Wedding Planning 101: The Most Essential Things You Need to Plan

A wedding is a momentous occasion. The moment you say ‘I do’ is something that will define the rest of your life. The first step to your future is your wedding. For this reason, you have to make sure that it is a happy and unforgettable occasion. It’s important to plan things right up to the smallest details. However, remember that what your guests really want is to have some fun. Keep the music and the drinks flowing, and you are sure to please.

Here are other essential things you need to plan to make sure everyone, including you, will have a great time at your wedding:

1. Number Of Seats

People should have enough space to sit, and you should make sure that you have enough seating for everyone on your guest list. Determining the number of seats can be one of the duties of the mother of the bride.

Yes, it’s possible to miss this detail. There have been weddings where there weren’t enough places for guests to sit, and it was an entirely uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. You want your guests to remember the good times they’ve had at your wedding, so this detail should be carefully planned out to avoid inconveniences.

2. Location

There should be adequate shelter at your wedding. Make sure to provide your guests with shelter from direct sunlight or other uncomfortable weather conditions. If you are planning a garden wedding, have a tent or large enough canopy that can keep the elements out. There’s nothing more disconcerting than having the sun glaring down on you or having snow drip on your coat or dress. Plan for the size of the crowd and have adequate arrangements for the venue, especially if you are going to hold it outside in the open air.

3. Seat Plan

It’s up to you to determine who will sit with who at the reception tables, but you have to come up with a strategic seat plan. Place your guests with people whom they would enjoy sitting with. It’s always a great idea to place your friends at the same table so they can mix and have a good time. A well-thought-out seat plan will ensure your guests’ comfort and enjoyment at the reception.

4. Food

Weddings can last for several hours, and people will get hungry somewhere along the way. Have snacks and appetizers ready before the reception, to keep people entertained while waiting for the reception to start.

Food is the main event at the wedding, and there should be plenty of food that will be enough for everyone. If you want to be very detailed and cater to specific tastes, you can even have vegan options if you have guests who have specific preferences. Nevertheless, having plenty of food will ensure that your event will be well-remembered and well-loved by your guests.

5. Wedding Gift For Your Bride- Or Groom-To-Be

A great present that you can give to your bride or groom is a sketch of the bride and groom’s ensemble. Giving gifts is a nice tradition in weddings. For this reason, you should think of a unique gift to mark the occasion as well as give your soon-to-be spouse a memorable gift they can cherish for years to come. Artworks that are one of a kind will truly make the event more heartfelt and make it different from other occasions.

6. Playlist

After the food and drinks, people want to shake off that nice energy by dancing. Yes, you may be the bride and groom, and you may have your own tastes and preferences, but also try to include popular and more universal songs that your guests will surely love. This variety will give other people the chance to get into the groove and dance it out. Having a killer dance party list with eclectic choices means your dance hits will transcend generations and will be much loved by all.

7. Drinks

Aside from the food, the main event at your gathering will be the drinks. People will be looking forward to letting loose, so you have to keep the drinks flowing. It helps people shed their inhibitions so they can have more fun at your wedding. Even if they know they usually feel self-conscious, your guests will be hitting the floor once the drinks start flowing.

Final Thoughts

Plan for your wedding well so your guests will only have good experiences when they think of your wedding day. Planning for the perfect wedding can be manageable, and sometimes the most simple and practical details are the ones that matter most. Invest some time on these details, and your guests will have a great time and fondly remember your wedding for the years to come.

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