What To Do After Getting Married

Tips For Newly-Weds: What To Do After Getting Married

Your wedding day has come to an end, and you’re now ready to be a life partner to your spouse. So now what to do after getting married.  And after you’ve spent several hours of wedding planning, sleepless nights, and a roller coaster ride of emotions, you probably deserve rest.


However, there are still a few post-wedding things that should be accomplished before you can finally enjoy married life.

To ensure you’re genuinely prepared to start this journey, here are a few things you should do right after your wedding day.

7 What To Do After Getting Married Tips

1.  Relax And Enjoy Your First Day As Husband And Wife

This is probably the easiest what to do after getting married. Since you and your partner were busy preparing for your big day, you might forget to rest and unwind. Because of this, find time to relax after your wedding. Get enough sleep, eat your favorite meal in bed, and enjoy the company of each other, even just for a day.

That way, you’ll have the right level of energy to accomplish all other tasks such as opening presents, sharing wedding photos with your loved ones, and changing names on all your important accounts.

2.  Clean And Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Regardless of the wedding dress, you wear during the wedding day, it’s best to clean and preserve your wedding dress as soon as possible to avoid further dirt or stains. Before you go anywhere for your honeymoon, look for some cleaning services and get the process started. In most cases, the preservationist will preserve your wedding attire in a moisture-sealed package.

Once you receive your outfit, make sure you keep it in a cool, dark, dry place to preserve its perfect condition.

Wedding dress sketch front, small back, and bouquet


3.  Send Thank You Cards

Of course, the people who have been part of your wedding journey deserve your appreciation for all the things they’ve done for you. Hence, give yourself and your partner sufficient time to prepare and write personal notes to each person.

Since your family and friends were all there to offer their love and support, being genuine with your personal letters is a good idea.

Moreover, it’s also a nice gesture to send thank you cards to all your vendors who provided the best services during your big day.

4.  Organize Your Finances

You and your partner had probably tackled how you’re going to manage your finances after your wedding. And now that the big day is over, you need to figure out your finances to avoid headaches in the future. Thus, if you want to combine your financial accounts with that of your spouse, go to your bank and have them merged as soon as possible.

However, if you decide to create a new joint account, discuss how you’re going to do this with your separate funds.

5.  Find Your New Home

Before you can finally get settled as a married couple, you might need to make your new home feel and look cozy and inviting. That said, decorating your living spaces can really be an excellent idea to start your married life right.

For instance, if you want to invest in new appliances and furniture pieces, head over to the department store and buy the perfect ones for your new home.

However, if you have antique collections of items like a piece of piano and other valuables that you want to move with you, enlist the help of professionals like piano movers who can safely deliver your belongings to your new home.

Getting married isn’t an easy task so what to do after getting married is the first task at hand. As most of your time and attention revolves around preparing your wedding day, you might think that everything is done after the event.

In reality, there are still several things that you should do before starting your journey in marriage.

Therefore, if you want to make the transition stress-free, follow these tips, and everything in your married life will run smoothly. Sometimes, starting a married life means moving into a new house. If you and your spouse have talked about the idea of relocating after your wedding day, then you should start the planning and preparation as early as you can.

Just like any event in your life, moving as a couple is something that you should be prepared about.To get started, discussed how you’re going to execute your move.

If you’re relocating to metropolitan cities like New York City, hiring the best moving company NYC can make the transition smoother for you and your spouse. A few other great moving companies are MoversRun and sekamoving.com

6.  Designing Your Marital Maison

Now that you’re newlyweds, you’ve survived the stresses of the wedding invites, the song choice, and the hot buffet. It’s time for you to settle down into your newly found nest by buying your first property. Your next steps may be the most important ones you make.

So enjoy the process of setting down the foundations of your new married life. Incorporate all the needs of yourself and your partner.

Your Marital Maison – What To Do After Getting Married

Buying your first property

First things first decide where you’d like to live. Do you want to be close to your mum and dad? Not far from work? Somewhere rural or somewhere more urban? Knowing where to set down your roots can take a lot of consideration. Knowing what is available can really help.

If you’re looking to live in London, but are put off by the extortionate house prices and excessive rent charges, then shared ownership could be for you.

Allowing you to part-buy part-rent your home this government-backed program helps you get a foot on the property ladder at a pace that suits you. While paying a reduced deposit and affordable rent costs, you can choose to own more of your home when you feel ready.

All these homes are new builds so you can style it just the way you like without worrying about having to replace old heating systems or run downpipes on arrival. And with shared ownership in London making the capital are a far more affordable place to live, the program opens doors, quite literally, to hundreds of places across the UK.

