Surprise Bride Wedding Day

Wedding Surprise For The Bride


1. Breathtaking Gift – Sketch Of Your Wedding Day

Does She Love Her Wedding Dress?

Give her a handmade piece of art of her wedding dress for the best wedding surprise for the bride. A dress she has been dreaming of since she was a little girl. A dress she will wear on the most magical day of her day.  

wedding couple holding a framed wedding dress sketch

 Bride holding a Dreamlines wedding dress sketch

Wedding Dress Sketched framed with the wedding dress behind it.

The drawing was fantastic and she loved it! Thank you so much!!!
– David, Texas
I gained brownie points for giving such a unique and thoughtful anniversary gift.  – Josh Illinois
Oh my God, she absolutely loved it. It made her cry. You did an amazing job!
– Nick, California

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What is the best way to show off her wedding dress and your suit? A sketch of your perfect day. Everything is kept a surprise from you both, so you won’t see her dress. Someone else can send us a photo of her dress. We will walk you through everything when ordering making the process seamless and easy.

Also, if you do not have a photo of your suit we can create it from your description. We have created over 3,000 sketches and can make any vision you have come true.


2. Wedding Surprise Ideas For The Bride – A Love Letter

What a perfect way to express your love with your heart and love on paper, which is a wedding day love letter. What girl doesn’t love a love letter? Sharing your heart is something so special and something she will truly treasure. 

What’s a more perfect way than a wedding surprise for the bride, but on your wedding day.  A wedding day gift or something special to show her that this day, which of course is the most important day to you both is part of your groom responsibilities.

Something to take her breath away and for her to know she is marrying her prince charming is the gift you want to give.

3. Wedding Surprise For The Bride – Bouquet of Flowers

A bouquet of her favorite flowers delivered to her the morning of, which of course will be her favorite flower of her most favorite day – her wedding day and every special occasion moving forward. 

4. Surprise Bride On Wedding Day – Breakfast In Bed

Treat her with a gourmet light breakfast, because she will know you are thinking of her. A full tummy will be key to keep her going throughout the day. 

5. Bride Surprise Groom – Engraved Wedding Rings

Surprise her by having the inside of your wedding rings engraved.  She won’t know until after you say I Do. You can also quote from the rings as you are placing it on her finger at the altar. Such a romantic gesture to her, in front of everyone.  This is also a great gift for the bride to surprise the groom.


6. How to surprise bride and groom on wedding day – Hire A Car For The Couple

Have a car pick her up to take her to marry her prince charming because that is super classy and so very sweet. There is nothing like riding in style. It will be very unexpected and something so neat for her. 

7. Surprise Bride and Groom Dance – Show Her Your New Dance Moves

Wedding surprise for the bride by showing off your dance moves, because every girl loves a great dancer. Show her how you will lead her on this day and every day forward. Your dancing will also impress your guests and family too.

8. Surprise for the bride on wedding day- Fireworks Show

Arrange a fireworks show that evening, which will be an amazing wedding surprise ideas for the bride and the groom.

9. Wedding Day Surprises For Bride – Write On Her Wedding Shoes

Write something simple and romantic on her wedding shoes, which she can keep forever, as a perfect wedding surprise for the bride. 


10. Wedding Surprise Ideas For The Bride – Show Her The Proposal Video

Surprise her by showing her the secret video taken of your wedding proposal, which will be a complete surprise for her. This is such a sweet idea and so very romantic. View other proposals at How They Asked for a great wedding surprise for the bride.

11. How To Surprise Bride On Her Wedding Day?  Embroidered Wedding Handkerchiefs

Get a pair of elegant personalized handkerchiefs embroidered with your combined initials and wedding date. This simple little gift can be a precious souvenir of your special day.

You can also try something more symbolic for the embroidery, like the flowers from your wedding or an item that means a lot to you and your spouse-to-be. 

Your wedding day is such an important milestone in you and your partner’s life, so it’s only natural to get teary-eyed during the ceremony. Those couple handkerchiefs will come in handy during these heartwarming moments.

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