Wedding Day Tips For The Groom

How to be the best groom is key with amazing groom tips when planning your wedding planning. It is widely agreed that having a great wedding is a process because you want your day to perfect and wonderful. Your wedding day involves many players and there is so much advice for a groom on his wedding day.

Groom Tips On Your Big Day

 1. Surprise your fiancé with a My Dreamlines Wedding sketch gift!

 You, certainly, would like to surprise your fiancé and see that wide smile on her face, right? Well, there is no other way that you can do that than getting a sketch for the wedding day gift. Dreamlines will simply make her day, which she will always live to remember not only you but the big day as well.

Give Her The Perfect Gift… Buy Now!

Sketch of the dress and suit

Many grooms don’t see her wedding dress before the big day. That is okay. More than likely there is a photo that her mother, sister, the bridal party or the dress shop have. Even a photo from the wedding dress designer’s website can be used to create a sketch of the most magical day of her life. She has been dreaming of this dress and her prince charming since she was a little girl.


2. Know what impresses you and your better half

 A great wedding starts by knowing clearly what warms your hearts, you as a groom and the bride as well. Knowing this will certainly help with the choices and decisions, which you both will make. Ranging from the type of food that you would like to serve on your wedding day.

Even the kind of music to be played, photos to be taken and by who just to mention a few. This will definitely make your fiancé know that she’s not in this journey alone, but that her groom is involved because the groom’s role is key in the wedding and in the marriage.

3. Try to delegate as much as possible within your groom responsibilities

 You cannot be everywhere, every time, right? Basically, this is the reason as to why you ought to delegate some roles, but not to just anybody. Look for reliable people, which you can count on at any given time. They will help you run some things even when you are not around or available.

For instance, you will, at some point need to pick a few things here and there, which is when you delegate to family and friends and this will come in handy in running such errands. Even a wedding planner can help in your wedding.


4. Hire an experienced wedding planner

Some things in wedding planning are easily done when you have the help of a seasoned wedding planning. Wedding planners typically know what to do and when to do exactly that. They come on board with great experience, which is the focus of planning a successful wedding.

Hiring a wedding planner will definitely relieve you of many things that could have, otherwise, become a heavy burden for you within your groom responsibilities.


5. Help calm down your fiancé – Groom Tips

 Mostly, a good number of brides-to-be tend to really get their excitements either way too high and/or angered. Some things during the planning sessions. It is your role, as the groom, to help her calm down her nerves, because you want her to see the bigger picture that all efforts are geared towards you both, which is to have a great and successful wedding day.

6. Groom Tips – Be on top of everything

The wedding is your day as well! Therefore, don’t just “sit back and relax” and wait for people to organize things for you. Make sure that your opinion counts on any essential matter, which means you have to get yourself at the center of the wedding preparations.

Be present, be involved, and be there for both of you, as groom tips count. There are so many moving parts that it is time for you to work together as a team. 


7. Write Your Own Speech

 A wedding speech to knock her socks off, which will leave everyone in tears and laughter is the goal here. The WeddingSpeechBuilder is the coolest site to help you write the best speech ever!

You will receive a vault of smart, sentimental, witty groom speech samples, groom speech examples, and groom speech templates, which will help you give that perfect speech.


8. Wedding Photo With Just The Boys

Why not surprise her with a few fun photos that you and your boys have created, which will be a fun memory to always have. A wedding photo with your groomsmen. A groomsmen photo added to your wedding album.

9. Get Involved

Get involved and help her along the way, which means maybe hiring a wedding planner or wedding coordinator to help you both in the process so she doesn’t get stressed to the max. The responsibilities of the groom should make an impact on your day.

Choosing a destination wedding location means less planning is needed and can both enjoy your engagement, which as you know a happy bride is a happy engagement.

There are going to be a lot of people involved; Mother, Mother-In-Law, Maid of Honor, etc. If these key people are barraging your bride or if your bride is getting irritated it is time for you to step in and protect her.

You are both planning the most magical day and you want her to enjoy every element, so make sure she knows that the groom tips you are taking on will be handled.

10. Get Dressed To The Nines – How To Be The Best Groom

She is wearing a new wedding dress. It’s your turn for a new wedding suit, which you can wear again. Along with a new shirt, tie and shoes. Get a good shave and new haircut, which also means break in your wedding shoes before you wear them. This is your day too.

