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Engagement Ring Box & Engagement Ring Tips

Choose an engagement ring box she will love to keep her ring in. There are so many pieces to planning your wedding so finding the perfect ring and engagement ring box will get you on the right start.  As the groom, you have a huge part of your wedding day.

You aren’t there to just show up, but the groom wedding to do list will help her enjoy the big day too.  Although the engagement ring and wedding ring are an amazing gift.

Once the ring is picked out… don’t forget to give her an amazing wedding day gift.

Give her a handcrafted sketch of her wedding dress from a Dreamlines Artist.

wedding couple holding a sketch

4 Engagement Ring Box Ideas

Engagement Ring Box – Wood Thing Store
Engagement Ring Box – Wanderweg
Engagement Ring Box – Vitamin Love
Engagement Ring Box – Hundred Hearts

Engagement Ring Box and Engagement Ring Care

Purchase insurance

Insuring your engagement ring is the first thing that you should do after purchasing it, as well as keeping it in an engagement ring box. Have your ring appraised and insured to make sure you are covered in the instance that it gets damaged or stolen.

Also, make sure you get your ring appraised at least every five years. Since the cost of metals and diamonds go up, this will help you get the actual replacement cost in the event that you need it.

Never remove your ring in public

When washing your hands in public, resist the urge to remove your ring. This helps you avoid the possibility of leaving your engagement ring on the sink or dropping it down the drain. Most people won’t keep their engagement ring box on them.

Take your ring off when necessary – Use an engagement ring box

When doing tasks that can possibly put stress on your ring, make sure to take it off first and store it in a safe place, such as your engagement ring box. Do this before washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and other household tasks.

Working out at the gym and lifting heavy luggage may break or bend prongs that can loosen stones on your engagement ring so keep your ring in your engagement ring box.

Know what you can clean your ring with

Soak your ring in four parts water and one part household ammonia for ten minutes to give your diamond ring back its shine. You can also use a mild liquid detergent and soak for thirty minutes. Another way to remove any residue from your ring is to soak it in half an inch of vodka and then rinse it with warm water.

Avoid resizing

Avoid having your ring resized as much as possible. The less tinkering is done to your ring, the better. During pregnancy, a woman’s hands may swell and might prevent you from wearing your ring. Wait for at least six months postpartum before having your ring resized. There is a good chance that it will fit again, no resizing needed.

Schedule a regular maintenance with your jeweler

A yearly maintenance with your trusted jewelry store is very important to make sure your ring is always in top shape. Your jeweler will make sure that the diamond isn’t loose, the prongs are tight and that there are no hairline cracks on the band. Make sure you give them your engagement ring box to keep it safe.

Even if you bought your ring at a discounted jewelry rate, it is important to have it maintained so that it does not lose its value, but keep it in your engagement ring box when you are not wearing it.

Don’t expose your ring to harsh chemicals

Some household tasks have the tendency to expose your ring to harsh chemicals. These chemicals have the tendency to dull the finish of your ring as well as erode the setting. Make sure to remove your ring before washing the dishes, doing the laundry and cleaning the bathroom. Don’t forget to put your ring in your engagement ring box.

Store in a safe place – Engagement Ring Box

When you’re not wearing your engagement ring, make sure that it is stored properly in your engagement ring box. A fabric-lined jewelry case is the best place to store your ring. Make sure that it is not stored among other pieces of jewelry to prevent them from scratching against each other.

Tips For Purchasing An Engagement Ring

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring can be one of the, if not the biggest purchases you’ll ever make in your life. There are some purchases that are equally as important, which can include cars or buying your first home. However, there is a difference among the purchases, as there are several small factors that could influence the price of a diamonds price.

Once these aren’t taken into consideration, diamonds prices could seem inaccurate, overpriced and more importantly nowhere near the registered value. We have compiled a list of top tips to consider when you’re purchasing a diamond engagement ring and engagement ring box for your partner!

Loose Diamonds vs Set Diamonds

Purchasing a loose diamond may seem as though it is a long and complex process, however it could save you money and also help you find the perfect diamond. Purchasing a loose diamond can actually be more beneficial, as it has been known for set diamonds to hide where the diamond may have been degraded.

Loose diamonds also help you focus on the beauty of the diamond, highlighting its best qualities before it is mounted. This way you’re also able to identify any problems there may be with diamonds.

