Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Anniversary Gifts & Modern Anniversary Gifts

Traditional anniversary gifts by year date back to the Holy Roman Empire. A husband would present his wife with a silver wreath crown on the 25th year anniversary and a gold wreath crown on the 15th year anniversary. In the twentieth century celebrating anniversaries became more of a commercialized industry where each year had their very own gift idea. 

It’s a super fun way to celebrate each year.  Making your gift personalized and all about her makes the gift something she will treasure forever.  For instance, a Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch of her wedding dress, high heels, bouquet, and even her cat can be incorporated into the perfect traditional anniversary gift. It is a gift that is all about her.

sketch of a wedding dress


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What Are The Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year?

 The one year traditional anniversary gift is paper.

A sketch of her wedding dress created on paper is such a great way to start out your anniversaries.  A great way to celebrate is to journal an adventure; beer or wine tasting, traveling local historic sites or traveling the world. A love letter is a super romantic idea, as well as stationery.

Whether you are an adventurist, a romantic at heart or a traditionalist you can find the perfect anniversary gift for your wife.  Another great option; concert tickets, airline tickets, train tickets, as it makes for a great memory. 

The two year traditional anniversary gift is cotton.

This anniversary gift could include a new canvas backpack, lingerie or pajamas, or even a framed piece of art or wedding photo within a cotton matted frame.

The three year traditional anniversary gift is leather.

You could give a leather-bound passport for your next travels, a leather-bound edition of her favorite book, a briefcase, wallet or even a leather frame. The skies the limit. One could even give a faux leather frame, if you didn’t want to give true leather.


The four year traditional anniversary gift is flowers.

You could give a bouquet of flowers, a trip to the botanical gardens or a sketch of her wedding bouquet.

The five year traditional anniversary gift is wood.

Giving her a canoe paddle for your next water adventure, a keepsake box with your anniversary date to a customized cutting board for your next romantic dinner in together.  Something completely out of the box is a tree.  Giving her a tree and planting it together symbolizes growth and hope in the future.

The US Forest Department has a similar website, you can dedicate a tree to your spouse.

The six year traditional anniversary gift is candy.

You could sing up for a candy making class, fondue for dinner or romantic gourmet truffles. What girl doesn’t love chocolate?

The seven year traditional anniversary gift is wool.

A cute wool stocking cap and gloves for your surprise skiing trip or a cashmere robe for a romantic night.

The eight year traditional anniversary gift is pottery.

Sign up for a pottery class or personalized clay classes is a super fun way to connect.

The nine year traditional anniversary gift is wicker.

Pick up a wicker picnic basket for a romantic lunch out to your favorite area.

The ten year traditional anniversary gift is tin or aluminum.

Rent an RV for a romantic and fun road trip. Give her a silver frame with a piece of art.

The fifteen year anniversary gift is crystal.

Take a trip to Crystal Cove State Park. Give her beautiful crystal wine glasses with a beautiful bottle of wine.

The twenty year anniversary gift is china.

Take a trip to China or give her a crystal anniversary plate.

The twenty five year anniversary gift is silver.

Take a trip to Silver Springs State Park in Florida. Give her a silver anniversary ring. 

The thirty year anniversary gift is pearl.

Take a trip to go pearl diving. Have a romantic dinner with oysters.

The thirty five year anniversary gift is coral.

Take a trip overseas to a coral reef for a snorkeling expedition.

The forty five year anniversary gift is sapphire.

Take an adventurous trip to a beach with beautiful sapphire waters. A sapphire necklace, ring or earrings would be a perfect gift for her.

The fifty year anniversary gift is gold.

Take a trip to see golden sunflowers. Give her a gold watch or earrings or even a sketch of her wedding dress and the suit in a gold frame. 


Decorate Your Anniversary Party With Style and Customization

Whether you’re celebrating your first wedding anniversary or your 50th, why not go out there and throw a bash to let all of your friends know how excited you are to have a strong, healthy marriage! Since you’ve already committed yourself to giving traditional anniversary gifts, you have a ready-made theme for the party.

