Your Guide to the Perfect Florida Country-Club Wedding

Country Club Wedding

Florida is one of the hottest locals when it comes to planning a destination wedding. Even if you are from the Sunshine State, there are plenty of amazing locations to have your wedding. Usually, one thinks of the beach first when it comes to choosing a spot for a wedding in Florida. However, there are plenty of other incredible options to choose from when it comes to picking a gorgeous setting. One that tends to be looked over more than it should is country clubs. Country clubs have a number of reasons why they make great wedding venues.

If you are interested in pursuing a country club wedding venue, then consider the following tips and advice when it comes to picking out your ideal destination. This is the best choice you can make when it comes to ensuring that your wedding goes smoothly and looks incredible.

Gorgeous Indoor Setting

Florida is notoriously hot and humid in the summer (some may say sweltering), and it’s known to have sudden showers that drench everything in its path. Of course, Fall is cooler, but you have to worry about hurricane season.

The best time to get married in Florida is in the winter and early spring. Yet, it can still be too warm or prone to sudden rainfall. Thus, it is best to ensure a location that has an indoor option should the need arise. Most country clubs in Florida have beautiful covered rooms or grounds where you can have the best of both worlds.

As an example, The Country Club of Ocala allows you to plan your perfect outdoor wedding on their beautiful grounds, but should Mother nature want to rain on your parade they have a large ballroom and covered stone patio to ensure everyone enjoys the view without ruining any make-up masterpieces. Anyone interested in a golf course wedding venue in Ocala should definitely give them a call.

country club wedding 
This is why a country club wedding location would be a safer choice compared to a beach wedding where there is no rainy day option. Plus, if a beach view is a must, you can always choose a country club wedding that overlooks the ocean to get the ambiance you want and have piece-of-mind if a storm rolls in. Besides, a country club enhances the elegance of the wedding as a beach wedding can be viewed as a more casual affair. This makes your wedding day a truly special one thanks to the added sophistication of the location.

Catering Readily Available

You can count on catering to be top notch at a country club as they have their own chefs and restaurants. A country club will have experience catering weddings of any size as it is something that they will have done for many years and many times. You can count on the food to be excellent with a seamless variety to offer you and your guests. They will also have the option for a buffet or sit down dinner depending on your preferences. A Florida country club offers incredible catering for a price that is included with your rental. Bundling packages is a good way to make a wedding easy and stress-free.

Experienced Staff on Hand

If you want top service from start to finish, then a wedding at a country club is the only way to go. The staff at a country club are highly experienced when it comes to formal events- especially when it comes to weddings. They can meet any issue or problem with ease, and you will be left without a care on your wedding day. The staff will delegate, decorate and clean. You will not have to do anything but smile for pictures thanks to their skilled expertise.

Elegant and Chic Locations


Florida is home to some incredible properties surrounded by water and sandy beaches. Most country clubs are located within exclusive housing developments. As a result, you know you will be getting the best when it comes to the location’s beauty and that you can’t go wrong when choosing a top country club for your wedding.


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