Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal Shower Gifts For The Bride To Be

Bridal shower gifts run the gamut from household wares to silky bathrobes. Due to the nature of the event being celebrated, these gifts lean toward personalized and intimate. This is true even of the more practical gifts that some brides receive. When planning the bridal shower you want to give her the most perfect bridal shower gift.

If you’re looking for gifts for a special bride-to-be in your life, here are six ideas for unique bridal shower gifts that she is bound to love.

14 Bridal Shower Gifts

1. Wedding Dress Sketch

Her wedding dress is the most magical dress she will ever wear.  Have a Dreamlines artist create a sketch of her wedding dress.  It is the most personalized and intimate gift she will receive. A photo of her wearing the dress in the dressing room at the bridal shop or even a link to the dress designers is all that is needed to create the perfect bridal shower gift.

It is a great gift from the matron of honor, the whole wedding party, the Mom of the bride or groom, or even shared with the groom to give this as a wedding day gift. The bridal shower gift makes for a great piece at the reception for the wedding guests to sign, as their guestbook.

wedding dress sketch

2. Luggage Tags

These beautiful upscale luggage tags in vegan leather is a perfect fit with her luggage.  A lovely accessory for their honeymoon.  It can be personalized with their pins or with their monogram collection. The luggage tags are available in a latte, which is a light cloud shade, and as a cafe rose, which is is a dusty pink nude shade.

3. Luggage Set

Some occasions just beg for the gift of luggage. A wedding and the subsequent honeymoon count as one such occasion. Luggage is an item that nearly all people use. However, if they don’t travel a lot, it may be an item they won’t buy for themselves.
Aside from that, gifting the bride a set of luggage means that her spouse gets a bag or two, also. It’s a sweet, yet subtle way to celebrate the beginning of their lives as a couple.

4. Custom Wedding Dress Hangers

These beauties decorate the bride’s closet with love long after the “I dos” have been spoken. Personalized wedding dress hangers usually feature the bride’s name or new last name in fancy script. However, many of them have additional decorative elements. For example, some of them resemble the dress itself.
Fancy, yet delicate laces with intricate patterns, tiny beads and pearls, pretty bows and even sequins may beautify this gift. Bridal gift-givers who want to go the extra mile with this gift can give the bride a hanger for the wedding dress and a hanger for the honeymoon outfit as well.


5. A Cooking-for-Two Cookbook – Bridal Shower Gift

Cooking together is a way to bond. However, for the maybe inexperienced cook, cooking for a small number of people – two in this case – presents challenges. It’s sometimes difficult to get the portions right because many cookbook writers create recipes with families in mind.
You can help the bride-to-be solve that problem by giving her a cookbook for two. To add a little extra, make a basket filled with the ingredients for one of the recipes in the book. Tuck the ingredients and the book into the basket and top with a bow.


6. Monogrammed Towels and Bathrobes – Wedding Shower Gifts

If you know what color the couple’s bathroom is going to be, give them a set of monogrammed towels and matching terry cloth robes. These classic gifts never go out of style, and as the luggage set, they’re often gifts that a couple won’t buy for themselves.

7. Personalize Wine – Best Bridal Shower Gifts

At weddings, wine and champagne add a touch of class to the celebration. Gifting the bride some wines with special wedding labels is a fun way to contribute to the toasting ceremony. If you want to go one step further, find a labeling company that makes wine labels for the big milestones, like first Christmas, first anniversary, and first baby, too.
Even find a company that offers marriage milestone wine or a wine 

8. Slow Cooker

This Williams Sonoma slow cooker is a great gift to start the couple out with. This slow cooker has a nonstick cast-aluminum insert. We love everything about this slow cooker.

9. Embroidered Woven Straw Honeymoon Tote

This Kayu’s mini ‘St Tropez’ embroidered woven straw tote is a perfect bridal shower gift for the bride to be. A lovely accessory for her to enjoy on their honeymoon.

10. Bride Box

The bride box includes a 100% silk eye mask, Set Of 6 Custom Note Cards With Black Envelope, Travel Candle with the bride’s First name on it. Wedding Cake in a Jar Vanilla Bean Cake Topped With a pale pink Traditional Vanilla Buttercream Frosting And pearl white Sprinkles,
“Mrs.” Champagne Flute, ‘Glow’ Sea Salt Mineral Facial Tonic Spray, Round White Gift Box, and a complimentary custom card.

11. Matching His and Hers Swimwear

Matching swimwear for the couple is such a fun idea. Swimtrunks for him and sarong for her.

12. Cooking Gift Basket

We love this gift put together by Elizabeth Rider. A lovely bridal shower gift for the bride-to-be full of goodies that she and hubby can enjoy together.  Elizabeth created this around a theme that fits her friend’s style and taste. There are so many options for gift baskets. Just pick the one that is right for your bride.

13. Wedding Advent Calendar

This Wedding Advent Calendar is a perfect gift to help the bride unwind and enjoy the week. Every day includes a mini celebration that you and the bridesmaids can put together.

14. Mika Necklace

This delicate beautiful necklace created by Jennifer Zeuner is perfect for a bridal shower gift for the bride-to-be.

Matron of Honor Gift – Bridal Shower Gifts

From personalized wedding dress hangers to monogrammed towels, bridal shower gifts usually point toward the big day in some way. Because each couple is unique, it can sometimes be challenging to find just the right gift.

However, the presents from the maid of honor to the bride on this list show the bride-to-be that the gift giver has put some thought into the gift. They’re pretty, sentimental and romantic, as well as original.

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