Wedding Gift Ideas For Couple Already Living Together

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Amazing Wedding Gift Ideas For Couple Already Living Together

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History of Amazing Wedding Gift Ideas For Couple Already Living Together

History of amazing wedding gift ideas for couples already living together ….there is no doubt that you’ve attended probably more than one wedding at one point or the other. Weddings differ in so many different ways.

But, at the same time, there is one thing that is, or should I say was, constant – the wedding gifts. I can bet to my last coin that in many, if not all, the weddings that you’ve attended, the love birds that were wedding were given gifts.

So, where and how did this tradition of giving wedding gift ideas for couples already living together begin? Who began it? What does giving gifts on a wedding day mean? Does it mean a wedding without gifts is incomplete?

The Evolution & History of Wedding Gifts

The history of amazing wedding gift ideas for couples already living together is, undoubtedly, a far cry from what many people think. During the early days, wedding gifts were simply the bride price.

In other words, wedding gift ideas for couples already living together can be said to have evolved from the act of paying the bride price, now commonly referred to as the dowry.

The dowry, on the other hand, is anything that was paid by the groom or by his family or given to the woman’s family in order to get her hand in marriage. In many cultures, the dowry included either animals or land, but mostly animals. The first dowry to be paid can be traced back to around 3,000 B.C.

This tradition changed with the changing times and that is why nowadays gifts are given during weddings. The current wedding gift ideas for couples already living together can be traced back to around 1928 when Macy’s introduced wedding gift cards from the registry. Other stores would follow later and play catch-up and, the craze began.

Ideally, during those times, wedding gifts were given with the notion that the couple was most probably starting life and, as such, they needed a few things here and there to start their new life and home. The gifts included china, crystal, and silver.

Fast forward to our times, the above cannot really be among the major reasons why wedding gifts are given. Nowadays, most gift-givers simply give wedding gifts as a way of appreciating the wedding couple.

Wedding Gift Ideas For Couple Already Living Together

This is certainly a good question. Before looking at why people give gifts at weddings, it would be prudent to ask yourself how much you know the happy couple and the much that you’re ready to spend on a gift.

Basically, amazing wedding gift ideas for couples already living together are often given to congratulate the couple. Gifts are also sent by those who might not be attending in person as a way of ‘being together with the couple’ on their big day. To say the least, wedding gifts hold such an important place in any wedding.

Equally, the wedding gift from the groom to the bride is usually regarded as one of the most treasured. Why? Well, it is not only important and sweet but also romantic and a perfect way of expressing your love to your spouse.

Personalized Wedding Gifts And Their Importance

I’m pretty sure that making up your mind on which wedding gift you will give is one of the hardest decisions to make. However, there are a set of gifts that certainly stand out. Such include personalized wedding gifts. They are cherished and loved. They are available for both the bride and groom.

There are many creations that you can get as far as personalized amazing wedding gift ideas for couples already living together are concerned. The major reason for giving such gifts is the fact that you have all the liberty to add all the touches that you feel are or will be, important especially to the couple.

You simply get an opportunity to create your own unique gift that one can hardly get anywhere else. This explains why such gifts are held dearly.

Personalized wedding gift ideas for couples already living together range from personalized home décor, cake servers, engraved toasting flutes to personalized guest books, and many more.

Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples Who Already Live Together

Wine Soaps

We love these wine-inspired soaps, which would make great additional gifts to give to your bridal party. These all-natural vegan and gluten-free soaps handmade by Heather Swanepoel have blends from white and red wine varieties.

The scents and oils have a citrus scent for chardonnay and have a berry scent for pinot noir. This makes for a lovely blend of shades and fragrances of the inspired wines.

The ingredients include Olive, Coconut, Palm Kernel, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, High Oleic Sunflower & Refined Sweet Almond along with Fragrance. View other bridesmaid gifts here.

City Map Glasses

These classy rocks glasses etched with your city’s distinct grid make for a personalized groomsmen gift. Designer Brian Johnson has featured an intricate city map curving around each glass. The street names and coordinates are available for all major cities within the US. View other groomsmen gifts here

Personalized Socks

These one-size-fits-all personalized socks with your groomsmen initials are perfect for the wedding day. 5 pair set of Supima™ cotton socks provide comfort with any woven phrase you would like.

You can choose a classic monogram with initials at the ankle and the full name across the toes or personalize it further for each groomsman.

With eight characters for the ankle and twenty characters across the toes, the possibilities are endless. 