 11. Keep Your Groomsmen In The Loop

These are your boys and it’s your job to keep them in the loop and in check. It is your duty to remove all of this off of your bride’s plate. You are in charge of the groomsmen, so let her know you have this taken care of. It will help her so much knowing that you have taken care of this.

12. Don’t Start Your Wedding Day Tired & Hungover

Don’t drink too much the night before, because you want to fully enjoy your big day. Enjoy your wedding day without feeling horrible, if you do drink too much there are a few hangover cures to help you get through the day.There is nothing worse than being hungover, especially on such an important day, and is not what you want to do on how to be the best groom.

13. Groom Wedding Day Checklist

Where are the rings??? Don’t panic!!! Your groom checklist will keep you focused on your groom duties. Your bride has a checklist as well, so making sure you are both on the same page will make sure nothing slips through the cracks. It will also alleviate a lot of pressure, as she will know she is not alone in this amazing journey.

14. Sneak Away – Groom Duties

Pull her aside during the reception to reconnect. You will both want to savor the moment of being husband and wife without the chaos of everyone around you both. Just five minutes will connect you both, which will allow you to tackle the rest of your evening.

From the proposal, engagement, wedding, honeymoon and gifts. To make it as easy as possible for guys to feel good about the wedding process The Grooms List has taken the essential checklist items and accompanying resources from our website and put them into one easy to use guide. This comprehensive tool will take grooms step-by-step through their role in the wedding process. Each groom will now be able to support his bride, and show her that he’s got his part in the wedding under control.


Groom Sites – Groom Responsibilities on Planning Your Wedding

Groom sites – from the proposal, engagement, wedding to the honeymoon. Helping to plan the wedding is an honor and a wonderful experience. Finally somewhere for the grooms to go to. A few awesome groom sites. Grooms and groomsmen advice from professionals in the industry.

Groom Tips To Help YOu

Here are a couple of other groom articles to help on how to be the best groom, which we think are key in wedding planning tips for the grooms: Groomsmen Gifts and Groom & Groomsmen Photos. Just make sure your groom responsibilities are all taken care of and don’t procrastinate. The faster you check off your list..the happier your bride will be.

However, that said and done, there are some players that are not only key but play a very important role. Particularly as far as the wedding planning is concerned, but of course that is the bride and the groom. The wedding day, contrary to what many people tend to believe, it is a day for both the bride and the groom.

Not just the bride. And, that is how to be the best groom can play a crucial role, as every groom always asks how to be the best groom for her. The groom tips force the groom to really take the role seriously and realize that this is your day together and not just her day.

A sophisticated style for the quintessential gentleman. A one-stop destination for the modern groom with a classic style. We believe nothing beats a black bow tie, a well-made groom suit, and a glass of well-aged whiskey.

We believe every guy should at least know how to tie a double windsor, know the difference between a peak & a notch lapel when picking out a tuxedo, and know-how to open a bottle of champagne without breaking your neighbor’s window.

Groom Tips & Groom Responsibilities

There are many things that you must keep in mind as the groom. So as to have a successful wedding day it is time to get your duckies in a row. Below are crafted a few, but most important, groom tips on how to the best groom.
I strongly believe that they’ll be of great help to you. The groom responsibilities are key on how to be the best groom on your wedding day.

Groom Wedding Help – Groom Tips

How To Be The Groom Expert

So you popped up that most important question in any relationship of “will you marry me?” and you got a “yes!”, right? Groom wedding plans are just beginning. First forward, you’re now planning for your big day with the love of your life. There are many things that you guys are running up and down to get in place before that D-day. In most cases, actually, many say that weddings are all about the brides.

So little is said about the groom, so little that they even tend to fail on how to be the best groom that they ought to be. That is why we’re dedicating this article on guiding you on how you will make the best out of yourself as the groom – the complete guide to groom wedding plans to help you.

Groom Wedding Help – Three Main Areas

If you’re planning a wedding, as a groom, then you must be aware of the three major things that can really give you sleepless nights – the venue, guest list, and the date. You, not necessarily, have to take full control of these things in order to cut an image of the best groom, no. But that said and done; you ought to be really involved as far as these three things are concerned lest you want to stretch your spending and many other things. Show concern and let your say count at the end of the day.

