Last Minute Anniversary Gifts

Last Minute Anniversary Gifts For HerReady In 2 Days

Give your wife a handcrafted piece of art of her wedding dress. A dress she has been dreaming of since she was a little girl. Along with her prince charming.

Does She Love Her Wedding Dress?


Last Minute Anniversary Gifts For Her


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Last Minute Anniversary Gifts For Wife


couple holding a wedding dress sketch

Oh my God she absolutely loved it. It made her cry. You did an amazing job! – Nick, California


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What Is The Best Last Minute Anniversary Gifts For My Wife?

A last minute anniversary gift that will take your wife’s breath away is the ultimate goal. We know you want to give her the perfect gift. We believe her wedding dress is the most magical dress she will ever wear.  You can view our rave reviews on why she finds this so special. This is the dress that she will only wear once.

A dress that encompasses the fairy tale dream she has been envisioning since she was a little girl.  Having a sketch of her wedding dress allows her to have the most amazing keepsake from your wedding day.

You have many beautiful wedding photos.  To have a piece of art of your wedding day – her dress, her bouquet, her veil, her shoes is what makes the wedding dress sketch so perfect and so special.  It is a piece she will admire every day and truly have her breath taken away.


wedding dress and suit sketch

Last Minute Anniversary Ideas

We love everything about love and know that giving her a personalized gift will always be a perfect way to touch her heart. It will be something she will cherish forever. We know that time is not always on your side.  That is okay because we can take care of you and make your anniversary extremely special.

We can have the sketch complete in 2 days. We can also email you a card, which you can give to your wife. You can give her the card that states we are working on it or one that states she can work with us. We can personalize that experience for her so she can share her favorite part of the dress, accent colors she would like us to use, and so much more.

Giving a gift is meant to have meaning and purpose so we create our sketches with the focus of your most magical day together. A day that is so special and personal to you both. A Dreamlines wedding dress sketch has been the perfect last minute anniversary gift for her.




wedding dress and suit sketch


Last Minute Anniversary Gifts For Him

We have so many husbands who choose this gift, as a gift for her, but for themselves as well. A sketch of your dress and his suit is such a wonderful piece of art for you both. He spends so much time and effort on this big day too. He not only has a suit, but a tie, cufflinks, boutonniere, and pocket square.  Having a sketch of you both is a perfect gift you can both treasure.

sketch of the wedding dress, suit and dog


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