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8 Things that the Grooms Parents Pay For During a Wedding

When it comes to wedding preparations, the grooms parents pay for 7 key factors and are expected to chip in. In fact, they have a lot in their to-do-list to cover. Unlike the past days where the groom’s parents’ responsibilities were limited to hosting rehearsal dinner and walking the groom down the aisle, today, their contributions are significant.

A  recent survey by WeddingWire indicates that the groom’s parents cover up to 24% of the wedding plans. Here are some of the duties and responsibilities directed to the groom’s parents during wedding preparations.

1. Groom and Bride Gift

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2. Grooms Parents Pay For The Rehearsal

With the excitement of their son’s wedding, the grooms parents pay for plan, host, and pay for the rehearsal dinner. Rehearsal dinner preparations include selecting the location, planning a guest list, choosing the menu, and mailing the guests.

Similarly, being the host, the groom’s parents are also expected to keep in touch with those making a speech to ensure everything is going as planned.

3. Paying for Honeymoon

For a long time now, the role of the grooms parents pay for the wedding preparations and the couple’s honeymoon. However, every wedding’s plans and financial responsibilities are different and require a different approach. Similarly, at this age, some of the traditional wedding rules are phasing out slowly.
So, depending on the situation of the wedding, both the bride and the grooms parents pay for the wedding expenses. Similarly, with the changing needs, the couple has also been given the freedom to choose, organize, and grooms parents pay for their honeymoon.

4. Pay for the Bride’s Flowers

Although today, there are no strict rules to be followed when paying for wedding expenses, using traditional standards, the groom’s parents are expected to pay for the bride’s flowers. Additionally, the parents pay for the boutonnieres for the fathers and grandfathers, corsages for moms and grandmothers, and groomsmen.

Consequently, since it’s their responsibility to host the rehearsal dinner, the groom’s parents would also be expected to cater to the flower arrangement for the function.

5. Pay for Accommodation and Transport

Another critical responsibility of the groom’s parents is to secure accommodation and pay transportation costs for the groom’s immediate family members who check in from different towns. They also cater for transportation costs to and from the reception and ceremony for the groom as well as his best man whether it is a car, SUV or limo.

6. Pay for Albums and DVDs

Among the many duties, the groom’s parents are also expected to order albums and prepare a list of a few friends and family members that the couple would like to be taken on their big day. They also decide on who should appear in large family photos and ensure they add to the must-take photo list given to the photographer days after the wedding.

It’s also their responsibility to make sure all the photo arrangements are made in advance to avoid the last-minute rush, which might mess the wedding plans. Additionally, the parents also update the couple on their plans to order photo albums and DVDs so that the fees can be bundled with other expenses.

7. Help with the Guest List

While there are plenty of friends and other family members to ensure the guest list if organized, the groom’s parents are also expected to participate in the process. This role is primarily significant if the parents are paying or assisting in paying for the celebrations.

Traditionally, this list is limited to a certain number of visitors, which are, of course, approved by the bride and groom. Similarly, the parents should prepare the mailing addresses of the guests and provide the list to the couple. Their role also extends to checking with visitors who don’t RSVP as expected.

8. Cover Alternative Expenses

Another crucial role of the groom’s parents is to help cover for any other wedding budget. Some of the areas they support include paying for the engagement party, marriage license, bride’s bouquet, rehearsal dinner, honeymoon, corsages, and groom’s accessories and attire.

The groom’s attire includes the wedding suits and ties, as well as buying gloves for the groom’s attendees. However, these days, things are changing, and the wedding budget can be handled differently. Therefore, the bride’s parents may decide to help with settling the expenses, or even the couple may choose to pay for all the wedding expenses.

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