Not only can you identify any hidden scratches, you are also able to completely customize your ring, or allow your partner choose their perfect setting.

The 4C’s

When it comes to a diamond the 4C’s are incredibly important aspects to consider. Diamonds are graded by their diamond cut, diamond clarity, diamond colour and diamond carat. Even though there are people who prefer to purchase their diamonds online, it can be difficult to identify the 4C’s with photo-shopped, or edited images.

There is a small assumption that diamond shape is based on the actual shape of the diamond rather than the facets, proportions, how polished the diamond is and of course the symmetry. The polish of a diamond is graded on how much light is both reflected and absorbed, highlighting the importance of an excellent diamond cut.

Diamond color is equally as important, as it can be known to decrease the value of a diamond. The color of a diamond is graded using the alphabet and ranges from D to Z. D diamonds are more valuable as they are completely clear, with no color, whereas Z graded diamonds are known to be yellow.

The carat of a diamond is believed to be the most influential in terms of price. The carat of a diamond can easily be associated with the size of the diamond; however, the carat of a diamond is an indication of the weight.

The clarity of a diamond is the final C of the 4C’s. The clarity of a diamond analysis whether there are any blemished in the diamond and is identified using a 10x magnification. Once it is identified using a 10x magnification it is then graded using the terms Flawless, Slightly Included and Included.

Without an indication of how much you’re going to spend on an engagement ring, you’ll find it very difficult. There are various sources telling you different figures you should spend on your engagement ring with an engagement ring box, however it should what makes you comfortable.

Ensure that you’re finding true quality with the price you’re paying, which can be difficult at first. With the right groundwork and knowing your partner like the back of your hand you could quite easily find the perfect diamond for her.

How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

Engagement ring care is so important. Whether your engagement ring was bought at a discounted rate or cost a fortune, it is a symbol of enduring love, a love that you can cherish wearing forever. It is important that you make sure your ring never loses its shine, but when you are not wearing it keep your ring in your engagement ring box.

Here are some tips on how to take proper care of your engagement ring so that it will last you a lifetime. So don’t forget the engagement ring box.

Diamond Rings: What to Consider Before Purchasing Wedding Bands

The act of marriage itself comes loaded with symbolism that almost everything you see in a typical wedding has an attached meaning behind them such ad diamond rings. One of those things that are a mainstay in every marriage ceremony is the wedding band whose circular shape symbolizes a couple’s promise to hold on to each other forever. Don’t forget the engagement ring box

Most wedding bands also come encrusted with pure brilliant diamonds whose durability represents the strength that a couple’s marriage is supposed to have. As you’ll want to make exchanging wedding rings with your significant other a momentous occasion, you should give them the best wedding band that your money can buy.

But what exactly should you consider before purchasing a wedding band?

Diamond Rings & Engagement Ring Box Ideas

1. The type of metal used to make the wedding band itself

The kind of metal that a jeweler had used to make a wedding band determines its overall look and feel.

If you want your significant other to look and feel royal while wearing their diamond wedding rings, you should get one made of gold. But as much you keep on hearing the term “24-karat” diamond rings whenever the discussion of gold comes up, the said measure of gold purity isn’t ideal at all for any jewelry as it’s too soft.

For that reason, gold is often combined with other metals to increase its strength and durability once turned into jewelry – especially a wedding band that requires frequent wearing.

The lower the karat of the golden wedding band that you plan to give to your special someone on your wedding day, the sturdier it is and the longer it will last on their ring finger. If gold isn’t your thing at all, you can choose a wedding band that’s made of other metals like platinum, palladium, titanium, or tungsten instead.

2. Your allotted budget to buy a wedding band

At the end of it all though, how much money you’ve got hugely determines the kind of wedding band that you plan on buying for your special someone.

If you’re a bit strapped for cash, you can consider buying a pre-owned diamond rings band from an antique shop that sells second-hand trinkets.

However, you should note that since someone else had already used a second-hand wedding band, you shouldn’t expect it to last long given that it had already undergone significant wear and tear.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a wedding band that can last for a very long time, you should buy one that’s completely new.

If you’ve got a budget to spare, you can even have the wedding band that you plan to purchase customized to whatever design you feel would look good on your soon-to-be spouse.

