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An Ultimate Guide to Write a Perfect Wedding Script

One of those memorable elements is certainly a perfect wedding script. Weddings are magical in themselves. Whether they’re outdoors or inside, small or big, traditional or modern, they always make us feel happy and festive. Still, some details deserve our special attention and can make a wedding even more magical. 

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Writing a wedding script for your own wedding or for officiating a friend’s wedding can be quite a challenge. You need to combine the official and the personalized elements to make sure it all fits together perfectly. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate guide to help you write the perfect wedding script, as part of your wedding planning efforts.

Wedding Script Steps


Start With a Brief Outline

When you’re writing a wedding script, you don’t want to jump straight to it. You’ll need to do some preparation to make sure your script is complete and unique.

Start by reading some wedding script examples or templates. Find some on YouTube or even in your favorite movies.

Once you get the basic idea of what elements a wedding script needs to have, make sure to write an outline for your script. It should include:

  • welcome remarks
  • reading(s)
  • vows
  • rituals
  • blessings
  • rings exchange
  • marriage declaration

Think of all the elements to include. Then, you’ll slowly develop each of the elements to fit your script.

Aim For Simplicity

Don’t forget that the wedding ceremony is just one element of the whole wedding party. People will be eager to see the ceremony unwrap in front of their eyes, but they’ll get bored soon if it starts to take too long.

This is why you should aim for a simple but beautiful ceremony.

Here’s what we have in mind:

  • make it up to 25 minutes long
  • don’t make any of the script points way too long
  • keep your thoughts clearly organized
  • move from one point to the other smoothly

This will create a certain dynamics in your wedding ceremony, and the guest will be actively listening throughout the whole thing.

Choose The Readings

Readings are an inevitable part of every wedding ceremony, and they determine the overall tone of the whole script.

Based on the couple’s preferences, choose the reading that best suits their wishes, personalities, and beliefs.

You can choose a reading such as:

  • a religious text
  • a poem
  • a book excerpt
  • a movie quote
  • a traditional prayer

You could also plan for a family member or a special friend to read it instead of the officiant. 

Choose the reading while keeping in mind your audience at the wedding and what the couple wants to hear.  

Personalize it

The wedding ceremony needs to be all about the happy couple. They should be the focus of everyone’s attention, so make sure you personalize the script to make it about them.

The best way to do so is to include some element of their love story into the script. You could talk about:

  • how they met
  • how their love grew stronger over the years 
  • what their love means to you and the rest of the friends and family
  • why you feel they’re perfect for each other
  • an anecdote that everyone can relate to

It’s important to make your script tell the story of the couple’s love and include some details that will make people laugh, cry, or feel truly high-spirited.

Include the Vows

For so many people, vows are the most important part of the wedding ceremony, so they need to take a special place in your wedding script. 

If you’re writing the script for your own wedding, make sure that you and your partner write your vows on your own. You could run them by each other before the ceremony, but it would be much more romantic to keep them for yourself.

However, if you’re writing the script because you’re officiating, and the couple doesn’t want to write their own vows, you’ll have to do it yourself.

In this case, you don’t have to make it dramatically romantic, but make sure to include:

  • a statement about what is love
  • a promise that the couple makes to each other 
  • times of trouble and times of happiness
  • hope for a bright future

The bride and the groom will be repeating after you, so make sure you think about their feelings and ideas about marriage. 

End with a “For as long as we both shall live” to make that last, powerful promise.

Proofread Your Script

Even though nobody but you is going to read your script, you should still make sure to proofread it and have someone else check your accuracy.

You don’t want to make any mistakes and get confused on the big day. 

Therefore, make sure to:

  • read it out loud several times
  • run it through a proofreader
  • ask a friend to check it for you

In case you want some extra help with writing or proofreading your wedding script, these top sites offer the writing help you might need.

Writing a perfect wedding script is a task that requires some soul-searching and a lot of creativity. To write a script that will move everyone there, you need to dig deep inside you and find the best way to portray the love of two people getting married.

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