What Your Bridesmaids Should And Shouldn’t Pay For

When it comes to your special day know what  bridesmaids should pay for or shouldn’t pay for is key. We understand that it can be difficult to ask your bridesmaids to pay or pitch in on some things. It can be especially uncomfortable when their expectations of what they should pay for don’t line up with yours. They already do so much in order to support you already, so what else can you expect them to do?

The most important step during this time is to make sure that you are being honest with your bridesmaids about what you anticipate costs being as well as what all you expect of them, whether it is bustling your dress during your wedding or handling the planning and coordinating of your bridal shower.

What Bridesmaids Should Pay For

What Bridesmaids Should Pay For

Let’s just start by saying that every wedding, every bride, every groom, and every bridal party are different and operate under their own special circumstances, so this is by no means a hard and fast rule. So knowing what bridesmaids should pay for is key. 

Photographers, for example, could be paid for by the bride and groom. However, the bridal party could pitch in, since everyone is benefitting from the beautiful wedding day photos taken by a talented photographer such as Dina Deykun at dinadeykun.com.

However, there are a few things that, traditionally, your bridal party will be expected to cover. These include:

  • Travel and Hotel Costs

Your bridesmaids should feel comfortable discussing what their financial needs are with you, but for the most part, how they travel to your wedding and wherever they stay is their responsibility. If your budget allows, you could consider meeting them halfway for their travel expenses or by calling ahead to try to reserve blocks of hotel rooms for a discounted price.

  • Bridal Shower

If your bridesmaids or your maid of honor is hosting the shower, then they will be expected to take care of the bill. However, if your family is co-hosting or hosting the event altogether, then simply a portion of the responsibilities and the costs of the food, beverages, decorations, and activities will fall on your bridal party.

  • Bachelorette Party

All food, activities, drink, and décor are things that your gal pals are responsible for on your fun-filled hen night.

  • Wedding Ensemble

Bridesmaid shoes, accessories, and dresses are something they will pay for. This includes jewelry unless you plan on gifting jewelry to them.

  • Wedding Gift

Between the time, effort, and actual cash that your bridesmaids are pouring into this occasion, they are already paying for quite a bit, so you should not be too offended or surprised if they do not happen to gift you with a wedding present. If they do want to gift you with something, they always have the option to go in on a single gift with the other bridesmaids.

What They Should Not Pay For

  • Wedding Day Transportation

The bride’s family is traditionally responsible for covering and coordinating transportation for the day of the wedding for all of the wedding party and guests. It is not uncommon for the groom’s family to also take up some of these costs, though.

  • Corsages and Bouquets

Floral accents and accessories, in general, are something that the bride and her family members are expected to pay for since they are the accents that she wishes to add.

  • Makeup and Hair

This one is a little bit more in the grey area, but overall, if you are asking for your bridesmaids to get their makeup and hair done by a professional, then you should be paying for it. If you are impartial, yet your bridesmaids are insisting on a professional glamour hour, then you can offer to pay as their bridesmaid gift or meet them halfway. Otherwise, they can take care of it themselves.

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