As of 2011, wedding bands cost more than 1,000 U.S. dollars for brides and more than 400 U.S. dollars for grooms. While the prices have certainly increased since then, there’s no denying the fact that most couples are willing to spend extra for wedding diamond rings in keeping with what has essentially been a 5,000-year-old tradition.

So if you plan on getting hitched with your significant other anytime soon, one of the first few marriage-related items you should set aside some money for is a diamond wedding band. The above-listed things to consider before purchasing the piece of jewelry should make it easier for you to choose one that your soon-to-be spouse would cherish for life.

One thing is to never forget the engagement ring box.

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Wedding Rings and How To Find The Perfect One For Your Spouse

Wedding rings matter in a marriage not just because of how they look together, but because of what they represent as a pair. These rings represent the love you and your spouse have for one another, and as such it has to look and feel perfect for the both of you.

As such, if you’re the one choosing the ring for your husband, it might feel a bit overwhelming – especially since there are lots of things to consider, right? However, this doesn’t make the task impossible.

Perhaps all you need is just the right nudge and a bit of guidance towards the right kind of choices you have to make on wedding rings and how to find the perfect one for your spouse.

Wedding Rings: Getting The Best Ring For Your Husband

When you want to make your wedding extra special, it’s not out of the ordinary to want to get only the best wedding rings – especially for your spouse. Manly band reviews can help you get the kind of ring for your husband down to the specifics, but this guide below will give you the kind of nudge you need to get your search journey started.

Remember, it’s not just about the appearance, but the overall impression and “feeling” it will give others, yourself, and especially your spouse. Here are some of those tips:

  • See if you can assess your budget: With the above, you’ll likely have an idea that wedding rings are expensive – but you shouldn’t settle for a bad ring, either. Try to decide just how much of a compromise you’re willing to take in order to get your rings done.Remember that it should be at least just 3-percent of your overall wedding budget, unless you want to make your wedding minimalist. Always take the budget into consideration whenever you make decisions about your wedding rings.
  • See if you can get it sized properly: Your spouse’s size is important for the ring, of course, and this should be spot on. Too tight or too loose would make it hard for your spouse, so you ought to get it sized properly. Fingers can swell from weight gain, water, and cold retention, or from the heat.As such, avoid getting rings sized after workouts, in extremely cold or hot conditions, or in the morning when water is still retained. This at least makes sure your size is accurate.
  • See if you can get more specific with your wedding ring choice: There’s a ton of ways to customize your wedding rings, from your stone up to the way your ring looks. There are gemstones, diamonds, gold, platinum, and other design choices that can otherwise be overwhelming unless you narrow your choices down.Take this process one step at a time. What sort of style are you looking for? Do you want an embellished ring or a ring that’s simple to the eyes? Do you want your wedding ring to be of the same make as the engagement ring? Do you think your rings should match?Try to identify these elements first so your search for your “ideal” ring can become much easier for you.
  • See if you can zero in on the kind of lifestyle you have: Another good way of selecting a good wedding ring is to always keep your lifestyle to heart. What sort of lifestyle does your spouse have? Remember that your wedding ring will be a part of your life, and would be his, so be sure to take into account the activities they do.Extremely active individuals are the best fit with platinum as they’re extremely durable, while those who work with their hands should opt for more solid rings that don’t have gemstones – or at least gemstones that get loose easily. Rounded edges and slimmer rings work best with those who play with instruments for a more comfortable fit as well.
  • See if you can mix it up and try different things: Try to see if you and your husband have stylistic choices that you can integrate into the ring. It doesn’t always have to be something that matches, but this can be a factor too. Think about what represents you best as a couple, and your husband as a person.If you want your rings to be matched, try to instead work around your favorite styles and settle for a factor that will make your rings a bit common, such as an engraving or a particular stylistic addition. Don’t be afraid to go out of your way to make your rings unique, as these represent yourselves.
  • See if you can begin your search for the ring much earlier: Try to give yourself two to three months’ worth of finding time in order to zero in on the ring you actually like. This allows you to explore, research, revisit, and browse the many options available at your disposal.If you want a custom ring created, you might want to give yourself more time to have this created and adjusted as well.

Any extras you want, such as engravings, would likely set you back up at least a month, so take these into consideration, but always keep your rings in an engagement ring box.

Buying The Perfect Wedding Ring For Your Spouse

If you’re having a hard time choosing a wedding ring for your spouse, you’re likely having trouble with one single thought. That might be, choosing the wrong wedding ring means you have to spend the rest of your marriage seeing your husband wear a ring you or he didn’t like.

