Planning A Bridal Shower

Planning A Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower is certainly one of the things that one cannot afford to mess up with, right? To some extent, a bridal shower basically sets the tempo or mood for the big ceremony – the wedding. And, that is one of the many reasons why planning a bridal shower must be treated with the kind and amount of weight that it deserves.

There are a few steps that you will need to follow in the event that you’re planning a bridal shower for your friend or any other person. Just read on.

7 Steps When Planning A Bridal Shower


1. Pick Out The Perfect Bridal Shower Gift For The Bride

Give her a gift that will be personalized, intimate, and will truly take her breath away. From the dressing room photo at the bridal shop and a description of his suit, we can create the most perfect bridal shower gift. Creating over 3,000 wedding sketches worldwide.

Planning A Bridal Shower Planning A Bridal Shower


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2.Design And Send Out Bridal Shower Invitations

Once you’ve compiled a list of the people to be invited, the next move would be sending out the bridal shower invitations in good time to avoid disappointments of people not showing up because they had prior engagements. Have the invitations designed by a professional bringing out the theme of the bridal shower.Planning A Bridal Shower

Planning A Bridal Shower

Planning A Bridal Shower


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3. Know The Number Of The Expected Guests

Another essential factor to keep in mind when planning a bridal shower is getting either the actual or at least, a rough estimate of the number of people that she is expecting at that party. This will then inform the budget. It will literally save you from many disappointments when planning a bridal shower.

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For instance, have a possible scenario of a case in which you had planned for fifty people than one hundred people show up. What would you do or tell the bride as the person who was in charge of the party’s planning? Avoid all that by working with the actual figures, especially if it is an invite-only party.

4. Work On Your Budget

The budget, in a very big way, will be informed by factors like the number of people who will come, the venue, and other logistics that cannot really be written here because they vary from person to person depending on their priorities and preferences. Set a bridal shower budget and fine-tune it as time draws near, of course working closely with the bride-to-be.

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5. Set The Theme Of The Bridal Shower

The first step in planning a bridal shower should always be deciding on the bridal shower theme. Consult the bride-to-be on what she would like as far as the theme of the bridal shower is concerned. Probably, she might decide to have something close to the theme of her big day.

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6. Don’t Forget To Have Bridal Shower Games

At times, things defy nature and go the unexpected way and in such a scenario if you had not factored in fallback plans such as additional bridal shower games.

Therefore, ensure that in every critical area of the party you have something which you can fall back to in any eventuality.

7. Bridal Shower Favor Gifts For Your Guests

Gift the guests with something simple yet presentable like a cute bottle of nail polish with a gift tag, which matches the bridal shower invitations when they are leaving. It will indicate a sense of being appreciated and that way, you will see them again at the wedding.

Planning A Bridal Shower

It is time to share the excitement of the couple’s wedding by planning a bridal shower that has all the perfect elements. Below you will find party favors, bridal shower games, and decorations. Click on any image to view their extensive shop of Beau Coup.

We love these Martha Stewart bridal shower themes. Click here to view all 37 bridal shower themes.

Planning A Bridal Shower
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