1 Year Anniversary Gifts

1 Year Anniversary Gifts For Wife [2 Day Turnaround]

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Paper Is The Traditional 1 Year Anniversary Gift
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One Year Anniversary Gift To His Wife


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What To Give For 1 Year Anniversary Gifts For Wife

For years the traditional 1 year anniversary gifts for wife is the paper anniversary gift.  1 year anniversary gifts given as paper has been so popular, as customizing and personalizing the gift is key in giving a romantic and loving gift.

Since 1837-1901 couples have been celebrating the paper anniversary gift in marriage and giving each other presents on their magical wedding day. This period is the Victorian Era. The reason is thought that paper is such a popular first anniversary gift is because it was readily available material.

Other popular explanations are that paper stands for couples’ lives interweaving, paper should be held with care and is fragile like marriage, and paper is a blank page, just as a couple’s marriage together when they start their lives together, which is why a paper anniversary gift is perfect.

1 Year Anniversary Gifts For My Wife

  • A gift from your magical wedding day
  • Follow the traditional wedding gift  – paper
  • One Year Paper Anniversary Gift
  • A breathtaking gift of your wedding day
  • Romantic, unique, and personalized gift for her
  • An anniversary gift of the most important dress she will ever wear

One year is over before you could realize it. Yes, it’s a year that almost flew and here you are on the eve of your first anniversary. You are excited. No, you are super excited and want to amaze your wife.

You want her to relive your wedding day with a gift that would make her love you more than before with a perfect 1-year anniversary gift.

One Year Anniversary Gifts For Wife

One year anniversary gift for wife needs to be very special. It should be chosen with care to let your wife know how much you treasure her. It must help you to express your emotions. It should celebrate each day of the year that you spent together and fill every coming day with love and affection.

Are you fretting over what to get for your wife? Let us help you. We present a unique gift idea that would blow your mind. It is the perfect idea to commemorate the day and make it truly special for both of you.

A unique gift for 1 year anniversary gifts for wife – a paper sketch of your wedding dress. Yes, this is a rare and fabulous idea that befits the day and the occasion. The wedding dress sketches are custom designed by experienced artists who take every care to make them special.

The artists are not only experienced but adept in capturing the essence of the wedding attire your wife wore on the most special day of her life. Their talent is to truly immerse themselves in your wedding day and to create a sketch of all the emotional aspects of your day.

Unique First Year Anniversary Gifts For Wife

The best part of the gift is that you can customize it according to your choice. From picture size to front and back views to framing, we seek your advice in creating the perfect 1 year anniversary gifts for wife. At every step, you can provide your input to create an awesome anniversary gift for your wife.

With Dreamlines, you can make your 1st anniversary very special and memorable. Your wife would not have dreamt of such a gift. The packaging would surprise her and the sketch would make her cry. She would realize how much you love her and value her presence in your life.

Anniversaries are a special occasion and 1st anniversary is always something that every couple looks forward to. Enjoy your togetherness and relive every moment of your wedding day with a paper sketch of your wedding dress. Watch your wife’s eyes fill up with joy and happiness as she opens your gift. Life is made up of these small moments, cherish them.

BUY NOW – 1 Year Anniversary Ideas

The best anniversary gift for her – that perfect gift for that perfect person doesn’t have to be a challenge. Paper anniversary gift ideas to help you give the perfect gift.

One Year Anniversary Gifts For Wife

The first year of marriage is the year of becoming a family – becoming one. This year you are learning about each other, growing and finding each other as one. Year one is the time to celebrate all the ups and downs during that time. It is a time to celebrate your love and commitment to each other.

Marriage is worth celebrating and your anniversary is the day to make a memorable occasion. Each anniversary is a time to come together and become a stronger couple; use that moment to discuss, share, and know that you are meeting each other’s love language. So it is time to find the best anniversary gift for her.

What is the best 1 year anniversary gift for wife?

Paper Quilling Wall Decor

The beautiful delicate flowers are handcrafted in this 3D piece of artwork of your wedding day. The artwork is created with the technique of Paper Quilling. Each element of the bouquet is hand made from Japanese and Korean paper strips.

Handmade Portrait Doll

The handmade and personalized portrait dolls of her wedding dress, his suit, and bouquet makes for a perfect one year anniversary gift for wife. You will provide a wedding photo and they will create a handmade portrait day of your most magical wedding day.

Wedding Anniversary Clock

The Anniversary Clock has created this amazing one year anniversary gift. The clock comes in gold and silver to match your home decor. The Tenbrink & Co. Anniversary Clock has three clock faces which have been handcrafted for this timeless piece.

The display shows the years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. The Anniversary Clock can play your wedding song on your anniversary.

