Best Cigars for Groomsmen

Cigars for groomsmen have become popular gifts, thanks to the classy, sophisticated look they bring together alongside dapper suits. If you are looking for cigars to add to your groomsmen gift package, you want to pick unique cigars that your buddies will enjoy and remember. 

One of the things you need to keep in mind is determining the flavors, sizes, and shapes. Understanding how to rate a cigar will help you pick only the best cigars for groomsmen. Ultimately, you want a selection that is not only classy but easy to cut and smoke for your gentlemen. 

In this article, you will find the best cigars for groomsmen, those that have built their popularity for years and continue to stand out on the market. 

Best Cigars for Groomsmen

Best Cigars for Your Groomsmen

Arturo Fuente

This outstanding cigar has been in existence for years and carried on generations after generations. The Fuente family has perfected the art of crafting unique cigars, with each collection featuring refined taste and aroma. 

Arturo Fuente cigars began in Cuba back in the 1800s, making their way to being the best Dominican cigars globally. The collection includes the Arturo Fuente Hemingway, Chateau series, Gran Reserva, Don Carlos, and the famous yet rare Arturo Fuente Anejo cigars. 

These cigars are not only a name on the map but a classic to enjoy among your groomsmen. They have distinct tastes and aromas that are unmatchable among cigars of the same class. Your groomsmen will appreciate a puff of these popular cigars. 


Padron cigars have stood out for ages to the extent of bagging titles in the cigar-smoking world. These cigars are known for their complex crafting process, which involves extensive aging of the Nicaraguan tobaccos. 

If you enjoy spiced cigars, these are some of the best on the market. You can choose from cedar or cinnamon for the sweet notes or go ham with spice and select from the cayenne collection of cigars. 

One of the outstanding features of these cigars is the box-pressed shape. These have a visually striking appearance that your groomsmen will enjoy and appreciate, not forgetting the little spice they will add to your groomsmen photos. 


The style of Nub cigars gets them the attention they garner; the short and fat design is outstanding and cannot be overstated. What’s more, Nub cigars are handmade and crafted at the Oliva factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, breaking beyond most cigar standards. 

The company made its debut in 2008 and has since become a household name among cigar lovers. Over the years, the company has stood out and evolved to build unique collections. The four core blends in their portfolio are Cameroon, Connecticut, Maduro, and Habano. 

When it comes to the taste and aroma, these have met the needs of most cigar lovers with leather, wood, and spicy fusions. Nub now features classic blends with the addition of Cain Nub, Nub Nuance, and a collection of coffee-infused cigars. 


Ashton has built its name across the world thanks to its consistency and high-end taste. It is home to 7 distinct and top-rated blends: the Ashton Classic, Ashton Aged Maduro, Ashton Cabinet Selection, Ashton ESG, Ashton VSG, Ashton Symmetry, and Ashton Heritage. 

Most cigar lovers agree that Ashton is one of the best-tasting cigars ever created, contributing to its popularity. Since its debt in the mid-1980s, Ashton has stood out in the aroma and taste of the cigars, crafting unique, unmatched blends. 

Your groomsmen will appreciate the deep, flavorful blends while keeping up with the class that these cigars ooze. They will enjoy smoking these and will most probably want to get more out of their amazing first experience. 

Romeo y Julieta

What a great way to represent love than with the kind of cigar you choose for your groomsmen. The Romeo y Julieta is an iconic Cuban-legacy brand after the world-popular Shakespeare’s classic tale of lovers. 

The brand started back in Cuba in 1875, but there are several bestselling handmade blends in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. All these are crafted for the premium US market, and these show just how outstanding they are.

Some of the blends under this collection include the Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real, the Reserve Maduro, and the original Reserve. These have a significant audience of cigar lovers, thanks to their unique aroma and taste. 

The Romeo y Julieta is the most popular blend featuring its distinct Dominican taste and the aged Indonesian wrapper leaf. These cigars will have your groomsmen attached to the cigars and probably make them a favorite after that.

There you have it; the best cigars for groomsmen. The above cigars are popular among cigar lovers and have built their names all around, thanks to their unique flavors and aromas. They are widely available, so you can sneak one or two of these in your groomsmen gift packages which are great groom tips to help on your big day.