1 Year Anniversary Gift

Paper Is The Traditional
1 Year Anniversary Gift

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1 year anniversary gift 1 year anniversary gift 1 year anniversary gift 1 year anniversary gift 1 year anniversary gift


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What Is The Story Of The 1 Year Anniversary Gift?

For years the traditional one year anniversary gift has been paper. An anniversary given as paper has been so popular, as customizing and personalizing the gift is key in giving a romantic and loving gift. 

Since 1837-1901 couples have been celebrating the paper anniversary gift in marriage and giving each other presents on their magical wedding day. This period is the Victorian Era. The reason is thought that paper is such a popular first year anniversary gift is because it was readily available material. Other popular explanations is  that paper stands for couples’ lives interweaving, paper should be held with care and is fragile like marriage and paper is a blank page, just as a couples marriage together when they start their lives together, which is why a paper anniversary gift is perfect. 

What Are The Ways Your Gift Will Make Your One Year Anniversary Special?

    • A gift from your magical wedding day
    • Follow the traditional wedding gift  – paper 
    • A breathtaking gift of your wedging
    • Romantic, unique and personalized
    • A gift of the most important dress she will ever wear

First Year Anniversary Gift