Wedding Processional Guide

The wedding processional song is the ultimate song, along with knowing who walks when will help you in eliminating a lot of stress.  From picking out the right wedding gift for your bride or groom gift, finding the perfect wedding dress and wedding suit along with all of the etiquette rules to keep in mind and family members to consider.

The Wedding Processional Song For Your Big Day

The Wedding Processional Song

Here are a few ideas for the wedding processional songs. That song will be the song you will remember forever. These are amazing songs while walking down the aisle. Classical and modern songs will set up your magical day.

Wedding Processional Guide For The Traditional Bride

A bride walking down the aisle is one of the biggest highlights of any wedding ceremony. But before the bride makes her appearance, some other members of the family make their way down the beautifully decorated runway. The wedding processional song is a key factor too.

These important people include the bride’s family, such as her mother, father, and other close relatives if parents are not present. No matter how well you have organized a wedding event, if there is no wedding processional guide, it can create a considerable amount of confusion.

Region and religion can also dictate the procession order. In Christian weddings, the groom and his groomsmen enter from the right side. Whereas in a Jewish wedding it’s common for both sets of grandparents to be part of a Jewish wedding processional order.

If your wedding is just around the corner, keep on reading to find out the best sequence for your wedding procession to make your bridal walk a breeze. But before we plunge into this discussion, let’s quickly go through some factors that play a role in deciding the wedding procession.

Factors to Consider in the Wedding Processional Order

Region and religion both are critical factors that you need to consider when planning a wedding processional order. For instance, if you have a Jewish wedding, the bride stands on the right side (towards Chuppah), and the groom is on the left side.

Parents of both the bride and groom stand with them under Chuppa. However, it is the opposite of Christian weddings.

That is to say; most religions have their own set of rules for the order of wedding ceremony. Discussing the wedding processional guidelines with the officiant is essential to understand the traditions and the details you need to customize.

What Is The Order Of A Wedding Processional?

1. The Entrance of Bride’s Mother

When the bride’s mother enters the door, it is a signal for the wedding processional guide. She walks down the aisle and sits on the first row to the left side. (In Jewish weddings, both parents escort their daughter together).

2. The Groomsmen

Once the bride’s mother takes her seat, the group of groomsmen opens the wedding processional and walk down the passageway following each other.

3. Groom’s Best Man

As the groom’s closest friend, the best man can either walk-in last after the groom’s entry or makes his entry from the side of the aisle and the best man can take his position right next to the groom’s place.

4. The Entrance of the Groom With His Mother

The groom makes his entry and traditionally takes his position at the altar’s head. However, many modern couples choose to make the groom’s entry with his parents or just his mother walking down the aisle. In both cases, the groom’s parents can take their seats to the right side of the aisle in the first row.


5. Entrance of Officiant

After the groom’s arrival, the wedding officiant enters to commemorate the wedding ceremony.

6. The Bridesmaid

To signal the bride’s entry down the aisle, the bridesmaids make their entry down the aisle and walk down one by one.

7. Maid of Honor

Right after the bridesmaid, the maid of honor walks down the aisle and ensures that the bride is looking perfect and is ready to make her appearance.

8. Ring Bearers and Flower Girls

The ring bearer and flower girl walk down the aisle make their entrance last before the bride’s appearance. They take their places and alert everyone that the bride is making her entry by scattering petals.

9. Bride with her Father

Finally, it is the moment when the bride, along with her father, walks down the aisle together, linking arms with each other. The father stands to the bride’s right and takes her to the groom. Once he has given her hand in the groom’s, he sits beside the bride’s mother.

A wedding processional order is undeniably one of the most important aspects of the wedding ceremony. This wedding procession guide, in this regard, will help you pick the right order for your big day even if it is a non-traditional processional order.

Order Of Walking Down The Aisle Guide

Who knew a wedding processional guide would help so much. Having this guide is so key in making your day seamless. It sets up the ceremony and really allows for everything to go smoothly. Having this guide will relieve so much stress for your groomsmen, bridal party, and your parents.

Having this guide in place also allows your guests to enjoy the ceremony, as it creates a seamless flow. On top of the guide helps you, it allows for your wedding photographer to know where to be standing for each person who walks.

It makes a photographer’s job very hard if they don’t know when the bride is coming. Having the perfect photos for everyone during the ceremony is so very important, as well as having the wedding processional song being perfect.

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