Wedding Dress Preservation

Wedding Dress Preservation

A wedding day is a certain kind of special so your wedding dress preservation needs to be top of the list. For so many people, it’s a day they’ve thought about from a young age, and, while the idea of the actual wedding probably changed a few times, the excitement never faltered.

So, when the day comes, you’ll want to find ways to always remember how special it really was. It might feel fresh right after, but as the years go by, you may forget the small details or the way you felt like you were floating after being formally united with the love of your life.

The wedding dress is typically something the bride will want to keep. However, just stowing it in the back of a closet won’t cut it so wedding dress preservation is the next step as part of your wedding planning process. First, get it cleaned at a dry cleaner’s and then take it to a dress preserver.

Their sole job is to deep clean the dress and secures it in an air-tight acid-free box so that it won’t yellow or decay over time.

Want to find a more creative way for your wedding dress preservation? If you’re hoping to find a way to get some use out of the dress post-wedding, there are many options! You can get part of your gown turned into a pendant for a necklace, or even turn the garment into another garment that’s more fit for everyday wear.

Wedding Dress Preservation


6 Wedding Dress Preservation Ideas


1. Have a Sketch Drawn

Have a sketch created of your wedding dress. A perfect way to hold onto the memory of your wedding day without having it on display.  Your wedding dress is the most magical dress you will ever wear. A Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch artist can create a replica of your dress. Buy Now – Dreamlines Sketch.Wedding Dress Preservation

2. Wedding Dress Cleaning and Storage

If you’re not a fan of the repurposing idea, you put effort into maintaining the dress so it stays as beautiful as it was on your wedding day and can be passed down to a sibling or child. There’s plenty of wedding dress preservation cleaners out there, like Love Your Dress Cleaning, who are skilled at wedding dress cleaning no matter how dirty or stained.

They can also store your dress in one of their preservation kits that are created without harmful adhesives or toxins after your wedding day. This way, it will be safe from humidity, moisture, and changing temperatures. The boxes are also beautifully wrapped.

3. Dye Your Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is usually obvious because of its bright white color, and you rarely see people sporting a wedding dress for other occasions. If you love your dress and want to keep wearing it, consider dying it a different color.

Simply purchase some liquid fabric dye in the color of your choice, mix it with hot water, and stir the dress around after the dye and water are completely combined. After letting it soak for some time and rinsing all of the dye out, you’ll have what feels like a new dress.

4. Sell Your Wedding Dress

If you’re not particularly sentimental and always looking for ways to make some extra money, selling your wedding dress is another option. Also, you’ll be helping another bride-to-be create a beautiful memory in the same beautiful gown you had your special day in.

You can find online shops that resell pre-owned dresses, but you could also take it to your local consignment shop or thrift store if you’re looking for a quick sale. Alternatively, theater companies sometimes take wedding dresses to use in upcoming performances.

5. Donate Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is one of the most magical days of your life. Part of that memory is your wedding dress. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to afford a beautiful gown to celebrate their wedding in.

Consider donating it to someone in need and help that person have the wedding of their dreams. Fairytale Brides is a company we have partnered up with.  Every Dreamlines sketch order results in a donation to Fairytale Brides.

6. Repurpose Your Wedding Dress

You can repurpose your wedding dress in many unique ways if you’re not afraid to get crafty with it. Here are some of the inspired ways to reinvent your wedding dress:

  • Remove a piece of fabric from the dress and fashion it into a piece of jewelry, like a necklace or bracelet.
  • Use pieces of fabric as a decoration in your wedding album.
  • Use the fabric to make a throw pillow.
  • Create a tiny wedding dress for a teddy bear to give to your future daughter.


4 Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Day Memories Forever

Here are perfect ways to remember your wedding day forever through unique gifts and fun memorabilia so that you’ll always have a quick way to jog your memory about that special, special day.

1. Keep a Wine Bottle

Whatever wine you choose to serve at the wedding, grab a bottle to keep at the ceremony and let your guests sign the bottle. If you pick something that ages well like a port, you can hold on to it for many years until a special occasion arises. If not, you can enjoy it as a first-anniversary present!

The taste is sure to bring you back to that magical first day of marital bliss. And what’s even better, you’ll be able to look at all the signed names of your loved ones that got to share in that day with you.

2. Frame Your Flowers

Chances are you spent a lot of time and energy picking the right blooms with an Upper Thomson Florist or a florist near you. Flowers are an integral part of any wedding ceremony, and it’s especially fortunate that they are so easy to hold onto for years to come.

Preserve your beautiful blooms by taking them to get preserved. A professional flower preserver can press, quick-dry, or freeze-dry your blooms or even the whole bouquet so you can frame, box, or display your flowers for years to come.

One great idea is putting the preserved flowers into a shadow box and then hanging it on your wall.

3. Create a Time Capsule

Sometimes after a wedding, you and your new spouse will look around your home and realize that you’ve been left with a random assortment of wedding memorabilia. From place settings to centerpieces, flowers, candy bags, party favors, and more, you’ll realize you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff from the ceremony.

One great way to use all of these nostalgic items is to create a time capsule with your honey that the two of you can dig up one, five, ten, or twenty years down the road. It will be a true trip down memory lane when you see everything from your wedding day!

4. Freezing Wedding Cake

Many people have made a tradition out of saving a bit of wedding cake for years to come. As long as you follow proper precautions and feel confident about eating frozen cake, you can eat a little bit like an anniversary celebration each year after the wedding.
If the frozen cake is not so much your style, you can find bakeries that will make replicas of the cake or even find companies online that can create statue or ornament replicas of the cake for a non-edible memory.

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