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Wedding vendors are key. Planning a wedding requires a lot of help, especially during the process of getting everything in order. Wedding vendors are doing whatever they can to make things easier, like changing due dates and waiving fees. It’s a hectic time for everyone, so make sure to thank them for making your wedding possible. Check out these 10 easy ways to thank your wedding vendors right now to show your appreciation. Whether you recognize their kindness before or after your ceremony, it’s always a good time to say “thank you.”
wedding vendors
Wedding Vendors – Overwhelmed Bride

How To Treat Your Wedding Vendors

1. Leave a Review

Reviews are a crucial way businesses form new client relationships. It may feel like a small act on your part, but using a few minutes of your free time to leave a great review on a wedding vendor site, Google, Yelp or other review platforms will send them more business in the future.

2. Meet Original Deadlines

Your vendors may have adjusted your deadlines to give you more time to pay their fees because of coronavirus-related challenges. If you can, pay them according to your original deadlines anyway so they don’t have to wait longer for the deposits that help keep their business afloat.

3. Post on Social Media

Social media posts are another way to get your vendors more exposure with new clients alongside reviews. Make sure to tag them so your friends and family know which vendors helped make your wedding dreams come true. A referral is so important for a small business, especially when they truly made and impact on your big day. 

4. Make a Referral

You can also help your vendors get more business right now by making a referral. Get in touch with your family and friends and recommend that they use your vendors for their future weddings or other large parties.

5. Pay Vendors Ahead of Time

Every vendor will give you a payment deadline, but they’ll almost always accept an early payment if you ask. Paying them early gives them more revenue during a time when many clients may have canceled their weddings. It is an extra way to say thank you. 

6. Send Them a Gift

Have you become close with your vendors and know their personalities? You can always send them a gift that matches their interests or personalities. Buy them a gift card or give them a crafting gift so they feel personally appreciated for their hard work and understanding.

7. Thank Their Teams

Some vendors have large teams that they’re either downsizing or laying off. Thank them for working through tough times by sending boxes of pizzas for lunch or other team gifts so they know you appreciate their efforts.

8. Order Fresh Flowers

Ordering flowers for a vendor is a classy move that any bride can do to say “thanks.” Send it to their business office with a kind note to make them smile.

9. Donate in Their Name

Many organizations are trying to help people in need due to coronavirus challenges, so consider donating in your vendor’s name. You can even give to people related to their business, like charities for laid-off restaurant workers.

10. Tip Them Early

It’s traditional to tip your vendors after your wedding, but you can also tip them early to give them a financial boost when they need it the most.

Do What You Can – Wedding Vendors

Everyone’s facing different challenges right now, so do what you can to thank your wedding vendors. Pay them early, send gifts, or leave a great review if you have the time and money to make the extra effort before your wedding.

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