To maintain an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and rewarding place to work, Uncommon Goods has outlined several mission statements that all work together to achieve these goals.  They offer handmade, recycled, and organic products in their merchandise assortment.

They use recycled or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) derived paper for their catalogs.

Giving a gift of art on your wedding day is something she will treasure forever. Whether you present her with amethyst crystals backed in aluminum leaf, Buddha print behind an antiqued mirror, or gilded rosettes she will adore having so beautiful.

Weddings are always a great time to buy thoughtful gifts and an even better time to buy matching presents for the couple. With his & hers wedding gifts, you should usually try to buy something that is going to benefit both husband and wife and put a smile on at least one of their faces.

Here are some great ideas for matching gifts at a few different price ranges.

His & Hers Wedding Gifts


It’s hard to go wrong with bedding, everyone uses it and you can pick natural colors to match most bedrooms. Having His and hers pillowcases is a lovely touch to add to the bedroom especially for newlyweds.

You can spend as much or as little as you want on bedding depending on the quality you decide to pick out and either way, they’ll love the thought of it regardless of price.


It could be a tougher option but if you can get the sizing right, buying matching fitness clothing is a very adventurous idea. One of them might hate it but go out in matching gym wear screams ‘we’re a happy couple’. Maybe buying different colors might tone the idea down, but it’ll be a fun present to think about at the very least.


If you’re very close with the couple or just want to go a step further for them, a lot of watch companies do offer his and her collection. Watches can vary with personal tastes though, so make sure you have an idea of what they like, or if they’ll even wear it!

You could even go a step further and have the watches engraved with their wedding date on them, might help as a reminder in the future!

Dressing Gowns

A great gift to personalize, you can choose to have ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ printed on them or even their names added on. Dressing gowns are a good option because you don’t even need to know their clothes size as most dressing gowns are generously sized. Just a matter of picking colors and what print you’d like to put on them for a thoughtful touch.

Alternate wedding gifts can be a tough nut to crack, a lot of couples these days have already moved in together and have all their home products, which can sometimes leave very little to give to them at ease. On the plus side, you can buy the newlyweds something alternative, fun and the type of gift they wouldn’t normally think of.

Here’s a look at some inspiration for gifts to buy in 2018 that could be one of the highlights of their special day.

Luxury Loungewear

Even if another friend of the bride and groom has the same idea, you can never have enough loungewear, right? Picking out some mens loungewear to match them both up is a thoughtful gift in itself, but you could even consider personalizing the sets just for an extra touch the bride is bound to love matching up with the new hubby.

Buying luxury women loungewear is a nice touch, it’s not usually something people want to spend a lot of money on, so buying some premium sets adds the extra touch to the gift.


You can spend as much or as little as you want on this idea, buying nice luggage set for the newlyweds is sure to find some immediate use with the honeymoon coming up. It might be a harder one to gift wrap, but usually, couples have more priorities than buying a luggage set as the big day arrives.


Even if the couple’s house has already been made into their perfect home, a candle or two will enhance their living experience. Scented candles have the ability to make people feel happy, calm and give off a natural aroma, another product you can be elaborate with on price or keep the cost down.

You could even go the extra mile and order them a subscription for candles, where they will receive a set amount on a regular basis, a gift that keeps on giving, literally.

Weekend Getaway

Most weekend getaway packages are perfect as a gift, the couple can book the holiday whenever suits them and you don’t need to worry about when they’re going to be available.

An extra holiday for the newlyweds is a thoughtful gift, after the honeymoon, they’re more than likely going to have a quiet period, and having another holiday to look forward to is always great!

Get Away

A gift doesn’t have to be wrapped up on a table at a wedding, why not pay for a weekend getaway for the newlyweds to book at their own leisure. Weekend breaks are usually very relaxed with their booking process so just paying for it and letting the couple choose when is best will be a lovely gift that they can use whenever suits.

If none of those ideas has sparked any ideas have a browse online for personalized his & hers wedding gifts, a lot tends to be based on buying a pair together, although they might not be a pricey luxury product it’ll show your thoughtfulness in the gift idea.

These Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Will Have you Rethinking Your Registry

These days many couples live together well before their wedding dates. For the couple, it makes coming up with a registry list much more intensive and for the wedding guest, this makes buying wedding gift ideas for couples already living together with a little harder.

The couple will most likely have all those basic pots and pans that a traditional wedding registry is designed to help provide.