Decided On Whether Your Suit Will Be A Surprise Or Not

It is essential to discuss this with your love. Decide if you want to surprise your wife-to-be on the type of outfit you will use on your wedding day or not. If not a surprise, then decide if your outfit, as a groom, will blend with the theme of the wedding and other things. You can alternatively decide to be unique. But it is arguably agreed that it comes out well when the groom’s attire – whether suit, tie, socks, cufflinks, or even tie bars.

Give Your Bride A Wedding Day Gift

Apart from offering yourself as a gift to her, get her the best gift that you can ever get! It is always good when this gift is purely a surprise. However, you don’t have to get something which will cost you a leg and arm! Get something which you know will impress her and leave her with a good memory of that wedding day.

Groomsmen Gifts They Will Really Like

The groomsmen are very important on your wedding day! Get something simple but good. Just as is the case with the bride’s gift, you also don’t have to break a back getting gifts for your groomsmen, no.

Ring Bearer

It would be a great feeling for the little ones, who mostly carry the ring to the altar, to get them a gift. Look for something which will impress a child. That way, you will create an even stronger bond with them and they’ll become your long term friends.

Groom Speech – Dedicated to your bride and your guests

As much as the main focus of your wedding speech should be centered on your partner, do not forget to appreciate the effort made by everyone, both present and absent, in getting you guys to where you are today!

Plan Your Honeymoon Will In Advance

Do not wait for the dying minutes to start thinking of where you will take your newly wedded wife for honeymoon. Scout around, do thorough research on some of the best honeymoon destinations and pick your favorite. Again, you can choose it to be a surprise to your other half or let her know in advance so that she knows where you guys will be headed to for your honeymoon!

It is that simple! Groom wedding plans don’t have to be overwhelming, but you can easily get it wrong if not well thought out. Follow these guidelines and you will not be disappointed at the end of the day!


Groom Wedding Help – Vendors Advertising


Wedding Extras – Groom Tips

6 Cool Wedding Extras You Must Be Seen With at a Wedding

This is a sponsored post. Funds help pay for my website and other fancy fees to keep Dreamlines running smoothly.

One of your best friends has invited you to his wedding. It’s his day and all about him, so the last thing you’ll want to do is upstage him. All the same, you know he is a stylish guy, and what you turn up wearing will say a whole bunch not just about you, but about him also.

Roll up looking like you’ve been working in the garden and he’ll probably never forgive you. If you want to do what you can to make his day special, you’ll need to make a special effort too. Here are a few items you’ll want to be seen in:

1. Suit and Handkerchief

It goes without saying that you should don your best and most appropriate suit for the big occasion, but you’d be amazed by how much difference you can make to the finished article by rounding it off with a subtle but distinctive pocket adornment. A handkerchief or a pocket square brings out your jacket and makes all the difference between perfunctory and striking.

2. Suspenders

A set of snazzy men’s suspenders always brings out a fashionable, well-pressed shirt and emphasizes your impressive, well-honed masculine physique. They can be in X-shape or Y-shape, wide or narrow, according to taste – and, of course, to suit your outfit.

Men’s suspenders are great groomsmen accessories and can be the difference between bland and confident, understated, or outspoken. When it comes to adding a touch of style, never underestimate them.

3. Ties

Necktie or bow tie? When you come to make this decision you will usually need some guidance from your host. Bow ties can easily look out of place if there isn’t an element of uniformity about them, although when all the male guests are wearing one there is seldom a better look.

When a bow tie isn’t called for a necktie is a must. As long as it isn’t too garish the only real requirement is that it is smart and goes with the rest of your outfit. Use a tie pin to hold it together.

4. Shoes

There’s an old saying that you can tell the measure of a man by the shoes he wears. These days casual shoes and trainers are commonplace but needless to say they are totally inappropriate at a wedding. Color is important, but mostly so because it needs to be in keeping with the rest of your outfit.

Brogues are a good choice and are widely available in most shades of black or brown.

5. Shades

Sunglasses can be cool, but in the wrong environment, they can look pretentious or absurd. Consider whether your shades are conducive to the occasion. Will you be mostly indoors or outdoors? Is it summer or winter? Look smooth, but most of all, look right.

6. Links

Cuff links can make a good quality shirt look really special. Don’t go for anything too outlandish, and wear them only if your outfit deserves them. If you paid a dollar for your shirt at the market then nothing will highlight the fact like a pair of gleaming links.

Buying Men’s Dress Hats for Style – Wedding Extras

Wearing a men’s dress outfit for a wedding may normally mean having to wear a tie, a fancy watch, and men’s dress hats. However, if you want to look stylish, men’s formal wear isn’t complete without partnering it with a nice, snappy-looking hat.

