Wedding Destination Packages in Montego Bay

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The island of Jamaica has always been a very picturesque landscape. Ranging from white sand, clear waters, and a blue sky, the romantic essence is very evident within the confines of the Caribbean shores. Having a destination wedding in Montego Bay in particular, is one of the most popular picks of adventurous couples who wish to have an unforgettable location for their special day. Wedding destination packages in Montego Bay provide not only a beautiful beach wedding, but also a bustling nightlife great for the after party. It is important to consider that aside from getting the perfect white dress, cake, and set up, the wedding location is of utmost priority because it is the basis of what the ambience of your wedding will destination packages

Montego Bay is not only ideal for newlyweds. It can also be the perfect place for married couples to renew their vows. I guarantee that it will be just as special as the first time you said “I do.” For those who just want to settle down, relaxing along the shores, an excellent cuisine, and top resorts are one of the available great anniversary gifts offered by wedding packages in Montego Bay. You are definitely going to find the best place that suits your demands due to the number of things to do that Montego Bay offers. Below is a list of the best wedding packages that you can get by simply availing of their services.

Wedding Destination Packages

  1. Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

Carrying the iconic “Hyatt” in their name, this resort offers you various activities that you and your guests could do which will make the experience more unforgettable. The places to get married range from a barefoot beach wedding, grand ballroom, or terrace venue. Inclusive of this wedding package is the entry level of ten guests and six people in room occupancy. Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall is also well known for having great jerk chicken sausage which is served fresh at the JerkZ shack on one of their beach fronts. You may also avail of their spa services and complimentary wine that is included in the package as well.

  1. Secrets St. James Weddings

Known as the most romantic hotel in all of Montego Bay, Secrets St. James provides the best backdrops for wedding pictures. The gazebos are overlooking the Caribbean waters, which you will be able to venture with Catamaran boats. It is important to consider the fact that the sellout for this hotel is also very high, and could be quite difficult to book since only 3 wedding ceremonies are available per day with 5 possible venues. It would be best to book it months in advance. Getting hitched here will provide you with an all classical styled wedding surrounded by crystal waters and a pristine beach. Other inclusive perks available in this package is a breakfast in bed, spa treatment, and free dinner.

  1. Royalton White Sands

If you are looking for a completely tropical wedding destination, Royal White Sands has the most ambient resort in terms of decorations and surroundings. Their customer service is unrivaled as they make sure to treat their guests’ needs as their top priority. If you prefer to have all your activities done within a single destination, Royal White Sands offer various amenities that won’t require to leave the premises. Guests of any age are guaranteed to enjoy the location since there are available offers such as beaches and water parks, which makes this a family friendly place. The staff will set up your wedding for you and will make sure to assist both the bride and groom in getting ready for their wedding day.

  1. Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall

For the party goers out there, Iberostar is without a doubt the best resort when it comes to throwing a party. Best known for their exciting and vibrant nightlife with on-site dance clubs, you are sure to encounter many people since there are 15 different bars to go to. Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall is perfect for couples whose guests are mostly under 30. This is inclusive of a la carte restaurants and a lazy river. The location is quite secluded, so if you wish to stay mainly at the resort over the course of your stay in Montego Bay, you will not have a problem choosing Iberostar as your wedding destination. 

  1. Breathless Montego Bay Weddings

This may be an adult only resort, but it is still popular due to the view that it provides. A solemn ceremony can definitely be ruined when you have children in your wedding. An adults-only resort will guarantee that your once-in-a-lifetime experience will not be marred by crying, messy infants.

 The unique factor from Breathless is inclusive of being the only rooftop bar found in Montego Bay, allowing you to have a drink with friends while at the same time enjoying the view which overlooks the beachfront. A grill, palapas, and waiter service are inclusive of staying in the resort, allowing one to be able to relax and enjoy more. Wedding couples will also receive exclusive deals such as a spa, romantic oceanfront dinner, and private terrace with a destination packages

         Availing of wedding destination packages is definitely the best decision to make when deciding on a wedding destination. It is important to seek out deals that will allow you to make good use of the money that you are willing to spend, while at the same time ensuring quality experience. It is best to have the assurance that there are people who are already knowledgeable in setting up a wedding event, while you get to relax in their spa facilities or beaches, knowing that everything is being taken care of.

         So if you are either planning a wedding or renewing vows for your anniversary, wedding packages in Montego Bay offer a wide variety of top rated locations that cater exactly to what you need. However, keep in mind that many others would also like to experience Montego Bay’s unique beach wedding experience, so you have to book as early as 6-12 months in advance in order to reserve a date, rooms, and wedding venue of your choice. The resorts are very communicative so you are guaranteed a response within 24 hours.

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