That´s why many modern registries act more like a collective envelope where the couple can gather the guests´ monetary “gifts,” rather than physical items.

With these types of registries, married couples to be can opt to direct the cash they receive towards things that would be more useful to the couple in this day and age.

Sites like Zankyou help these couples find alternative ways to invest the money that their guests give them – think of it like crowdfunding tailored to personally fit you.

Here are five suggestions that will make you rethink a traditional registry.

Dream Honeymoon

Have you been dreaming about some escaping to some exotic locale for your honeymoon, but can´t afford to after all the wedding costs? Well, with cash gift list services like Zankyou, your guests can fund that dream honeymoon!

If you feel uncomfortable putting the whole honeymoon on your registry, customize it to include smaller details: a romantic meal in Paris, a visit to Disney World, or a snorkeling trip in the Great Barrier Reef.

You can also list different stages of a world tour and allow your guests to fund your exploration of Europe, Asia, South America, or Africa. The world is your oyster!

Dream Car

Often the bride and groom exit the church under a shower of rice and petals, lovingly kiss their friends and family farewell, and then hop into a beautiful car tagged “Just Married” and drive off with a trail of cans dragging behind.

The gorgeous cars are usually rented, but what if you could drive away in your dream set of wheels completely funded by the guests who just showered you with rice and confetti? Beats those monogrammed guest toilette towels, don´t you think?


A personalized piece of art is something the bride and groom will cherish forever. A sketch of the bride’s wedding dress, suit, heels, and bouquet as wedding gift ideas for couples already living together that they will adore along with their wedding photos.

Home Improvements

A home is never finished – there´s always some type of improvement that nags at our conscience. The couch has seen better days, the TV could always be bigger or perhaps you´ve always wanted a home theater, maybe your kitchen needs to be updated, or your house re-painted, the yard would look so much better with a gazebo or just some landscaping.

You may not need an extra Panini grill, but cash contributions from your guests that will allow you to shape up your home exactly as you want are a great modern twist on the traditional wedding registry.

Future Planning

Is your future burdened by a student loan or a mortgage hanging over your head? It´s hard to look forward when you feel as though you’re already financially chained, but here´s where your guests can help you, too! A cash gift can help relieve some of that burden and get you closer to financial freedom.

If you´re looking to the future perhaps you´re hoping to save a little extra money to help with the down payment on a dream home or to help secure a college fund for your future children. Whatever it may be, we guarantee your guests will feel all the happier knowing they´ve given you a gift that keeps giving.

Give Back

Who doesn´t like receiving gifts? The gifts are awesome. It´s very easy to get carried away with receiving them, especially when you´re getting exactly what you want; however, do you really need them? Opt for another wonderful option and pay it forward and offer guests the option to donate to a charity of your choice and to give to those who are truly in need.

What do you think of these unique ideas for your own registry?

A watch can be a lovely last-minute gift for a groom before their big day. Wearing a new watch could be the final touch to make him feel like he looks 100% his best. Brands like Daniel Wellington or 88 Rue Du Rhone offer a classy, classic style.

Clothes for Him & Her

This certainly isn’t referring to getting the bride & groom a completely matching outfit head to toe! But getting two separate gifts for a man and woman that are matching can be very cute. A good idea can be to think about the couples’ interests.

So if they both enjoy swimming why not get the male a pair of trunks and a swimsuit that are matching colors? Another alternative is clothes from places such as BOY London or Criminal Damage which offer ‘His and Hers’ tracksuit bottoms which can be perfect for them to relax in at home.

Weddings are a great time to celebrate love and visit with long-time friends and family members! But they can also be stressful for guests. When it comes to buying wedding gift ideas for couples already living together, it isn’t as easy as just looking at the registry.

There are a lot of factors to consider: Did you travel to the wedding? Are you bringing a guest? Are you a member of the wedding party?

To help you find quick answers to these questions and allow you to set a realistic wedding gift budget, ProFlowers created this visual that answers ten common wedding gift etiquette questions. Happy shopping!

5 Smart Technology Gadgets for Every Wedding Registry

As you prepare to start your lives together – wedding registry ideas will help, the first thing you need to do before the big day is get everything you want on the registry, giving your guests a better idea of what to pick up for you as a wedding gift.

Tech plays a big part in all our homes, and having some of the latest smart gadgets can make your new life easier for both of you. We have gathered five of the best and most exciting pieces of smart technology that you should definitely be considering for your registry.