However, with so many men’s dress hats to choose from, you’ll want to know what you should consider when buying one so that you can come out dressed in style for any anniversary or wedding.

Men’s Dress Hats

Some of those considerations are as follows:

Depends on the Clothes

If you’re choosing a hat for a wedding or a couple’s celebration, it’s very important to understand that not one hat fits all – the same way accessories such as dress watches and ties choose the best outfit.

Here’s a quick guide when choosing a hat for a particular outfit to pull off that great stylish look to compliment your partner (or you might even find one with your new style):

1. Fedoras give you a sharp look without needing a tie

One of the major advantages of wearing a fedora is how it can become a staple addition to your stylish wedding wear. Fedora crowns usually crease on the top and pinch at the front. They’re characterized by wide and sturdy brims of around two inches, but flexible enough to bend.

Fedoras are the best fit with formal attire, and as such, you can easily wear this with a suit and tie for a formal wedding reception, and fedoras with blazers and almost any shirt work, too, for more casual couples showers and bachelor parties.

2. Trilby helps you look trendy

If you want to go for a trendy look while wearing either skinny jeans, a turtleneck, or a cardigan, or even a sharp suit, then go for trilbies. They also enhance the look of anyone wearing vests and bowties, making it perfect to stand out in more social couple celebrations such as anniversaries and casual receptions. Trilbies normally have taller crowns, with wider bands and narrower brims.

3. Pork Pie helps you lose the tie

If you’re tired of using ties, then the pork pie hat is a good replacement. You can use a turtleneck or a collarless jacket with dress jeans and dress slacks in the pork pie hat and you’d still get that clean yet sophisticated look.

This is perfect for weddings and other couples’ events with a non-traditional theme, so you can stand out without going too far out of the theme.

4. Derby and the Homburg gives you a classic look

If you’re into old-school fashion, formal attire or a Sunday suit goes perfect with a derby or a homburg. These fit best with a three-piece or two-piece suit alongside a sharp tie, or even just a blazer with one or two buttons. This hat works best with black-tie events, formal weddings, and traditional wedding setups.

Depends on the Face

If you’re choosing a hat, also try to consider your build and your facial features before fully pursuing your hat choice. This is becoming some hats can be pulled off by the right kind of face shape, such as:

1. Just the right fit

If you’re buying men’s dress hats, make sure the hat itself isn’t too loose or too tight. The hat should be just at the top of your ears and not above or more than a finger’s width. The brim should be just above the eyebrow, and try to cock the dress hat over to the side to get that flair for that special event.

2. Assess your face for your hat

Aside from the stylistic options above, it’s important to remember that hats fit best with certain faces. For example, slimmer and longer faces work best with hats with wider brims like fedoras. Meanwhile, rounder and smaller faces work best with hats with higher crowns like trilbies. This is a good tip to consider if you’re wearing a hat to a wedding.

Sporting men’s dress hats used to be the norm throughout much of human history until the 1950s when they started going out of fashion. However, they’ve been slowly returning ever since they started appearing once again in menswear fashion shows and on top of the heads of a few well-known male singers.

Thus, you should get yourself a men’s dress hat with the above-listed considerations to bear in mind when buying one. You might find yourself becoming the talk of the town after wearing a men’s dress hat in style at whichever social occasion you’re attending.

Carson Finkle

Carson Finkle serves as the CEO for Tenth Street Hats, and through his marketing and sales training aims to push the California-based company towards becoming a powerhouse in its niche. As a team-oriented person with a penchant for making connections.

Carson combines his business acumen and strong analytical skills with his communication skills to solve business problems and form fruitful relationships with both businesses and consumers at the same time. Tenth Street Hats takes its name from the original 10th Street and Broadway warehouse in Oakland California.

Where it remains to be an integral part of the Northern California culture even 100 years into the future. Tenth Street Hats, despite being a family-run organization, also makes sure the entire team has a bond akin to a real family. This also helped them maintain relationships with cutting-edge designers and expert craftsmen to deliver quality products.


Groomsmen Gift Box

Summer is upon us and with this festive stretch comes wedding season, and with wedding season comes many procrastinating grooms waiting to the last minute to secure a groomsmen gift that will dazzle the guys at their wedding party.