You can also take advantage of help to buy schemes with no interest for 5 years, 20% equity loan, and 5% deposit. These programs are available right across the UK from houses for sale in Barnet to properties for sale in Lewisham. Deciding on the perfect abode for you and your partner is a huge decision so shop around.

Do your research and find a place that will make you truly happy.

Designing your new beautiful home

Once you’ve bought your dream home it’s time to decorate. Home really is where the heart is so show it some love and work in your own passions and inspirations. Whether you’re into books, music, sports or traveling create a space in your home that reflects this.

Remind yourselves every day of what has brought you together and the things that get you up in the morning.

There is nothing that instills a house with more love and warmth than memories, so display them on your walls, bedside tables, and cabinets. While pictures and frames can make a room feel far more decorative and cozier they will also keep you close to your loved ones however far away they may be.

While you and your partner may have lived together and surely know the fun and frustration that comes with it, one thing that will always aid your relationship is organization. An organized, decluttered, and tidy home will help keep the stress away and the tensions at bay.

Simply by popping to Ikea and investing in some wardrobe organizers and sectioned draws you can forge an easy-going morning routine that means you’re not running around looking for your other black sock 5 minutes before your train.

Anything to make your life easier will inevitably make your home happier so have a clear out, utilize space and make time for the more important stuff.

Married life is an adventure so enjoy your first steps together by buying your first property! You’ll never get these years again so fill them with love, laughter, and lots of fun. Now is the time to look forward to the future together and be excited for things to come.

So whether you live in Harrow or Huddersfield make your first home a happy home. Create memories to last a lifetime.

7. Thank Your Bridesmaids After the Big Day

What To Do After Getting Married

If you’re getting hitched this fall or winter, then you likely have a lot of things to worry about in the coming months. However, making your bridesmaids feel appreciated shouldn’t be one of them!

Your bridesmaids helped you stuff hundreds of envelopes for invitations, hosted the bridal shower, planned the bachelorette party, and so much more. They deserve a little love! While thanking them for all that they’ve done leading up to the big day is important, it shouldn’t be something that stresses you out.

If they’re your bridesmaids, you’re sure to know them well enough to know they’ll love anything you give them! The gift should show how much you appreciate all their help but doesn’t need to be huge and expensive.

One common way that brides thank their bridesmaids nowadays is by gifting them with a robe for the day of the wedding so that everyone matches those behind-the-scenes, candid photos. While a robe is a fine gift, you may be looking for a more unique or personal way to truly touch their hearts.

Thank Your Bridesmaids After the Big Day

The following are five lovely ways to thank the girls who have stuck by you during those intense wedding preparations.

1. Handmade Chocolates

There are no two bridesmaids that will have the exact same interests… but most people like chocolate! Personalized candies are a great way to please everyone and not stress too much about gifts. There are many companies that create beautiful chocolates and other candies that can be customized to the event at hand.

You can find a bunch of different designs, including martini shapes, lipsticks, and shoes.

2. Monogrammed Keepsakes

If you really love the idea of a monogrammed robe for the big day, then go for it. Monogrammed keepsakes are a great way of personalizing the gifts you give your bridesmaids. If you like the idea of monogramming but aren’t sold on the robe idea, there are many other items you can use instead. You can add their name or initials to anything from journals to makeup compacts to bottles of wine.

3. Building A Box

Everyone loves surprises, and there’s no better surprise than opening a gift box to find multiple personal gifts! You can put this box together yourself, gathering small things that you know each bridesmaid would like. However, that will take an investment in time that you just don’t have during this busy time.

Luckily, their services like Build My Gift where you can choose between preset products that any girl is guaranteed to love.

4. Jewelry

Jewelry is another good gift that is elegant and can be personalized. A dainty bracelet or necklace can be the perfect accessory to wear in your wedding and can remind them of that day in the years to come. Choosing each piece based on the bridesmaid’s individual style and personality will make them feel cherished.

5. Stationery

No matter what gift you choose, you should ensure that you have thank you note attached to it. Make the messages specially tailored to each person. As well as this, you could consider sending them each their own set of stationery.

Who knows when they’re going to need snail mail, but having their own personalized stationery set lets them add a special touch and will have them thinking of you.

Always Make It Personal

There is no limit to the gift ideas you can give your bridesmaid. It all depends on your style, your personality, and how you can combine those two.

Remember, you chose these people because they’re some of the most important women in your life. Buying them gifts shouldn’t be a reason for stress: they’ll surely love anything you give them as a thank you, and probably won’t even be expecting a gift.

The most important thing to take from this is to enjoy your special day with your loved ones and make memories that will never be forgotten

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