This doesn’t mean choosing a ring for him is impossible, though. In fact, with the tips above, you’re likely going to be capable of choosing a wedding ring that’s the perfect one for your spouse.

Aside from getting his ring size right, you’ll need to trust the way you’ve gotten to know your spouse and find a ring that best represents him as a person and your marriage as a whole.


One can opt for just a ruby as a single stone or have it set in between two little diamonds.


Deep blue in color, Tanzanite is a thousand times rarer than diamonds, according to Trevor Nace, a geologist and founder of Science Trend.


Violet, the color of royalty—make her feel like a queen, regal and beautiful, by proposing to her with an amethyst ring.

Simple knot ring

This is increasingly becoming popular even if there is no precious stone mounted on it.


Always a classic beauty, pearls exude elegance and timelessness.


It looks like a diamond but does not cost a king’s ransom.

How To Avoid Damage

The choice cut of a gemstone, either a stand-alone or encrusted with other smaller precious stones, complemented by a striking design, will certainly look lovely and flattering on the hand of a man’s lady love.

And while an engagement ring for her on a woman’s hand sends off a message that she is someone’s fiancée, there are just some circumstances when she should not be wearing it. Otherwise, damaging it (or losing it) will be catastrophic.

Among these circumstances are when she is swimming, when she is applying lotion, working out at the gym, when she is sleeping, or when she is doing some household work.

Beyond its exquisiteness, an engagement ring for her is a manifestation of a man’s promise of love and commitment to the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Custom Engagement Rings

Stemming from the Egyptian tradition of custom engagement ring creation, finding and creating the perfect ring for your significant other will be one of the most important buying decisions you will ever make. However, for many of us, the jewelry shop is a maze where you can easily get lost.

To help you in your search, here are tips to help you find that perfect bling that she won’t be able to say no.

Determine a Budget

First thing’s first. Before going to the shopping stage, you should explicitly set a financially realistic budget that is adequate to your situation. According to a survey from Ebates, almost half of American men and women expect to spend between $1,000-$5,000 on an engagement ring.

Find the Right Jeweler

Certification and credentials are things you should consider when searching for the right jeweler. Also, talk to your friends with experience in buying engagement rings, they might have a preferred jeweler or could warn you about a company with inferior rings. Try to establish a good relationship with your jeweler, as this project will be a collaboration between both of you.

Once you’re ready to start talking rings, ask questions about the 4 C’s: carat weight, color, clarity, and cut to find something that you both can work with.

Explore Her Style

Take a look at your future wife’s jewelry box and look for trends to find the perfect ring and engagement ring box. Is everything mostly gold or silver? What does she wear everyday—does she have a favorite custom name necklace? Try to ask her girlfriends for some personal style insights or see what catches her eye the next time you pass by a jewelry store.

Think about her lifestyle and taste, then try to infuse it with a ring design.

Choose a Center Stone

The next step will be finding the right center stone for your design. Check your budget and try to ask for options and variations where clarity, color and size choices will be necessary.

  • Diamond color is graded from a scale of letter D to Z where D is colorless, and Z is brown tint or canary yellow. Remember that color is not a quality of beauty and only determines the rarity and cost of the stone. Purchasing the later on the color scale will give you more budget on size and cut.
  • Clarity is measured in such a way that the clearer and fewer imperfections the diamond has, the more expensive it will be. “Inclusions” are tiny fractures or minerals in the diamond. Try to find ones that are scaled SI1 and SI1 with slight inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye.
  • Let’s all be honest and agree that size matters. Check out the biggest diamond you can afford with your budget and compromise on clarity. While it’s great to have good quality, you will also want it to be visible for everyday use.
  • Shapes do matter, too. Diamonds are usually shaped round, rectangular, pear-shaped, oval, hear-shaped, or marquise. These cuts should also be a reflection of your loved one, whether a round cut for a more traditional woman, princess cut for a very feminine partner or cushion cut for someone who wants to make a statement.

Decide on the Ring Band

We all would want a ring that is beautiful and will stand the test of time. Choosing between platinum and gold will depend on budget and desired style. Platinum is more laborious than gold and will wear out slower, but it is more expensive.