Let’s face it, it isn’t often in a man’s life that he has the opportunity to really thank those other men that mean most to him. There are a variety of reasons that contribute to that.

First, men really don’t like shopping, we are allergic to malls and any store that requires to penetrate it by more than 50 paces. Second, men have a hard time being sentimental with other men, we need a reason, practically forced to do it.

That said, we love doing it when the opportunity presents itself. I mean, could you imagine Chuck just popping by his best friend Stan’s house to drop off a little trinket he picked up at the mall because he was thinking about him? I think not. We don’t Pinterest much, we aren’t doing knick-knacks, it’s just not in our DNA.

Cool Gift For Groomsmen

Yes, the bromance has taken form here in the last decade or so, but even bromances don’t often breed gifts. Hence, a wedding party stands out as one of those few windows in a fellow’s lifetime where he has a moment to really sock it to his buds with something meaningful. Hopefully, something that will last and really reflects that suffocated man affection.

Third, a guy’s mental bandwidth is often at such a premium of other ladylike wedding details he’s often experiencing marital vertigo by the time the moment arrives to decide what gifts are best in honoring his lugs.

That’s where we come in, with a list that we feel will whittle down the vast options out there in a way that is streamlined and effective, covering the variety of different types of men, the multitude of shapes, sizes, styles, and interests. We know your cranium is practically spinning off your torso, lost in a sea of flowers and invitations.

So we’re going to try to make it easy on you with what we think are the 5 grooviest groomsmen gifts going. We’re going to going in reverse order for the sake of dramatic effect.

Groomsmen Gifts

Mancrates – yes, some of these gift combos can be a tad hodgy podgy and potpourri man style, but hot diggity, not sure the packaging gets any cooler. Gift receiving experiences for a man is a large part about opening the goods, and no better to stir up the senses of your friend’s inner primal man that to have him tear through raw materials to get to those soft juicy insides.

As they say in many facets of life, it’s all about the hunt, often not as much about the kill. You get to what you want, the thrill is over. This can easily be applied to gifts. Give your man the opportunity to tear through that wood like a Tazmanian devil to get to that variety pack of jerky, it’s going to make that beef stick taste that much better.

Groomsman Group Caricature – we just love personalization, and so do men. While we have a couple of examples in this list that captures the creative essence of personalization, none bring the whole group of groomsmen gifts together as one unit, other than the group caricature.

Men love to bond and are part of something bigger and with this gift, you have the opportunity to blow up your group’s most hysterically over-exaggerated features while also bringing them together in some theme that ties it all together. When that happens, you have man cave wall art magic.

Mushion – a pillow is one of the least appreciated tangible items in anyone’s life. What else in a human’s lifetime is so tenderly pressed up against our faces? We flip them to find the cool side, we sometimes tote them around the house in the morning when we just aren’t ready to wake up. We nuzzle to them, we smile when our faces fall against them at night.

Yes, the pillow, entirely taken for granted.They’ll not be taken for granted any longer when that pillow is a Mushion. As if we can’t adore the effect a pillow has on us enough, how would it feel when your pillow was one giant photo of your face? There is ultimately no better person to cuddle with than yourself.

The Mushion not only offers you the cozy comfort of a standard pillow but the hilarity of looking at your own dopey face as a way of falling asleep. And everyone should fall asleep with a smile on their face.

Flipsidez – if we’re talking summer, we’re talking beach weddings and we are talking flip flops. Don’t make your men suffer during those hot dog sweat months in some burdensome footwear meant for lumberjacking. Be considerate and let those collective babies breath during downtime and set a theme for the big weekend that screams fun and comfortable.

Turn the sands of matrimony into an index of buffoonery or sentimentalism by giving your guys a pair of walking statement makers. These expressive sandals will kick things off in a way that everyone will have fun with.

The Bobblehead – we’re yet to truly understand what it is about the bobblehead that makes men giggle like children(and scares women and children), pulling from someplace deep inside that only a psychotherapist could understand.

We tend to think that every man has some inner ego who wants Dr. Evil it out by having a miniature resemblance of themselves to tote around and play with.

Whatever it is, the bobblehead becomes a gift that will be the nucleus of a man’s desk.

All other items will simply orbit around it like satellites and space trash, playing second fiddle to his mini big-headed replica.

Well, that sums it up, and when you play down this list of top five groomsmen gifts, make sure you play that really cool NFL Films list run-down music in your head for the total experience. This is no everyday list, it’s a list meant to please.

