Why Personalized Gifts Are Perfect for an Anniversary

Why personalized anniversary gifts are key. If you are getting ready to celebrate your anniversary, or if you are going to attend the anniversary party of a close friend or relative, you have probably wondered what kind of gift you should get them. 

Each year, an anniversary gift is assigned a specific material to be made from or a theme to be based around. Paper is supposed to be given on the first anniversary, coffee is supposed to be given to celebrate the 16th year, and water is the theme of the 22nd anniversary. The tradition is said to have originated in the Germanic regions of Europe during medieval times.

Old customs aside, you know your spouse or the person you are buying the gift for better than Medieval trendsetters. Whether you are trying to adhere to tradition or just looking for a great present, personalizing a gift will let the person you are buying it know that you care about them and understand their tastes and needs. 

There are a few different personalized gifts out there that you may want to consider when shopping for that perfect anniversary gift. 

Wedding Dress Sketch

Giving a gift that is personalized and customized will win every time. You want to give her a gift that will take her breath away. A sketch of her wedding dress, your suit, bouquet and so much more will completely wow her. With over 3,000 sketches created we can create anything you envision.

Personalized Novelty Items

If the person you are buying a gift for has only been married for a few years, if you do not have very much money to spend, or if the person has a good sense of humor, you may want to get them a personalized novelty item such as a t-shirt or mug as an anniversary present.

Do you and your significant other have an inside joke? You can print that joke on a T-shirt and make other people wonder what you are talking about. You can make a couple a mug or a hat that has the date you met printed on it.

Several online companies offer on-demand printing of novelty items. You simply visit their website and type in the word or phrase you would like to appear on the article of clothing of your choice. They will print it for you and ship it out. If you have an anniversary party, you can make souvenir mugs, keychains, masks, or hats for your guests. 

Embroidered Items

Does your husband or wife have a favorite flower or animal? You can have that image embroidered onto a tote bag, hat, or shirt if they do. Some online printing companies have computerized sewing machines that do beautiful embroidery work. The stitching will be flawless, and the thread will be the colors that you choose. 

If your beloved has added your initials to their monogram, you can get that monogram embroidered onto the article of clothing of your choice.

Some of the better websites even offer personalized blankets. You have seen blankets with the images of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis sold at street fairs. You can get a picture of a loved one’s favorite pet or celebrity embroidered onto a blanket.

Custom Made Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most traditional gifts a person can give their spouse for an anniversary. If you have been married for a long time, it is an excellent idea to spend some money picking out an anniversary gift. 

A piece of custom-made jewelry is likely to be well-received no matter how long you have been with your partner. You can make the jewelry yourself, but if you do, you will probably want to take an online class before you get started. 

Jewelry making can be pretty intricate, and it can take months to create a perfect piece. You may want to take an online class before beginning such a project. You can also go to a jewelry maker to create your piece. The most accessible place to find them is online. Make sure that they have good reviews and people who can recommend them.

If you want to use the designated materials, you can make your partner a steel bracelet for your 11th anniversary with an inscription on it. You can give them a simple silver chain with a pendant representing something they love when you make it to the 25th year. 

Some anniversaries are themed around concepts. The 21st anniversary is themed around fire. A personalized fire pit or something to put on the mantle which sits over the fireplace may be an appropriate present. Air is the theme of the 23rd anniversary, so you may want to take your beloved for a hot air balloon ride or fly somewhere on a trip.

Marriage is a lot of hard work, and people who have been married for a long time deserve a few little trinkets along the way. Personalizing an anniversary gift will let them know that you appreciate all they have done for you or one another. 

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