Six Best Monthsary celebration ideas

We all know about anniversaries but the new concept of celebration ideas; monthsary, friendaversary with a spouse of anniversaries are new to us but they do give us an opportunity to celebrate great things in small portions.

Monthsary Ideas

Monthsary celebration is absolutely a good way to do something great for your spouse, friend or workmate as you mark the end of a month together in the friendship.

There are many monthsary celebration ideas you can embrace to make those moments enjoyable and memorable.

Before discussing these best ideas just enjoy the celebration ideas and make the moment with that person a memorable one.

6 Amazing Monthsary Ideas

Here are some great monthsary celebration ideas to run with:

1. A sketch of your wedding day

A wedding dress sketch created of your wedding day 6 months after your wedding or even given on the actual anniversary is so special. Everyone loves surprises, as they are so unexpected and just a special treat. Buy a sketch today!

wedding dress and suit sketch

2. A Movie Together

Nothing really beats a movie moment together with a friend or lover especially if the other person is into this. Of course, not every person loves movies but if they do, you can surprise them with a suggestion to watch something entertaining together.

The choice of a movie will be determined by the kind of relationship you have with each other and this is something you should take into consideration. Additionally, it will also be good to know the kind of a movie your partner or friend lives so as to make the moment something enjoyable and memorable.

If you’re in a love relationship, something romantic will do the magic and might offer you a great learning curve to help you advance your relationship journey together. You can also watch a series or other genres together.

The good thing with a movie is that you do not have to go to a movie theatre but can do it from the comfort of your home or anywhere through your Smartphone as long as you have an internet connection.

3. A Spa Experience

What a better way for both of you to relax and enjoy some pampering? A spa experience is undoubtedly one of the best monthsary ideas to think about and you can lie down together and enjoy a good massage job from an experienced therapist.

This kind of experience allows both of you to lie down and spend some quality time together as you gaze at each other. There might be no much talking to each other during the sessions but your eyes and the experience will definitely help connect more.

As you say what would take a thousand words silently with your actions. You can buy a package for several hours and just indulge together in a serene atmosphere.

4. Gift them their favorite music

This works great not only as a monthsary ideas but also for any anniversary. Trust me, it has worked great in the past and will also work amazingly in your case.

Get them their favorite music in a CD, VCD, or DVD and if you can work it out, look for a good combination of their different songs. This is not only super romantic but will be a gift worth cherishing for many years to come.

5. Dinner out

A dinner out will be a great way to celebrate your friendship. This is always a great idea and has always been over the years. You should choose a suave restaurant or eatery and take your partner out.

Just make sure you book a nice spot and a place where they offer your partner’s favorite meal. Of course you should have known by now.

6. A road trip or a vacation

Trust me, this is one of the best monthsary ideas to consider as you look to the journey ahead. A road trip might not cost that much but the frame it ignites to your friendship is memorable.

A vacation would also be great and although it might cost you a bit, the results are not regrettable.
Just choose a place that allows you to explore and have an adventurous experience. You surely will enjoy this even if you are celebrating an anniversary.

Always choose something that’s within your budget.

An Extra one for Monthsary Gift Ideas

7. Flowers, flowers, flowers a great monthsary gift ideas

Flowers can help you define what you want out of the friendship you are celebrating. You want it to flourish and blossom into something beautiful.

A bunch of flowers will definitely say more than words could and presenting a bouquet to your friend will be a fancy experience.

Just choose the best colors and scent and let them do the trick.

How do you celebrate Monthsary?

Of course, there are many other monthsary ideas to consider such as cooking together, going on a biking experience or doing something that you both love. However, the goal is to celebrate your relationship and mark the path ahead together.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for this to happen but planning is needed if your actions are to be thoughtful.

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