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Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Speeches

Regardless of your role in the wedding, your speech matters a lot. Whether you’re the father/mother of the groom, sister of the groom, the best maid, or best man and you’ve never had a problem giving presentations, giving a wedding speech and toast can be a nerve-racking experience. In most cases, the couple’s vows and the speeches are the most favorable moments of the wedding. Speeches usually create a favorable and relaxed environment for everyone to enjoy.y. If you’re finding it hard to craft a relevant speech for the occasion, we have highlighted some tips to help you out. 

The New Speech and Toast

Traditionally, the best man, the maid of honor, and the father of the bride give wedding speeches and toasts. It was also the role of the groom to deliver a speech and toast on behalf of the couple. But generally, it was whoever invited who could give a speech. Today though, a wedding reception is more of an open- situation where anybody can give a speech and toast for the couple.  If you think your best man or father might have it rough trying to put words together, you can have someone else take the role on their behalf. These types of speeches usually happen during the reception or rehearsal dinner. If you opt to have speeches during the reception, after the catered meal or the cake is a good time for them. 

Sister of Groom Speech

Thank the guests for coming and welcome the bride-your sister-in-law to be into the family. Then congratulate your brother for the significant step he has made, you can also share an exciting story or funny moments of you and your brother’s upbringing. Talk of how close you are with your brother and say how happy you’re to have a sister (if you don’t have one). You can throw in some funny moments by saying what you thought of your sister-in-law when you first saw her. 

Father of the Groom Speech

The father of the groom’s speech should be short and precise. You should probably start by thanking all the guests in general and narrow down to the most important people whom you should address by their names. Thank those visitors who traveled a long distance as well as the whole team that made this day a success. Don’t forget to appreciate your spouse and family at large.You can tell one or two jokes, but don’t try too hard to be funny; it might distract the attention and distract the message of the day. It is okay to be sentimental, tell your son how proud you are of him and can’t believe he is grown and getting married. Lastly, raise a glass to your daughter-in-law and welcome her to her new home. 

Mother of the Groom Speech

Start by introducing yourself and then thanking the guests for attending the wedding. As the mother of the groom, it is extremely important that you talk about your son, say how you feel about the whole situation, and bring up happy memories that compliment your son. Welcome your new daughter into her family and express your happiness that they are having become part of the family. State why this occasion is special and why this union brings you joy. You can close your speech by wishing the couple well in their new life. 

MOH Speech

You should write and practice your speech beforehand and ensure it is precise and sweet. Ensure you don’t drink too much before crafting your speech. A few sips can give you the courage you need to talk to the guests. Kick-off by introducing yourself and talking about the bride and the groom individually and as a couple. Don’t make it your occasion and ensure you don’t use inappropriate language or humiliate the couple in any way. 

Best Man Speech

As the best man, your speech is significant, and you should craft it carefully. First off, introduce yourself and explain how you know the bride and the groom. Thank the groom for having picked you to play the role; you can throw in some jokes, but don’t overdo it. Talk about the couple, and you’re happy about their marriage and then explain your relationship with the couple and the groom specifically. Talk on how you think the couple is a perfect match as you keep jokes to minimal and relevant to family matters and finally make a toast for the couple. 

Groom Speech

It is your big day, and you want to make it the best. The first and important thing is to thank your family/ parents, the bride and the bride’s parents and everybody else who made the day a success. Once you thank everybody, talk about the bride and tell her how much you love and adore her. Let her know that this day is special, and it means a lot to you. Tell people where you met and how you fell in love and the whole journey of your love. Lastly, use this incredible moment to toast to your family and loved ones, and your marriage.