Wedding Gift Exchange Ideas

Something that has been a long-standing tradition is the wedding gift exchange ideas that take place between the bride and the groom. While not everyone heeds this time-honored ritual, there are many couples who do and this can create worry about what the best gift to give your partner could possibly be.

Some couples say that their gift from their partner can be a magical experience and works to further remind them of their love for one another, while others say that it makes the whole wedding occasion that much more special.

Regardless of your beliefs or budget, we have come up with some romantic and unique gift giving ideas.

Ideas that you could use to inspire you when it comes down to presenting your bride or groom with the perfect pre-wedding gift exchange ideas.

Wedding Gift Exchange Ideas

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More Wedding Gift Exchange Ideas

Something sparkly

You can never go wrong with something sparkly when it comes to a wedding occasion. Why not consider a pair of cufflinks with a photo memory on them if you are shopping for your husband to be or an engraved bracelet if you are shopping for your bride to be?


Love note

If you can get some help when it comes to stealing the shoes of your partner to be, then it could be a great idea to write a quote, some song lyrics or a short poem on the bottom of them in a sharpie pen.

Small touches

Sometimes the smallest of gestures make the biggest impact, which is why you really don’t have to break the bank when it comes to making your partner feel special. By organizing the delivery of their favorite caffeinated beverage to sending sweets or a cute postcard.

You can really make your other half’s day that extra special. A lovely wedding day gift exchange idea.

A helping hand – Wedding Day Gift Exchange Ideas

If you have noticed that your other half is stressed out with wedding planning and are looking for a more practical gift to give them, then perhaps it would be ideal to offer them some assistance in the form of an organization.

From sorting out the catering to hiring a wedding DJ in Kent.
The gesture of helping your partner to make your big day as easy to come to fruition as possible can.

A Scent

If you are feeling brave then picking out a fresh bottle of perfume or cologne could be the ideal wedding gift exchange ideas for you to give to your partner!

The great thing about smells is that they can take you back to another place and time which is why picking out the perfume or aftershave for your partner.
This will allow you to always have the memory of your wedding day linked back to that particular smell.


Whether it’s for a West End show, to see their favorite band or artist or some surprise plane tickets that makeup part of your honeymoon, tickets are a great way to gift an experience to your partner. The fantastic thing about wedding gift exchange ideas is that you do something together too!

Scrapbook – Bride and Groom Wedding Gift Exchange Ideas

If you are feeling creative then why not compile a scrapbook of images, notes, and small items that bring back memories? Tell your love story in the most personalized way personal through creating a scrapbook that you two can look back on for years to come for a wedding gift exchange ideas she will love!

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