the sketch back to you requesting a new address. If you choose to have the frame sent back to you we will send you an invoice for any shipping fees for the second shipment. If you decide to not have the frame or if you just don’t like the frame it can be sent back and we will reimburse the frame fee minus shipping.

*Payments are made through the order form via PayPal.  You can use your PayPal account, your personal/business credit or debit card. You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment. 

*Keep your sketch out of sunlight to prevent fading. If your sketch is protected by plexiglass make sure it is print friendly, so it won’t cause discoloration. Use acid free tape to adhere your sketch to the frame.

*A Dreamlines sketch is under copyright and you must ask for permission to use the sketch for commercial use.