Groom Speech Examples

Give a wedding speech your bride will love with groom speech examples by practicing. It’s no big deal they said, but’s a pretty important part of your day. You also want to eliminate the stress and frustration on your big day when giving your groom speech.  

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Help with Writing an Unforgettable Groom Speech

If you’re looking for examples of groom speeches, read on. But if you’re overwhelmed right now and you could use support in crafting an incredible groom speech that will be a great surprise for your bride.

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You have so much to focus on with picking out the perfect wedding day gift for your bride, making sure your suit is top notch are just a few of the many things you are thinking about on how to be the best groom on your wedding day.

You want that feeling of peace of mind with the ease and confidence in how to write your speech with a few groom speech examples. The groom wedding speech typically starts with the father of the bride, followed by the groom and then the best man. 

Your wedding speech is to thank everyone who attended, pay tribute to those who made this magical day happen and maybe entertain the audience. 

With a few witty wedding speech lines, charming anecdotes and maybe a few tears your goal is to entertain everyone on your magical day.


Groom Speech At Wedding

You must be elated that you’re soon walking the love of your life down the aisle, right? Ask those who have done that before and they will tell you it is an experience that is out of this world.

But there is one thing that gets the hearts of quite a number of men skip a beat; do you know what that is? Well, it is the groom’s speech.

It may sound like something simple but one which, if not correctly done, can get the whole audience bored on such a great occasion in your life. Here are a few factors that will help you get your great groom speech right and leave your wedding guests happy.

But let’s be clear from the word go, it is your big day and you can choose what to include and what not to, but here are a few groom speech examples to guide you along the way!

How To Write A Wedding Speech


Wedding Speech Ideas – What does a groom say in his speech? 

  • Groom Speech To Bride

It’ll be the first time that you’re addressing the crowd with her as your wife and, as they normally say, a lot of concentration on the wedding is on the bride. Steal that moment and acknowledge her.

You can make it in a good way by opening your speech with statements like “My wife and I…”. You will be surprised at how such a statement will be warmly received! It will also help cool down your nerves in case you are tensed. This can go both ways for wedding speech examples for bride and groom. 

  • Thank You Speech

The worst thing you can ever do in your groom speech is not to thank people for various roles they played in making your wedding a big success.

Start by thanking your parents-in-law. In case they did their speech before, start by thanking them for their kind words then proceed to thank them for bringing to earth the beautiful soul that you’re taking as your wife.

You should thank your family as well for their support and everything.

Thank your guests for accepting to be part of your great day with special mentions in case you have some specials cases or people who went the extra mile to make your wedding what it is.

Lastly, though not the least, thank your newly-wedded wife in some nice language or words.

  • Add A Little Humor In Your Wedding Toast Groom

Don’t give just any other speech. Crack some jokes in between. However, you must be very careful lest you crack some dry jokes that will leave your guests wondering what you’re trying to say.

For instance, you can tell a story of how the two of you met, who made the first move, what the reaction was, and basically an anecdote of your journey to your big day. You can also use some known funny quotes.

  • Show Your Excitement For The Future 

Talk about your bright future with your perfect bride. Share your excitement and love for what your new life will bring. 

  • Keep It Clean and Short

Avoid the kind of language or words that may sound offensive, hurtful or in bad taste. You want to give a speech that doesn’t make your guests and the wedding party feel uncomfortable.

Also, be aware of the length of your speech; as you don’t want to bore your guests and lose their attention. 

  • Be Confident In Your Groom Wedding Toast

Maintain eye contact while giving your speech, it will show confidence in you. Practice a lot on making your speech perfect.  Add a mirror to your practice routine so you can build up your confidence and your eye contact. 

  • Introduce Your Best Man

Don’t forget to say something about your best man, before you hand over the mic. Probably, you can mention a few things how he and his wife have walked with you guys to your wedding day, how they’ve been of help.

  • Close Your Wedding Speech On A High

Know when to end your speech. End it on a good note that will help people remember it for the longest time possible!

Grooms Speech Checklist

We love this groom’s speech checklist from Wedding Speech Coach to help guide you along, as well as a few others who will be giving a toast. 

Groom Speech Templates

Thank those that have toasted before (specific names). Give thanks to the bride’s father and mother (specific names) for their daughter’s (specific name) hand in marriage. Thank those who helped with the wedding (specific names) and thank the bride’s family for bringing them into the family.

Share your joy and love that this wedding day (specific examples) has brought. Share your love for your bride (specific name) on how happy you are for this day and for the many days to come.

Give kudos to your bride’s parents for raising such a wonderful daughter (specific names) and share your excitement for the future ahead and to be a part of the family.

Thank your guests for being a part of your special day and for their lovely gifts. Give thanks to your best man(specific name), groomsmen (specific name), ushers (specific name), minister (specific name) and those who assisted (specific name).

Groom Speech For Wedding

Give thanks to the bridal party (specific names)for helping make the bride’s (specific name) wedding planning such a great experience. Raise your glass and propose a wedding toast speech to a happy, healthy and loving future. 

For more groom speech templates we are really loving the examples at the Wedding Speech Builder. They have a great focus on templates for a formal approach to a less formal approach. 

Taking on help with bride and groom thank you speech examples, templates and guides are the most ideal way to take on this magical day.

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