Apps that Make Invitation Cards for Your Wedding

Wedding invitations are just as important as the wedding itself. Even digital wedding invitations can play a significant role in any event. If you’re planning a wedding, you already know how much work goes into it. Whether large or small, ceremonies include planning for the venue, photographer, and invites.

If you plan a small wedding with just a few friends or family, you may want to save the cost and inconvenience of sending out printed invites. However, you may still give your guests something lovely in the form of digital wedding invitations

Wedding invitation or greetings card designs used to be a ritual. Still, nowadays, you need to alter the medium for generating and delivering the cards because paper ones typically end up in the trash.

In this piece, we’ll go over some of the top digital party invitation card maker applications that may save both time and money that you can put towards other aspects of your wedding.

1. Invitation Maker – Birthday & Wedding Card Design

This invite card maker is a simple program with a clean user interface. The invitation maker may also be used to create cards in addition to greetings. It isn’t only for weddings; it also allows you to create invitations and cards for other events.

The solicitations come with pre-written wording that you may change to suit your needs. You have also been permitted to add new information and stickers to the welcome. Because there are so many topics in the app, you may use the search feature. The ability to insert personal images is the most critical item lacking here.

2. Evite

Evite is a visual design program with an infinite number of digital wedding invitation themes to pick from. It’s simple to use, and it’s one of the most excellent tools for non-professionals to look into for an e-invite. Yet, you must first make an account (which is entirely free!).

This program uses artificial intelligence to produce wedding card layouts depending on your choices. You must install the app and input the information about your event as well as your choices. It will only take time for the program to generate the most appealing wedding card designs for you. You may edit and alter the designs to suit your preferences.

3. Canva

Canva is mostly a graphic design tool, but it also has many wedding invitation layouts. So you can use Canva to make flyers, social media postings, logos, and banners following your wedding day.

Establish a free account for the wedding invites. Then go to and hit Invitation in the top menu. To see your selections, type the term wedding into the search field. You may quickly examine the available free and premium layouts and select one to get started.

Canva has several editing options for adding information, altering font styles and formats, rearranging elements, changing colors, and importing pictures. When you’re done, press Share.

4. Desgyner

The Designer smartphone app is a solid competitor to Canva. Comparable to Canva, this free Android software for invitation card maker includes a plethora of themes for all types of graphic design work, such as poster creation, book covers, and so on.

There are several types and variations of wedding card templates to pick from. Templates are pre-designed and include editable text as well as the opportunity to change the backdrop. When you create a program, it is kept under My Projects and may be edited at any time.

5. Digital Wedding Invitation Cards Maker by vcsapps

Wedding invitation Card Maker for Android is simple to use and offers a plethora of customizing options. Begin by providing any optional information. Then, choose a day and time, and then hit Create Invitation. Then, in the upper right, hit the Cards icon to select a design.

There is a good variety of backdrops in various colors and designs. When you select one, any of the information you supplied earlier will appear on the card. However, you will note many editing choices.

If you plan a large wedding or like to keep things traditional, you may want to go with physical invites. However, if your wedding is tiny or you want to try something different, consider these fantastic digital invitation possibilities.

Typical digital wedding invitations are enjoyable, but going fully digital is even better. From graphic novel style invites to beautiful save the dates, e-invite creation applications are more convenient.

Plus, when you make your digital wedding invitations, they’re a dime a dozen. When you create an e-invite or have one prepared for you, you may include all components that characterize your connection. You may also design a single type of e-invite for everyone or customize each invite for your unique visitors.