Wedding Dress Hire Online Vs Buying: The Pros and Cons

Out of all the things you need to prepare for your wedding day, your wedding dress is one of the most expensive items in your budget. For instance, your gown may cost at least four figures or more depending on the design and the designer, among other factors. At this point, you may even wonder if it’s worth buying a brand new wedding dress or avail of dress hire services online instead.

For all brides-to-be, read on as we’ll provide the pros and cons of both options.  


Wedding Dress Hire Online

In today’s generation, the ways people consume and wear clothes are changing. Due to a variety of options in the market, many brides-to-be have considered the idea of renting an ultimate one-wear-only dress for their wedding day. However, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons before jumping into the idea.Dress Hire Online


  1. Pros
  • No issue of storage space – A wedding dress requires special care and attention. You cannot just put it anywhere just like your office clothes. The best thing about hiring a wedding dress online is that you don’t have to worry about having a storage space to maintain and keep it before and after the big day.
  • Costs – If you rent your dress, you’ll keep a lot of money on your pocket because some dress hire services online provide an affordable rental package that includes accessories, such as tiaras and veils. Therefore, renting a dress has lower costs than buying one.
  • No need to clean – A wedding dress dry cleaning is undoubtedly expensive. However, cleaning it after the occasion isn’t a necessity with a wedding dress rental like The Volte Dress Hire.
  1. Cons
  • Limited options – Unfortunately, some dress rentals only have limited options when it comes to the designs. The choices aren’t even as broad as you think they are. If you want a specific style or design, getting it on a rental service may not be your ideal option. Most of the time, alterations are not also available when hiring a dress online.
  • Liability costs – When an accident happens, you may be responsible for the significant damages incurred by the wedding dress. Whether it’s a lipstick stain or busted seams, renting a dress may bring about unnecessary liability costs on your end.
  • Online order – What’s risky in renting a wedding dress online is that the one that arrives in your doorstep can be entirely different from the one in the picture, which spells disaster. On the other hand, most dress hire services will give you an opportunity to try the dress of your choice before committing to rent it later on. However, this option comes with a cost.
  • Extra Fees – When opting for a dress rental, you should be ready for the additional fees, which include the insurance and shipping fees. Be sure to read and understand the fine print so you know your responsibilities.


Buying a Dress For Your Wedding Day

Marrying the love of your life is one of the most unforgettable moments in your life. That is why you dream of having your own wedding dress to cherish for a lifetime. Thus, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of buying a dress for your wedding.Dress Hire Online


  1. Pros
  • No restriction regarding choice and alterations – One of the advantages of buying a dress is the opportunity to choose your style and make modifications as needed. You’ll also be able to exercise your creativity if you have your own dress.
  • Unlimited dress options – You don’t have to limit yourself when you’re buying a wedding dress. Unlike certain rental shops, you don’t need an extensive search before you can wear the best dress on your wedding day as there are a lot of beautiful dresses to choose from. Not only that but you can even have a drawing of your bridal gown and have the shop customize a dress for you.
  1. Cons
  • Expensive – Having your own wedding dress can be very expensive. Hence, you have to consider whether you can afford it before spending your money.
  • Dress maintenance costs – Of course, you’ll not buy a dress to pack it away and let it dust after your wedding. You need to get the services of a wedding preservationist who’ll maintain your dress. However, getting your dress to look as pristine as possible entails – again – costs.
  • Used only once – Sometimes, it’s impractical to invest a lot of money buying a wedding dress because you’re only going to wear it once, unlike your other dresses that you can wear multiple times to several events.



Whether you’re renting a dress online or buying one, it’s essential to consider their pros and cons. Start sketching your dream dress should you decide to have your own. You may also browse the collection of Designer Dress Hire Perth to give you an idea of what kind of dresses you can get for yourself should you decide to rent one. Whatever your decision may be, the best dress on your wedding day is the one that you wear with a loving smile and genuine confidence.

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