Show your guys how much you appreciate them. Your groomsmen are special, shouldn’t their thank you gifts be as well? So many memorable, affordable, and utterly unique gifts for the favorite men in your life! Click on each gift idea to order and see more!

This post contains affiliate links and I’ll earn a small commission if you shop through them. This is how we help to make money so we can continue to bring you amazing content.

A Groom’s Guide to Giving His Entourage Gifts
Useful Groomsmen Gift He Will Love

Finding the perfect groomsmen gifts he will love is key. Christmas is not the only time for giving gifts and being merry – groomsmen gift he will love for your big day is one not to forget. There are birthdays, anniversaries, and special days, like Valentine’s. These are yearly celebrations, and there are people who may not celebrate these things.

A wedding, on the other hand, is a one-time event (in most cases) in a person’s life. It needs to be unforgettable, not just to the bride and groom, but also to the people who are present. In other words, it’s best to give something back to the people closest to you, such as groomsmen gift he will love.

Your entourage deserves more than just thank-yous. These guys are doing so much effort in renting tuxedos, going to rehearsals, planning the bachelor party, and making you sound like the most awesome man in the world in their speeches.

Good Groomsmen Gift He Will Love

It’s only fitting to show your appreciation to the people who help make your big day special. So give them each a token, something physical worth keeping.

Groomsmen Proposal

A groom’s entourage is composed of the following: the best man, the groomsmen, the ushers, and the ring bearer. Asking the right men for your day is such a fun process so make your groomsmen proposal special and a big piece on how to be the best groom.

Occasionally, groomsmen serve as ushers during the wedding day, escorting guests to their respective seats, but their main role is to support the groom during preparations. The best man is sometimes the ring bearer, but usually, the role is designated to a little boy, perhaps a nephew or a son of a close friend. Finding groomsmen gifts he will love to thank them will be greatly appreciated.

Best Man Gifts

Accessories are the perfect gifts since they can be used. Also, accessories make men look more dapper than usual. Watches can be expensive to give, but your buddies will surely appreciate the time you spend for them.

You can also give your groomsmen classic or casual personalized cufflinks and neckties for how to tie a tie that they can use in their corporate lives. Lastly, a leather wallet, so that they are reminded of you whenever they spend money.

Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas – Liquor and Drinking Paraphernalia

A flask will always be essential for drunkards on the go. Well, not necessarily for drunkards, but flasks are very handy and easily hidden, so you can get a kick of alcohol anywhere you go for your groomsmen gift. Another gift worth giving is liquor—assuming that all your buds drink. You can give each one of your bros the finest wine your money can buy.

Better yet, give them each a bottle of hard liquor of their preference, like whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, bourbon, or scotch. Alternately, if you want something that will last, you can get them to bar gear, like a shot-glass set, beer mug, bottle opener, or a decanter. Just be sure to add your personal touch to the gifts by customizing them.

Best Groomsmen Gifts – What Not to Give

Don’t give out gift cards or coupons. They’re the most insincere things that you can give and you want to give a groomsmen gift he will love. Things that are for display, like figurines or mass-produced wall art, are not reflective of your maturity and readiness to marry.

Lamps or picture frames are useful, but those are just excessively boring as gifts. You wouldn’t want to receive those as wedding gifts. Don’t think that your bros will want them too.

To put it simply, give something that is practical. Lastly, don’t go cheap on gifts to your entourage, because you’ll be getting a lot more gifts during your wedding day.

When to Give

The gifts can be given before or after the wedding. No, it’s a bad idea to do during the wedding reception, since you should be focusing on yourself and your spouse.

It’s best to do the gift-giving during the bachelor party or on one of the rehearsals night since all your buddies are present. If it’s after the wedding, it shouldn’t be for more than a month.

Lastly, don’t forget to include a handwritten card to let your best buds know that your groomsmen gift is personal and from the heart.

Wedding Ties

When it comes to picking groom and groomsmen accessories, such as wedding ties, for your summer wedding, where do you begin? Bright colors or pastels? Or perhaps both? We’re here to help.

The summer wedding style comes down to letting colors, patterns, and fabrics come into their own. We created three congenial collections that are pure summer style.

Whether you need to coordinate with your bridesmaid dresses or you’re just looking for that “it” accessory to make your wedding party shine, these accessories fit the bill. Sidestep those short-lived wedding trends and go with this time-proven, bride approved collections.

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