Is It Right For You Before Your Wedding Day?

Beauty has evolved to be quite the complex concept, often involving a lot of procedures, techniques, and products designed to make sure you feel your most beautiful and confident regardless of the circumstance. Getting a beauty treatment can be extremely beneficial for your self-identity as well, especially given how it can emphasize certain aspects of your body given the right procedure. However, is your wedding day also the right day to anticipate for a microblading procedure? If you proceed with microblading before your wedding day, will it help get you the dream wedding you want, or will it totally ruin the experience? This article will hopefully give you an insight towards Microblading 101, and if is it right for you before your wedding day?

Weddings Conundrum:  Appearances Matter

If you’ve ever looked at this post and wonder just why people are worrying about how they’ll appear on their wedding day, it may be something hardwired into human consciousness. If you’re in need of a quick refresher, here’s everything you need about microblading.

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure similar to tattooing your body, only this is semi-permanent and lasts for around two to three years. The procedure, conducted by microblading services, is designed to help thin eyebrow areas to appear thinner, and as such microblading uses a variety of tools and smaller amount of pigment to do its magic. The first procedure will take a couple of hours to complete, but results are almost instantly seen. Some clients may need to have follow-up appointments in order to do touch-ups or final checks, and certain instructions should be followed in order to make sure the eyebrows appear prim and proper even after the procedure.

Given the time needed for the procedure to fully settle, you might wonder if getting microblading done is appropriate before your wedding day. There are a few considerations to be considered.

Microblading And Weddings: How Do They Fit Together

With the above in mind, it may be time to discuss just how microblading may or may not benefit you before your wedding day. After all, everything’s got to be spick and span, and any one mistake can turn a dream wedding into a nightmare.

  • Commit to microblading a least half a year before the wedding day: This cannot be overstated – you need to be sure to commit to microblading before you even undergo the procedure. You can’t take the procedure too late into the recovery period, especially more so right before a long ceremony like a wedding. If you’ve started to plan for the big day with your partner, you better start doing your research and scheduling your appointments as well.
  • Never forget to research on the procedure thoroughly: Seek and you shall find, is how the quote goes, and should be your approach when it comes to microblading. If you’re new to the world of makeup and especially to microblading, make sure you do as much research as you could in order to know the kinks of the procedures. If you start getting to know your microblading service, ask as much as you want in order to familiarize yourself and be comfortable with the process. If possible, ask for before and after pictures of their clients to see the results for yourself.
  • Don’t settle for cheap and go for the best treatment: If you can find a microblading professional with stellar ratings, get those in your priority list. This is your wedding day, so it’s not the time to get the cheaper deals. Your brows are smack right in the middle of your face, so there’s no way to hide them from your peers. If you want your eyebrows to be done, they’ve got to look their best.
  • Find brows that you like and bring pictures: It’s not enough that you describe the kind of eyebrows you like to your technician, but rather you should bring the pictures you want yourself. This can also get a lot of things done ahead of time, as if you’re a picky dresser, getting your eyebrows done the way you like can at least narrow down your wedding dress choices. Bring the pictures of brows you like with your technician so they know how you want your brows to be like.
  • Preparation time is important to get it right: Avoid drinking blood thinners such as aspirin and alcohol at least a day before your appointment. Don’t wax, tweeze, and pluck your brows before the appointment as well. You want your eyebrows as natural as possible, so all adjustments to your brows are made on the day of the procedure. Growth, then, will be the same for all parts of your eyebrows and will avoid having to do a lot of touch ups.
  • Make sure you communicate during the entire procedure: When you want microblading to be done to your brows, you need to be able to communicate your concerns with your technician. Do you like the color and the shape? Try to communicate before and after the procedure so they’re aware if they’ve done the right thing or not. This is important, as it takes an upwards of three years for the brows to be ready for microblading procedure again.
  • Follow the aftercare procedure as faithfully as possible: Like with many medical procedures, microblading actually has precise steps to follow after your initial procedure. This is because you need to make sure your brows are well-taken care of during the healing process. For instance, don’t touch the microbladed brows with dirty fingers, keep them dry for a week, use the moisturizer and cleanser advised by the technician on the specific time possible, and stay away from makeup unless you’re allowed to.
  • Never rush the healing process: In speaking of doing the aftercare faithfully, don’t force the healing process. It takes time, as much as four to six weeks, in order to fully heal the brow. Sometimes, redness and swelling may occur as well, which can alter the time needed for healing. Don’t scrub, scratch, or pick the brows even if there’s minor scabbing and dryness. This is why it’s not best to do microblading the day before the wedding or at least a few weeks before the wedding.

The Bottomline: Microblading Can Make Your Wedding Day Better

Getting yourself a microblading procedure before your wedding can go both ways, depending on the kind of process you choose to get. As with any aesthetic procedures, microblading itself won’t be the only thing you need to improve on your appearance. And as such, microblading is only as effective as the clothes and overall aesthetic you’ve chosen for yourself. Before you proceed with the procedure, study the various elements involved with both your wedding appearance and your microblading objective, so both of them can mesh and not clash.

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