How To Achieve Your Dream Wedding Without Going Over Budget

Wedding planning is both a stressful and enjoyable thing to do. While you may want to do all that you can to achieve your dream wedding, your budget might limit you from doing so. Knowing this, you’ll have to make a few adjustments so that your event will push through.  

Before you begin wedding planning, you should start by setting your budget about how much you and your partner are willing to spend. In this way, you don’t go over the limit, which may force you to apply for loans just to pay your suppliers. 

Moreover, listed below are the tips on how you can achieve your dream wedding without going over your budget:  

Narrow Down Venue Prices 

Choosing a suitable venue may take as much as half of your budget, even more so if you’re going to add catering and decorations. With that, you may want to search for a venue that can meet your budget. However, not every affordable place might be your top choice, especially if it doesn’t meet your requirements for your dream wedding.

To strike a balance, you may want to widen your options and see which will best fit your goals and budget accordingly.  

You can begin your search by looking up resources like Auckland Wedding Venues or wherever you wish to marry. As you list down your venues, you should filter them according to their prices and see which ones fit your budget. 

With a limited budget, you should be willing to compromise and adjust, especially if you can’t afford that expensive place you’re eyeing. However, with the right tools, you can redecorate the next best venue and allow it to look similar to how you envisioned your wedding to be.  


Consider a Second-Hand Dress 

A wedding dress is another thing that can take up a massive cut in your budget. With that, you may want to consider different options to save more. Brand new wedding dresses can be costly, especially from popular wedding stores. While they might have great designs, you may want to leave yourself with a bit of money for other important things.  

To save on costs, you may want to opt for second-hand dresses available in the market. You’d be surprised how many brides are selling their old gowns because they won’t use them anymore, and they just take too much cabinet space. With that, you might even find your dream wedding dress or a similar style for a lower cost.  


Switch To Faux Flowers 

A wedding is almost never complete without fresh flowers as they help bring life and romance inside the room. While having fresh flowers can be expensive, especially if you need to source them from afar, you might want to use faux flowers instead.  

Faux flowers look similar to fresh ones for almost half the price. In this way, you can go crazy with your flower decorations and achieve the arrangement of your dreams without going over your budget.  


Try to DIY  

Purchasing brand new items for your wedding might be ideal and convenient, but they can also be put to waste, especially that you’re only going to use them once. With the added expense, they might not be worth it. 

To save a hefty amount of money, you should consider trying to DIY most of your decorations and everything you can do yourself, such as invitations and wedding favors. While it may entail additional work on your end, doing so will allow you to stay within your budget and ensure that everything’s in perfect condition.  

You can try DIY centerpieces, stage backdrop, invitations, wedding favors, chair decorations, and more. In this way, you can provide the exact look you’re going for, allowing you to achieve your dream wedding.  


Look For Packages 

Most wedding suppliers offer packages that allow people to save money. This may include venue decoration and catering all in one. In this way, you don’t have to worry about looking for individual suppliers but rather get them from a single source. On top of this, you can get discounts for availing of their promos.  

As you look for packages, ensure that they meet everything you need to achieve your dream wedding. You can even ask for freebies if there are any. They might be able to chip in free hotel accommodation or bridal car, which can help you cut off expenses at your wedding.  


Serve Specialty Cocktails 

Instead of serving alcohol, you should consider serving specialty cocktails to save money. Liquors can be expensive, especially if you’re anticipating numerous guests. With a specialty cocktail, you can cut your budget but still allow your guests to have a fun new drink. 

A specialty cocktail will help show your personality to your guests as you’ll be serving them your favorites and what you think your guests would enjoy. Moreover, you might also help your guests find their new favorite drink.  

A wedding can be very expensive, especially if you’d like everything to be perfect. However, with a limited budget, you should always try to look for ways to cut down the expenses to make room for more. While there might be adjustments, with the right decorations and styling, it can actually be better than what you’ve always imagined it would be.  

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