Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline

A wedding is one of the most magical moments in a person’s life. But, most people like to do it themselves. If you are about to organize your marriage ceremony or help a friend with their dream day, here is a guide to making every step special for the couple!


Wedding Day Timeline



Make Sure the Guests Got All Details

A wedding card isn’t for the show; you have to use it to communicate all the details to the guests. So it isn’t all about the card style or font style. 

Here are a few details guests must have:

  • The address to the venue; 
  • The name of the couple;
  • Contact details;
  • RSVP;
  • Start and end time of the event;
  • Name of the person who has booked the venue.

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The Wedding Party Gets Ready

A party is something one has to take care of. It’s all the guests will remember, and so will you! Furthermore, if you want a proper wedding day timeline, you need to allot the right time to everything. The party must start after the vows; otherwise, there won’t be any time to celebrate the new beginning for the couple.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for the party:

  • Come up with a theme;
  • Have a guest list;
  • Have a list of supplies;
  • Put good music on;
  • Prepare the toasts.

Bride Gets Dressed

Brides are always ecstatic about their dresses. They want to make sure they are the center of attention, and all eyes are on them. It is fair to have the demand to look beautiful on one’s special day! You have to make sure the bride has everything she needs like makeup, hair stylist, hair clips, vail, an ironed dress, shoes, and jewelry before she gets dressed. And oh! She must be ready on time; we don’t want the bride to run down the aisle to stick to the wedding timeline!

Solo Portraits

Solo portraits will always depict the tale of a happy wedding day. These portraits are very important for the couple. It is best to hire a professional photographer and finish all the bookings at least two months before the big day to be on the safe side. 

Understandably, everyone on the guest list should be in the photos, but portraits are only for the bride and groom. They need to have some pictures of their own that they can share with their kids!

Photos with Your Wedding Party

It’s time to discuss the fun part; the after-party! With all the dance, music, laughter, and good food, it is important to click candid photographs to go from an emotional roller coaster to an enjoyable, fun day. The party photos will put a lovely end to the long wedding day, and everyone can get to be a part of these, unlike the solo shots.

Come up with cute and funny poses to make it worth everyone’s while. You can even click some photos yourself. And let’s not forget about the selfie craze!

First Look and Photos with The Couple

Nothing compares to the elegance and beauty of the first look of the couple as individuals coming together. To make it fun, you can put a blindfold on the groom’s eyes or hide the bride behind colorful bridal balloons to see the true reaction when the bride walks in, or the bride can slowly come behind the groom and surprise him just like their love slowly crept in on them and led to this magical day. Take photos of and with the couple to have the perfect click.


There are a few things that you should know about the wedding ceremony to keep track of everything and make sure it takes place smoothly.

  • Start with the processional; 
  • Let the officiant exchange opening remarks; 
  • The couple has its word;
  • The vows take place;
  • The couple exchanges the rings;
  • The priest declares them man and wife;
  • They have their first kiss;
  • The paperwork must take place with all signatures in place;
  • Time for the party!

These are a few traditional things that are sure to happen, and if you have something special planned, you can add that to the list without hesitation.

Cocktail Hour

Once the clock strikes the cocktail hour, it is time to relax a bit. Take a break from the ceremony and sit to have some refreshments come your way. Everyone on the guestlist needs to relax at this point. These conclude to be some of the best hours before dinner is served. 

It allows the guests to ease up and talk to each other. A cherry on top is that the bride and groom get some time off too! Imagine their level of exhaustion, and they need it the most! So the cocktail hour has to be a part of the timelines for weddings.

Reception Begins

Now the environment is about to ease up a bit. Everyone is relaxed and wants to enjoy the wedding. Be it the bridesmaids or the groomsmen, the reception begins, and the laughter rises. Happiness sparkles through the eyes of the newly wedded couple. 

Have your drinks and appetizers as the newlyweds enter again as a couple and have their first dance. Cheers and toasts will make the ceremony even brighter because nothing is better than best wishes.

Guests Invited to Dance Floor

Once the parent dances are over, the guests can join the dance floor, and the music starts to rise and set the perfect mood. Then, it is time to groove to the beat and let yourself loose on the dance floor. A wedding day planner must have these fun dances in mind before planning anything at all.

Welcome Toast

The welcome toast is the first to take place and is usually the host’s toast to the couple. Ensure all the glasses are filled for the toast, and you have the crowd’s undivided attention. Make the toast with a bunch of happy moments and facts about the couple, and you’re good to go.


With all these steps to a perfect wedding, you can now flaunt your even organization skills and begin with your wedding or your best friend’s. Make the day special and memorable for everyone and help them enjoy it to the fullest! You can’t give someone a greater gift than a perfect wedding!

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