Sexy Kinky Coupons

These kinky sex coupons make a funny, sexy gift. Add a little sex and romance to any relationship with these popular sexy kinky coupons created on paper.

Custom Book – 1 Year Anniversary Gift

A custom book can be created with your wedding date or anniversary date. Each piece of paper in the book is folded by hand and made to order by TheBookArtisan.

Journal – Our Bucket List

First anniversary gift journal ‘Our Bucket List’ with blank papers created by TransientBooks.

1st Anniversary Gift For Wife

Each anniversary year has a gift purpose. For example, for the one year anniversary, you can gift paper, a carnation or mother of pearl. The ideas below really help you give a gift that has thought and purpose. The order by year of gifts made its appearance in the Victorian era during the 1800s. The history of traditional anniversary gifts has taken gift-giving to a whole new level. It is all about giving the perfect gift and one that she will truly love.

Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas

1 Year – Paper
2 Year – Cotton
3 Year – Leather
4 Year – Linen or silk
5 Year – Wood
6 Year – Iron
7 Year – Wool or copper
8 Year – Bronze
9 Year – Pottery
10 Year – Tin or aluminum
11 Year – Steel
12 Year – Silk
13 Year – Lace
14 Year – Ivory
15 Year – Crystal
20 Year – China
25 Year – Silver
30 Year – Pearl
40 Year – Rubies
45 Year – Sapphires
50 Year – Gold

Flower Anniversary Gift Ideas

1 Year – Carnation
2 Year – Lily of the Valley
3 Year – Sunflower
4 Year – Hydrangea
5 Year – Daisy
6 Year – Calla
7 Year – Freesia
8 Year – Lilac
9 Year – Bird of Paradise
10 Year – Daffodil
11 Year – Tulip
12 Year – Peony
13 Year – Chrysanthemum
14 Year – Dahlia
15 Year – Rose
16 Year – Aster
25 Year – Iris
28 Year – Orchid
30 Year – Lily
40 Year – Gladiolus
50 Year – Yellow rose or violet

Gemstone Anniversary Gift Ideas

1 Year – Mother of Pearl
2 Year – Garnet
3 Year – Moonstone
4 Year – Blue Topaz
5 Year – Rose Quartz
6 Year – Amethyst
7 Year – Onyx
8 Year – Tourmaline
9 Year – Lapis Lazuli
10 Year – Crystal or Green Tourmaline
11 Year – Turquoise
12 Year – Jade
13 Year – Citrine
14 Year – Opal
15 Year – Rhodolite
20 Year – Emerald
25 Year – Tsavorite
30 Year – Pearl
40 Year – Ruby
50 Year – Gold

1 Year Anniversary Ideas

If you’ve been reading a lot on weddings, 1-year anniversary gifts for wife celebrations and anniversary gifts, you certainly must have noticed one of the most common questions that many people ask – what is the perfect anniversary gift should I buy my wife?

Well, that is the million-dollar question. Doing your research right goes a long way in helping you know what to look out for, what to do, and, most importantly, what not to do. There are many 1 year anniversary gifts that have the power to bring you that breathtaking moment, but the first year anniversary is such an important one for your wife.

Beyond Gifts: Designing the Perfect One-Year Anniversary Party

Now that you’ve chosen a terrific one-year-anniversary present to give to your sweetheart, it’s time to think about how to design the perfect party to go along with your paper-themed gifts.

Whether you’re looking to throw the bash to end all bashes or just put on an intimate party for a handful of your closest friends and family, here are three important tips you can use to ensure a fantastic night for everyone involved.

Tip #1 – Decorate According to a Paper Theme

You may or may not decide to give your partner a paper gift to honor the “traditional” first anniversary material, but even if you don’t, we highly recommend decorating your party according to that tradition.

People always remember a well-themed party, and because the theme is paper, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it happen. Hey, when else can you get away with substituting paper flowers for the real thing?

Tip #2 – Customize Your Party

It’s one thing to decorate your party according to theme; decorating in a way that lets everyone know this is a special, unique occasion is a whole ‘nother ballgame. To make sure that your party can’t be confused for anyone else’s, outfit the event with custom signs that make it crystal clear: This is YOUR first-anniversary party!

Tip #3 – Don’t Let Anyone Go Home Empty-Handed

Small gift bags for your guests are a great way to end the night on a bright, positive note. Since the occasion is “paper,” you should find gifts that match the theme: Paper dolls, cute little notebooks, and card games make for great parting presents.

With a paper decoration scheme, some unique custom signs and gift bags that show your guests how much you appreciate them, your first anniversary party is sure to be an unforgettable success.


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 sketch of wedding dress, military uniform, and bouquet

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