Healthy Hair Dryer Tips To Keep Your Hair Great For Your Wedding

As a bride to be, it is very natural for you to be excited and giddy about your wedding day. You’ll want every little detail about your look to be picture perfect and spotless.

One of the aspects of your look that you shouldn’t neglect is your hair. Having a strong, perfect, and shiny hair can instantly boost your confidence, and your look, too. Despite using a hair dryer regularly, there are still ways for you to keep your crowning glory healthy with these great wedding hair tips. wedding hair tips

Wedding Hair Tips


1. Invest in an excellent hairdryer.

If you have had your hair dryer for many years now, as you prepare for your big day, perhaps one of the things that you should invest in as well is an excellent hairdryer. Apart from all the other wedding paraphernalia and wedding gifts, accessories, or surprises you’ll be preparing, don’t forget to have an excellent hair dryer.

The dryers that are for sale in stores today are more upgraded than the older models; hence, they have better technology in place to lessen the damage that it does to your hair.

An example of the technological upgrades in place is an ionic hair dryer. This emits particles that cut the drying time in half. With this, you are lessening the exposure of your hair to risk, thereby also decreasing damage.

2. Give your hair dryer a break.

There is no denying it: blow drying your hair every day can be very tempting because of the smoother and better finish that a hair dryer can provide for your mane. You will look more put-together, and your hair will look less frizzy as well. However, the more you blow-dry your hair, the more damage you are doing to it as well. Constantly blow-drying your hair will strip off its natural oils.

Hair experts recommend hair drying at least every other day. If possible, give your hair the time to air dry, too. This being said, try to strategically plan your hair drying schedule in relation to your wedding day.

Additionally, apart from this schedule, if there are days that you are just staying in, do resist the urge to use your hair dryer. Use this rule as a part of your hair treatment process.  

3. Use a comb before you blow dry your hair.

Right after you shower for your wedding, you are most likely going to pat dry your hair with an old shirt or a soft towel. After doing so, use a comb to smooth out your hair before blow drying it. When you do this, you are allowing your hair to become smoother and more manageable. Therefore, you will need to exert less pressure on the hair dryer to smooth it out.

Plus, by prepping your hair before you blow-dry, you are also decreasing the risks of developing hair fall and hair loss.

4. Trim your hair often.

On your wedding day, if you really cannot let go of the hairdryer, one of your best resorts to still have healthy looking hair is by trimming it. Doing so will give your hair an instant refreshing new look, and take away the damaged tips from all the hair drying. If you can, visit your salon for a haircut or trim at least once every six to eight weeks or days before the big day.

5. Apply a heat protection spray before you dry your hair.

On your next visit to your trusted salon, you might want to ask your hairdresser as to what hair protection spray they would recommend for your hair. If you haven’t been using one already, before looking great during your wedding, make sure to purchase one already.

Also, consider using a heat protection spray as a part of your hair care routine. When you do so, you can still have good looking and luscious locks, despite having to use a hair dryer regularly.

6. Give your hair the time to air dry before blow drying.

One of the most common mistakes committed by women is immediately hair drying their hair the moment they step out of the shower. Don’t do this during your wedding day!

If you have extra time, give your hair at least five minutes to rest first, and air dry a bit. On normal days, if you are really busy, perhaps you can tweak your morning routine by moving your shower time earlier than usual so that you can really make room to have air exposure before you blow-dry. When you use a hair dryer immediately on extremely wet hair, you are increasing the risks of damage to your hair.


No bride wants to have a big, bear-like fuzzy hair as they approach their wedding day. Everything must be perfect. Most importantly, you must also have that confidence as you walk down the aisle.

With these wedding hair tips for you to follow you’ll have a healthy-looking and world-class hair during one of the biggest days of your life.

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