Sharing a Tiny Closet With Your Spouse

Sharing A Tiny Closet

Dividing up space is an important part of sharing a tiny closet with your space of cohabitating and you may find living with sharing a tiny closet and space becomes a point of contention.

Each person needs enough space to keep their things organized and sharing the closet space equally is important in letting your partner know that you value them in the relationship.

You may have to come up with some savvy ways to split a tiny space so that everyone is happy but it will be well worth it. Downsizing the belongings you no longer wear will be a huge help when sharing a tiny closet.

Splitting a closet right down the middle may seem like a good idea but in reality, it doesn’t work well. You’ll notice just one shirt over on your side will begin an argument. It’s amazing that the smallest things can be magnified when sharing a tiny closet.

Instead of trying to split sides down the center, focus on sharing the room. The key to sharing a tiny closet is finding out what makes the most sense for each of your belongings and hashing it out verbally. Sharing this space is something you want to both enjoy.

Sharing A Tiny Closet With Your Space

So. first, assess what garments each of you has and how they would be most appropriately stored. Go ahead and make some piles. You may have a “hang” pile, a “fold” pile, and a “shoe” pile. Next work together to design the closet space around these categories.

For things that you want to hang, you can create more rod space by adding a second tension rod below your existing rod. You can hang your pants and long items over a folding pant hanger so that there is more room underneath the top rod. Each person will have their own hanging space.

The more desirable top rod goes to whoever has to wake up the earliest. If you both wake up at the same time, flip a coin.

Install a chest of drawers inside the closet for your folded items. You can split the drawers to suit your needs and be sure that each drawer is clearly labeled. You may want to label them by name or by contents, it’s up to you. Avoid cluttering up the top of the drawers with jewelry or watches.

Instead, set up a framed photo from your anniversary to bring a token of your partnership to space. To make things fair, whoever chose the top of the closet rack may offer the top drawers to their spouse.

It’s important that each person has their own drawers and racks so they feel that they have not lost their own personal space when sharing a tiny closet. Though space is a collaboration, each person maintains their own identity.

Finally, hang over-the-door shoe storage on the closet doors. If you have two doors each person may have their own. If there is only one door, one hanger will be inside the closet while the other hangs outside. You can also install a shelving unit inside or just outside of the closet to hold shoes as well.

Creating a shared closet that satisfies the needs of both you and your partner can be tricky. Getting away from the mindset of each thing being perfectly split is key. Learn to share and collaborate within the space. Creating your new closet together may turn out to be a fun challenge you will conquer together.

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