6 Ways to Make Use of Your Wedding Dress Post-Wedding

Your wedding dress is a necessary expense, but it can feel wasteful to only wear it once and then tuck it into a closet corner where it’ll never see the light of day again. Luckily, there are plenty of innovative ways to get more bang out of that one-day buck.

1. Arts & Crafts

You can repurpose your wedding dress in many unique ways if you’re not afraid to get crafty with it. Here are some of the inspired ways to reinvent your wedding dress:

·      Remove a piece of fabric from the dress and fashion it into a piece of jewelry, like a necklace or bracelet.

·      Use pieces of fabric as a decoration in your wedding album.

·      Use the fabric to make a throw pillow that serves as décor and a special memory

·      Create a teddy bear to give as a gift to a child in your family

2. Preserve it Properly

If you’re not a fan of the repurposing idea, you put effort into maintaining the dress so it stays as beautiful as it was on your wedding day and can be passed down to a sibling or child. There’s plenty of wedding dress cleaners out there, like Love Your Dress Cleaning, who are skilled at restoring wedding gown no matter how dirty or stained.

They can also store your dress in one of their preservation kits that are created without harmful adhesives or toxins. This way, it will be safe from humidity, moisture, and changing temperatures. The boxes are also beautifully wrapped.

3. Dye It

A wedding dress is usually obvious because of its bright white color, and you rarely see people sporting a wedding dress for other occasions. If you love your dress and want to keep wearing it, consider dying it a different color.

Simply purchase some liquid fabric dye in the color of your choice, mix it with hot water, and stir the dress around after the dye and water are completely combined. After letting it soak for some time and rinsing all of the dye out, you’ll have what feels like a new dress.

4. Sell It

If you’re not particularly sentimental and always looking for ways to make some extra money, selling your wedding dress is another option. Also, you’ll be helping another bride-to-be create a beautiful memory in the same beautiful gown you had your special day in.

You can find online shops that resell pre-owned dresses, but you could also take it to your local consignment shop or thrift store if you’re looking for a quick sale. Alternatively, theater companies sometimes take wedding dresses to use in upcoming performances.

5. Donate It

Your wedding day is one of the most magical days of your life. Part of that memory is your wedding dress. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to afford a beautiful gown to celebrate their wedding in.

Consider donating it to someone in need and help that person have the wedding of their dreams. Fairytale Brides is a company we have partnered up with.  Every Dreamlines sketch order results in a donation to Fairytale Brides.

6. Have a Sketch Drawn

If you can’t bring yourself to get rid of your wedding dress but need the extra space it’s taking up, you can get a sketch of your dress framed. This is a space-efficient way to hold onto the memory of your wedding day without holding onto the actual gown.

Most artists will satisfy this request, and the end result also serves as a beautiful art piece that you can hang in your home and admire every time you pass it.


What have you done with your wedding dress?  Tell us about them below. 

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