Wedding Rings And Tips To Wearing Them The Right Way

Your wedding ring is a symbol of love and the sacred union with your spouse, with whom you promised to spend your life forever. That’s why you have to wear it at all times. But is it always applicable wearing it on your hands?

Wedding Ring Tips

what you need to know about wedding

and helpful tips to wear them the right way:

Way of Wearing Wedding Rings

ancient Rome, the traditional way of wearing a wedding ring is on
your left ring finger, which is the finger that is next to your
pinkie. The vein that runs directly through the heart travels through
the left ring finger, thus signifying love and romance. Most people
who still wear engagement rings on the left ring finger try to follow
the tradition. On the other hand, promise rings are usually worn on
the right ring finger.

are other traditional ways of wearing wedding rings:

  • Wear
    your wedding ring on your left ring finger and wear it alone.
  • Wear
    your engagement ring (diamond ring) on the bottom and your wedding
    ring on top, following the order you have received the rings.


  • Some
    people wear wedding rings with the wedding ring on the bottom to
    keep it closer to the heart.

wedding ring tips

Traditional Option of Wearing Wedding Rings

don’t have to follow a specific rule to wear wedding
The less traditional way to wear a wedding ring is wearing your
engagement ring and wedding band on separate hands.

are some of the benefits of less traditional ways to wear wedding

  • Suitable
    for people who have shorter fingers.
  • Suitable
    for those who don’t want more than one ring on each finger.
  • It’s
    an excellent way to show your rings that might not fit well next to
    each other.
  • Highlight
    the stunning rings that you want to display alone without


Your Wedding and Engagement Ring as Alternating Rings

people don’t want to wear both rings at the same time and prefer
wearing the wedding ring and engagement ring alternately.

are some reasons why some people want to wear rings alternately:

  • The
    rings are costly, so some people wear wedding rings or engagement
    rings only for special occasions.
  • You
    might find it more comfortable to wear just one ring at a time.

Ways to Wear a Wedding Band

of modernization and the influence of the fashion world and
innovative technologies, you can also experiment wearing your wedding
ring. Creative ways to wear wedding bands is wearing it on a
necklace, a bracelet, or through body piercing. It’s a safe and
excellent way to wear your rings if you’re working or doing
strenuous activities daily.

how you can wear your wedding band creatively:

  • You can wear your wedding ring on a bracelet for more freedom of movement. By doing so, you stop worrying about your ring getting damaged, broken, or caught. Try placing your wedding band on a charm bracelet and add gemstones as a representation of the milestones of your marriage life.
  • Choose an attractive chain as a perfect wedding jewellery matched with your wedding band. Slide your wedding band onto the chain. Wear the necklace with the ring as a pendant close to your heart. You can wear your wedding ring as a snug choker if your work and perform other activities, such as operating machinery, scuba diving, or hiking, that make wearing jewellery dangerous.
  • Wear your wedding band as a body piercing, which is a unique and elegant way to wear your most precious wedding ring.
  • Men can wear wedding rings on a watch, with the partner’s name, wedding date, or romantic message engraved on the watch.

Wedding Rings That Don’t Fit

If your wedding ring or engagement ring doesn’t fit your ring finger or any of your fingers anymore, you can convert the stones into a different form of jewellery like a pendant or a pair of earrings. While many couples decide to divorce, some people still prefer to wear wedding rings. If you’re among the few who still prefer to wear wedding rings, remember that you’re not obliged to remove or not to wear your wedding band if you don’t like to.


can wear your wedding ring in any style you want. Wear your wedding
band on your ring finger, as a pendant for a necklace, a charm for a
bracelet, or convert it as a pair of earrings if it doesn’t fit
your fingers anymore. Whether you want to wear your wedding band
following the traditional way, the less traditional way, or the
creative way, what matters is the thought and significance of your
wedding ring to you and your spouse.

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