The Ideal Jewelry List for the Real Brides

The idea of a modern wedding involves a lot of jewelry. And for all the right reasons. These are going to be the most important few days of your life. You want to look the best by adoring the best accessories. From an engagement ring to the beautiful bracelet to a breathtaking necklace to the stunning earrings - you adorn all of this to make that ordinary day into an extraordinary event that you'll remember your whole life.


Having said that, bridal jewelry has a different grammar than regular jewelry. It can't be a weekend affair but rather a well-thought-out, researched purchase. The first rule of thumb says the more personal the bridal jewelry is, the better it is. It has to have some purpose that makes it meaningful to the bride. The other thing to understand is - 'Less is more.' Gone are the days where brides were laden with loads and loads of jewelry. A modern bride needs few but statement-worthy jewelry pieces that reflect her own self.

To help you out, we have shortlisted five such jewelry pieces that are a perfect marriage of form and function. Before you decide on your bridal jewelry, have a read.   

  1. Antique Pendant

Wearing heirloom pieces on your most important day can deepen the moment and make it more memorable. There's no denying that the elaborate gown is the showrunner of the event, but having a minimal locket, enclosed to a delicate chain, can also work well for the occasion. However, other brides, who'd instead go the modern route, can also enjoy intricately designed pendants to put together the entire look. However, if you're looking for sustainable jewelry options that brides can reuse later, we recommend a minuscule birthstone or crystal in an opaque form. To maintain the look of neutral tones, we suggest a tiny black diamond, Obsidian or Shungite. Shungite jewelry is made of a carbon-rich stone with many healing benefits for the mind, body, and soul. It will allow you to feel replenished on your big day, as you will find yourself to be more relaxed, calm, and free from any anxious thoughts. It will also create a harmonic field, which will keep away negative energies and boost your overall energy levels. 

  1. Minimal Studs

Wearing minimal studs is the best way to punctuate your wedding look - it's clean, simple, and sophisticated. However, wearing a beautiful colored jewel such as a pair of timeless and rare Tanzanite earrings will add a certain regal charm and make you look dreamy. Tanzanite is one of the most extraordinary gems in the universe and is mined from a single place on Earth - Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It's a unique crystal with a pleochroic tendency, which allows it to reflect different colors at different angles. The gemstone has various benefits, such as it can help to release stress, build an aura of calm that is soothing around you and inspire you to have an open conversation from the heart. 

  1. Engraved Bracelet

Treat yourself to a unique offering for your special occasion. Personalized bracelets allow people to carry their most important memories, people, or moments in a wearable form. One can attach a locket of a loved one, write the coordinates of your memorable proposal, or engrave a particular moment/person - in the form of letters, numbers, or pictures. Since it's your wedding day, we suggest a rose gold or white gold finish to your bracelet to complement the ivory, cream, or pearl white dress. You may finish the look with a stunning tiara encrusted with white diamonds, a pair of classic solitaire studs, a pearl-embellished clutch, along a set of beautiful white pumps. 

  1. Tennis Bracelet

Your wedding is finally here, and we know you're ready to flash your much-loved piece of diamond jewelry in front of a jam-packed crowd. Vintage, stacked, or colorless, the classic line of diamonds has been known to have an all-encompassing effect on its viewers. With its versatility and elegant style, the timeless piece can be enjoyed in various tones of metals that complement your skin tone and wedding gown in the best manner. You can jazz up the outfit by pairing a graduated tennis bracelet with multi-hued crystals and stones in a high-grade platinum finish. The accessory can be reused on several other vital occasions later, but to have it on your wedding day makes it a delicate statement piece to mark the most important day in a woman's life. 

  1. Solitaire Pendant 

When it comes to choosing the perfect bridal jewelry, things can go out of hand very quickly. Between the guest lists, catering, decor, and endless other things that need to be taken care of, selecting the perfect jewelry can be a bit of a headrush. Indeed, it is the best day of your life, so don't be afraid to express yourself in the form of adornments that you plan to wear. Also, if all else fails, then a simple, timeless piece of the solitaire pendant can seal the deal. You may choose from various metal settings, sizes, cuts, and colors, although it doesn't have to be wild or of enormous size, just the right amount that looks classy and fabulous.  

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