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50th Anniversary Gifts For Parents


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50th Anniversary Gifts For Parents50th Anniversary Gifts For Parents50th Anniversary Gifts For Parents50th Anniversary Gifts For Parents


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50th Anniversary Gift For Parents

Whether you’ve been married to the love of your life for five decades, or whether someone special in your life is reaching this all-important milestone, celebrating the 50th year of marriage is something that transcends all cultures and time periods. It’s no wonder then, that the 50th anniversary gifts for parents are so widely celebrated.

Even in earliest times, the achievement of any couple reaching their 50th marital year was acknowledged and recognized. 50 years is a huge accomplishment for a couple

In fact, the historic origin of all wedding anniversary celebrations dates back to the time of the Holy Roman Empire – an era in which the husband would crown his wife with a golden wreath to mark the 50th year since their marriage.Golden Wedding Anniversary

Golden Wedding Anniversary

It was this gold token that gave rise to the term “Golden Wedding Anniversary” to commemorate this special occasion.

Symbols Associated With Golden Wedding Anniversaries

Most wedding anniversaries have symbols linked with them which are said to represent the qualities of the couple’s relationship at each stage of their married life.

For example, the first year of marriage is represented by the theme of “paper”, not only to signify the fragile nature of the union at such an early stage, but also to reflect a blank page in promise of what awaits the couple as they write the story of their lives together.50th wedding anniversary

In following this concept through the proceeding decades of marriage, the 50th anniversary gifts for parents is evidently linked with gold – representing the precious, rare and resilient nature of such a long and happy union.

And there are other symbols that are associated with this milestone year that many are unaware of. Gold topaz is a gemstone that is linked with this anniversary, together with gold-dipped roses like those offered by goldenweddinggifts.com

50th Anniversary Ideas For Parents

It isn’t only friends and family members who are keen to help couples celebrate this milestone. It is a perfect opportunity for children to give their parents an amazing golden anniversary gift

In the USA, the President will obligingly send his greetings on the occasion of the 50th anniversary gifts for parents with a letter mailed to the happy couple. 

Meanwhile in Australia, the Governor-General, Prime Minister and state Governors may send their personal congratulations in a letter to help mark a 50th anniversary gifts for parents. Roman Catholics are even able to apply to the Pope to receive a Papal blessing for this very special year.

Whether you and your spouse are approaching this most important anniversary, or whether a special couple in your life have reached this milestone, you’ll be keeping an ancient tradition alive if you exchange gold-themed tokens on this happy day!

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