Gold is the opposite, and the claws that hold the diamond will need to be checked over the years to make sure they don’t loosen. It is also a popular choice to add platinum claws to a gold ring to add more strength.

Consider Alternatives

Yes, a diamond ring may be an excellent choice and is one that will surely get noticed but, not everyone can afford that $1,000 diamond. Luckily there are a lot of unique and uncommon engagement rings that will not break the bank and will still flatter her. Just make sure that her skin will not be sensitive to any metals used.

It is always an excellent choice to have something custom made—whether a ring or a personalized gift that will have a deeper meaning for both of you. Now that you know a thing or two about buying an engagement ring that she surely will love, go on and make those wedding bells ring!

5 Useful Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring within Your Budget

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It looks like you are all set to make a lifelong commitment to your beloved. And an engagement ring symbolizes the love that runs deep and knows no end. But with countless choices for a diamond ring to signal you are getting married, which one will fit your fair maiden’s hand and your budget as well?

The “rule” about spending an equivalent of three months’ worth of salary on a ring only adds to the pressure. Instead of being burdened by the amount, use the same number of months to find the perfect ring, for the yes you’ve been longing to hear.

Start with the 4 Cs

Your search begins with a crash course on diamonds, which are the go-to choice for rings. To realize your money’s worth, you must know that the value of a diamond is hinged on four qualities that go hand in hand and thus have to be taken as a whole:

  • Carat. It is the unit of measurement for the weight of a diamond. Carat does not necessarily refer to the stone’s size, although both variables can increase its value, especially the weight. The typical diamond weight ranges from 0.25 carats to 2 carats.Indeed, 2.5 carat engagement rings are a popular choice because they offer the size without the expensive price tag of diamonds weighing 3 carats, for example.
  • Cut. The stone can look bigger or smaller than its actual size because of the cut. But more importantly, the cut can make the diamond sparkle or lose some of its brilliance because of poor quality. Examples of popular diamond cuts are brilliant cut, princess cut, marquise cut, and oval cut.
  • Color. As diamonds become colorless, their value increases. Colorless diamonds are harder to find than those with traces of color, like yellow or brown. You can look into a colorlessness scale, where D to F is colorless, G to J is near colorless, and K to Z is faint to light. This discussion does not apply to fancy diamonds, whose saturation exudes color.
  • Clarity. The small imperfections and blemishes on the stone affect its clarity grade. The grading is based on how these inclusions look under the microscope. Flawless diamonds have no defects under a magnification of ten times, according to the American Gem Society.

Select Based on Her Style

Now’s the time to look closely at the kind of jewelry she wears and how she wears them. Is she adventurous with her accessories, mixing and matching fine and fancy jewelry? Does she go for classic pieces that look subtle and sometimes understated? Is she the type who prefers ornate over simple?

Some women tend to get self-conscious about the looks they get because of their engagement rings. Thus, it matters to have a good grasp of your partner’s style and personality so that you can get her the ring with the cut and style that she will love.

Look Into the Setting

Your choice for a setting plays a huge role in the style of the ring, which makes sense when you consider the points above. Some argue that how the stone is set or placed on the metal band is as essential as the center stone itself.

Engagement ring settings run plenty, but the more popular ones are the following:

  • A halo is created when smaller diamonds congregate around a bigger stone to create a giant sparkling piece.
  • The prong setting pushes the center stone forward with metal claws to bind the ring.
  • The pavé arrangement puts small diamonds on the band to add shine to the main stone without overwhelming it.

Setting metals can be gold or platinum. You may or may not need to resize your ring, but to be safe, ask which rings are open for resizing.

Shop Around

Arm yourself with patience, perseverance, and determination when visiting physical and online shops to get the engagement ring and the engagement ring box that gives you the bang for your buck. If you can get access to a jeweler, all the better to avoid getting scammed or shelling out more than what’s necessary.

Not all that sparkle are diamonds as some are look-alikes or are gems that are valued less. Give yourself time to assess, choose, and ultimately, buy.

Size Matters

With one knee bent, you ask for her hand in marriage and slip the ring onto her finger, but it doesn’t fit. To avoid this anticlimactic scenario and wasting the opportunity, you can ask her outright for the ring size and blow the surprise. Or get creative.

Casually borrow a ring she’s wearing, and pretend you’re interested in the design. Another way is to take her hand and make a mental note of her left ring finger. If stealthiness isn’t your best suit, enlist the help of her best friend, who must be sworn to secrecy.