Wedding Registry Ideas

#1 Amazon Echo

This is one of the coolest and most fun devices to have around, and much like the Google Home Assistant, it really does help to organize your life. You can ask Alexa to do just about anything – from adding things to your personal/work calendar and giving reminders, to controlling your lights and electronics.

A central hub in your home, she really does make things a lot easier for you and will take a little of the stress out of your daily life. Plus, her technology is constantly being updated and expanded, which is always exciting.

#2 TV Sticks/Boxes

These are great, and with a TV stick or box, you don’t really need classic television anymore. It’s a vague heading, but that is because there are so many different ones to choose from – each of which offers its own unique features and qualities. Here is a quick rundown of the three most popular forms of TV stick/box:

  • Now TV. This box gives you Sky Movies, Sky TV channels (including Sky Atlantic), all the kid’s channels, and Sky Sports for a fraction of the price that Sky would normally charge. You also get a load of apps on the box for catch-up TV which is always good.
  • Amazon Fire TV. This stick has all of the catch-up TV you need and also features Netflix as one of the many apps. You can also access Prime Video for movies, and TV shows that you can either stream or buy. Plus, it can be connected to Alexa.
  • Chromecast. This is another TV stick, but this time it comes from Google. You can buy/rent movies, or stream them. There is also a load of apps including catch-up TV and Netflix for you to play at your leisure. It can also be hooked up to Google Home Assistant.

#3 Robot Vacuum

These are the best. Seriously, there is nothing quite like not having to do the vacuuming, and it certainly saves you two arguing over who is going to do it first. They are quick and simple to get started, and it will run while you are at work or at home.

All you need is the vacuum app installed on your phone, and you can tell it what to do from anywhere in the world. Once it has finished, the robot vac will return to its charging station and wait until you need it next.

#4 GoPro

Is there a better way to capture the start of your new marriage than with a GoPro? This handy device can be attached to the body, the head, or your backpack so that you never have to miss a moment when on your honeymoon or off on wild adventures together.

Whether you are both avid explorers and adrenaline junkies, or you just love reliving your most precious moments, this camera can do it all – and won’t take up much room while doing so.

#5 SONOS Sound System

These are some of the best speakers around, and you can buy them in several different packs. The solo speakers are great, but you can also purchase an eco-system where there are multiple speakers hooked up and playing the same music in different rooms.

They can even be separated and play different stuff if you feel like it, and the accompanying app makes them very versatile speakers to have around. They are ideal for parties and gatherings, as well as if you just want a little ambiance while you are at home for the registry wedding ideas.

We hope that some of the wedding registry ideas technology on this list has interested you, and maybe you will think about adding it to your registry. It’s nice to have life made a little easier so that you can focus on the important things – especially at the start of your marriage.

Plus, having fun and interesting technology in the house is always a good bonding experience when it comes to figuring it all out!

Gemma Tyler is a freelance writer and blogger. You can keep up to date by following Gemma on TwitterFacebook & Pinterest. If you are interested in reading more of her vacuum and cleaning-related content, be sure to check out her ultimate guides here.

Couples, You’re Not Off the Hook, Either: Don’t Forget the Bridal Party!

A couple that’s living together and preparing for their big wedding may be inclined to sit back, register, and wait for the gifts to come rolling in. While we can’t blame you for that attitude – it is YOUR day, after all – you can’t forget about the friends who are putting everything they have into making sure that day is the most special one of your life.

We’re talking about your bridal party, of course. They have dedicated themselves to standing beside you at the altar, and for that, they deserve a little something as a token of your gratitude. That’s why it’s so important to start thinking about great groomsmen gifts now – before it’s too late!

From customized lighters to personalized beer glasses to stylish bottle openers, meaningful and fun groomsmen gifts are limited only by your imagination. You don’t have to break the bank, but you should make sure that you get your groomsmen something that won’t immediately wind up in the back of a drawer somewhere – if not the trash!

That’s an easy enough feat if you put just a little bit of thought into the gifts and follow these three rules:

1 – Personalization is Everything

Custom names and dates make the difference between trivial presents and those that will really mean something when you hand them over.

2 – Uniform Gifting

You can perhaps offer your Best Man something a little more special than everyone else, but beyond that, you’re better off keeping all of your gifts identical (other than the customization, of course).

3 – Quality, Quality, Quality

Like we said, you don’t have to empty your bank account. At the same time, make sure your groomsmen gifts are well-crafted enough to stand the test of time.

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