Think about all the decorations you can make out of paper to celebrate your first year together. Imagine what you can do with wood to create a dramatically themed party for your 5th anniversary! Cap it all off with some custom sign letters to advertise the big bash, and you’ll have an event your friends will be talking about for months.

You may be thinking, “Oh, we’re not sure we want to draw that much attention to ourselves…it seems a little egotistical.” Perish the thought. If you have great friends and loving family, they’ll be every bit as excited to celebrate your anniversary as you two are! And if you extend the traditional present theme to your guests’ gifts, they won’t have to worry too much about what to get you!

You can even use the theme to guide your hand when it comes to giving out themed party favors: Bags of specialized candy to celebrate your 6th anniversary; cute little pottery figurines for your 9th; handsome and inexpensive crystal jewelry to thank your friends for attending your 15th-anniversary party.

With a little bit of imagination, you can even incorporate custom sign letters that match the theme of your specific anniversary, drawing the whole thing together with the coordination of a seasoned decorator.

Anniversaries are a time to look back, reflect, and remember the unbreakable bond that keeps your marriage together through good times and bad. By adhering to tradition, you’re paying tribute not only to your own everlasting love but to the generations of legendary romances that came before you. Have fun!

 Anniversary gift ideas by year…..Did you know that traditional anniversary gifts by year come in a wide range of choices depending on the number of years you’re celebrating – anniversary gifts ideas by year? That’s right. Apart from that, it also depends on whether you want to gift the one you love with tradition or modern gifts.

A number of people find it quite a daunting task to make the right decision here. That’s, whether to go the traditional or modern way. However, there is no doubt that if armed with the right information; one will certainly make the right choice that will leave each other happy.

So, what do you need to know or consider? Well, that is exactly what we are going to delve deeper into, to enlighten you on the kind of gifts that should be given in every anniversary, and, to some extent, what you should do with the gift.

Anniversary Gifts Ideas by Year

Here, we’ll also consider your budget given the fact that people’s spending powers vary a big deal. Some gifts ideas might be inexpensive while some might be a bit on the higher side of spending.

We acknowledge the fact that every year is important in your anniversaries and, as such, we’ve come up with a list of creative traditional anniversary gifts by year ideas by year for each year right from year one through the sixtieth year. Just read on.


The act of giving anniversary gifts was basically reached in order to celebrate and appreciate the person you love. It is an art that dates back hundreds of years during the medieval period.

During the early Roman Empire, men were required to gift their wives with a silver garland during their 25th anniversary, and, when marking their 50 years together, wives were given a golden wreath.

Fast forward to modern times, people have created a contemporary list of modern anniversary gifts that some guys use today instead of the traditional ones.


Anniversaries are celebrated because weddings hold such an important part in someone’s life and, as such, it is good to celebrate the day that you both were joined. It is an essential occasion, to say the least. That is one of the many reasons why lots of couples go out of their way just to find nothing short of a perfect gift for their loved one.

One critical thing to take note of is the fact that over the years, anniversary gifts ideas by year have been symbolic as well as meaningful for couples.


Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year Traditional And Modern

Year Traditional Modern
1 Paper Anniversary Gift Clock
2 Cotton China
3 Leather Crystal/Glass
4 Fruit/Flowers Appliances
5 Wood Anniversary Gift Silverware
6 Candy/Iron Wood
7 Copper Desk Set
8 Bronze Linens/Lace
9 Pottery Leather
10 Tin/Aluminum Anniversary Gift Diamond Jewelry
11 Steel Fashion Jewelry
12 Silk/Linen Pearls
13 Lace Textile/Furs
14 Animal/Animal Items Gold Jewelry
15 Crystals Watches
20 China Platinum
25 Silver Anniversary Gift Silver
30 Pearl Pearl
35 Coral Coral
40 Ruby Ruby
45 Sapphire Sapphire
50 Gold Gold

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