Stay within Your Budget

Your girlfriend is lucky to have a thoughtful boyfriend who takes great lengths to put a ring on it. Diamonds are such a dazzling display that choosing among them is challenging, not to mention cash-draining if you get too distracted.

Take heart, and remain steadfast to succeed in your task of finding the ultimate engagement ring for her.

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Ring

Your wedding ring is one of the most important purchases associated with your wedding. It symbolizes everlasting love, and it will be worn by you every single day for the rest of your life. The emotion behind what your ring represents makes choosing the perfect one a crucial task.


If you are unsure of what you should be looking for in a wedding ring, engagement ring box or are struggling to make a decision, you have come to the right place! Check out our guide to choosing the perfect wedding ring to represent your love!

Wedding Ring Tips

Metal Type

When picking out any piece of jewelry, it is typically easiest to start with the type of metal. What kind of metals do you typically like to wear? There is gold, silver, rose gold, white gold, and many other metal options that you may want to consider. Think about how your band will match the jewelry you wear in your everyday life.


There are many different styles of bands that are available. Are you interested in a flashy option or something more minimalistic? Rings with gemstones and diamonds are available if you love loading yourself up with sparkly things!

For minimalists, you may want to consider a plain, simple band without any gems. There are also many nontraditional options for couples who like to think a little more out of the box. Start browsing rings early so that you can find the perfect style for you!

Consider Your Engagement Ring and Engagement Ring Box

Any professional will tell you that your wedding band and engagement ring box should complement each other nicely. After all, you will likely be wearing them every day after your big day. Many designers create wedding bands with the engagement ring in mind, for example as you’ll see with Robbie Chapman wedding rings.

Some couples buy their wedding bands and engagement rings together to ensure that they match.

We love wedding bands that attach to your engagement ring to become a single ring! Consider how the two will look together and how you want the two to complement each other as you search for your perfect ring.


Of course, price is always a very important factor for every aspect of your wedding. You are likely working within a budget and want to make sure that you don’t break the bank on a ring.

Make sure you start looking early so that you don’t stress about finding a ring within your budget. Wedding rings come in a huge range of prices, so whatever your budget, your perfect ring is out there for you. We suggest not skimping on your ring.

Unlike other aspects of your big day, this will stay with you throughout the rest of your life. A wedding band is a worthwhile investment and will be a constant reminder of the love in your marriage.

Size Matters

The sizing for your wedding band is extremely important. Again, you will likely be wearing this ring every day. This means you will wear it through all kinds of weather, potential pregnancy, and other events that may change your body composition. Your fingers contract and swell and you need to size the band so that it will handle your body’s natural fluctuations.

When scheduling your fitting, make sure it is a time that your body temperature is normal, and you are calm. Do not schedule your fitting for a time when you are hotter or colder than usual, early in the morning, or after exercising of any kind. Your fingers are more likely to be swollen or contracted, which means you will get the incorrect sizing.

Engagement ring and engagement ring box time!  So many rings to choose from! You will definitely want to keep this helpful infographic handy.

Engagement and wedding ring stones

It seems like 2019 is going to be a year of color, and that even extends to wedding rings. We’ve begun to see an emergence of a return to including rubies, sapphires, and emeralds as accents in wedding rings, like the ones offered by Blue Nile.

Even the late Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge have opted for a gemstone ring.

Traditionally, these stones, which were rarer than white diamonds, were used to signify various ideas that were important to the couple. For instance, sapphires represent that the couple will always stay true to one another, while rubies will bring vitalization to the relationship.

While they are softer stones than diamonds, they make great additions to any wedding band or engagement ring, along with the engagement ring box.

Bridalwear The runways for the spring of next year showcased bows for wedding dresses, but not your average cinching bow. These accents will become more of the focal points of dresses, giving either a modern or traditional twist to a dress.

Attention-drawing oversized bows are seen to be a trend for next year, inviting another great outlet to incorporate colors.

Speaking of colors, we even saw an entire collection from Vera Wang featuring colors far beyond the traditional white, ivory, or the popular blush for wedding dresses. The introduction of color in her lines isn’t strictly new for this designer but this year, the combination of colors and how they work together to bring a look together is truly something to behold.

Bold and beautiful, brides for 2019 hoping to embrace the trending designs will be far from the blushing brides of old.

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