A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

It’s your perfect day, so everything has to be…. well… perfect including your wedding photographer.

But planning weddings can be very stressful. It takes a lot of time, preparation and research, and even then, something can still seemingly go wrong. However, considering you’re marrying the love of your life, everything is also seemingly right. But no matter what, you still want those perfect photos!

Wedding Photographer

Picking wedding photographers can be slightly overwhelming as you only want the best of the best to capture every second. Here’s a few tips on considering how to choose the perfect wedding photographer for your special day:

1. Consider What Type of Photographs You Want Done

Photography is an art form, and thus, there are many different styles, even among wedding photography.

Some photographers are trained more classically, while others focus on portraits, others on “natural” and impromptu shots, and others consider themselves fine artists. Knowing the difference is important to you, as you want to know what you’re signing up for: do you want someone who meshes scenery and people well? Do you want a focus on people? Do you want those traditional shots, or more candid moments? Or do you just want a photographer that goes through a shot-list to cover all expectations/standards up front?

Either way, make sure you discuss (and SEE) the photographer’s style and confirm that you like it before you hire them.  

2. Look at Contender’s Portfolios

After you decide what type of photography you want done for your wedding, do your research and ask every possible contender for samples of their work. Many photographers will provide websites and portfolios, encompassing their styles, skills and best work. This can allow for you to decide if you like their creative approaches, how they deal with lighting, and other important aspects that you want to consider for your perfect day.

3. Make Sure your Personality Meshes with Theirs

It is vital to meet your photographer before the wedding and in person. Since you will be working closely with them, you want to ensure that your personalities lend to each other well, as this relationship can make or break the mood of the day. Consider things such as a contender’s excitement about the booking, or if they are critical about your vision. Go with your gut instinct with these first impressions!wedding photographer

4. Look at Their Professionalism and Philosophy

While you want to have a good relationship with your wedding photographer, you also want to ensure that they are going to be professional. Knowing what they stand for, how they work, and if they will respect you and your desires, such as lighting choices or wedding dress code, is vital. Your photographer is going to follow you all day—you want them to be professional to get the best results.

A wedding photographer’s philosophy often is a mixture of their personality and professionalism. Knowing how they approach their art, what their views of marriage are, and other factors can have a huge role on how comfortable you may feel around them, and with trusting them. Make sure to know these things! 

5. Research Pricing

Budget is a huge factor in any wedding. It is important to know how many photos you want, what packages you’re going to ask for, what extras you can consider, and more. Photographers can be expensive, ranging from 1,000$-5,000$, so having a clear mind on the financial situation can help you be straight forward with your photographer and all expectations.

Reminder: don’t forget that pricing doesn’t just include the prints, but other factors such as the cost of travel, time at the event, number of photographers and post-production work/use of equipment can influence price as well.

6. Ask About Proofs and Planning

The photos don’t stop after you say, “I do.” Post-production is important as photographers typically want to deliver the best final product they can offer, which means that it may take a month to get proofs back. Knowing what the photographer will do with the photos between your day and receiving these proofs can be helpful: what special features will be used? Don’t be afraid to ask!


You want to capture your day perfectly. This is a totally reasonable thing to want, as the photos taken on your wedding day should be documented for you and loved ones to have for forever. But in order to ensure that your photos turn out great, make sure to research wedding photographers! It will help prepare you and your photographer for what can be an amazing experience.

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