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Wedding Photos Ideas & Tips

8 Wedding Photo Ideas

Of the moments you need to be captured well in your lifetime,  your wedding is certainly one of them! This fabulous day is a big event for you, your fiancé, and guests attending.

These days don͛t come often and when you find the person you want to be with for the rest of your life, you want photographs that will represent the happy day to treasure forever.

If  you͛re  in search of some inspiration,  consider incorporating these fun wedding photo ideas within your special celebration to have photographs you will love. Remember to plan some fun shots that are unique to both of you and display your personalities!

1. The  Wedding Vows

Having your spouse read their vows prior to the wedding makes for a special shot. This is an intimate moment for both the bride and groom and the reactions will most likely be priceless. We suggest you read your soon-to-be spouse͛s letter at the same time they do with a door dividing the both of you.

Doing it this way will ensure the groom does not see the bride in her beautiful white dress prior to the ceremony. We know you͛ll enjoy looking at each other͛s reactions as they read their vows.

2. Surprise Gift For The Bride

Surprise your bride with a gift of her wedding dress and your suit by Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch.  Capturing this moment before you say I do is perfect, as you the groom get to see her reaction.

wedding photo ideas

3. First  Impression – Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

The looks and reactions of the bridesmaids, parents, and groom when they first see the bride in her beautiful white gown are worth capturing. This is a creative and fun way to savor these memories after the wedding – you͛ll  be glad you took them!

4. Aerial  Views

Capture this special moment from up above by having your wedding photographer take aerial wedding photo ideas of your choice. A popular selection – especially among brides – is an aerial photo of their dress. Having both the bride and groom lay on a clean surface gets a perfect, romantic shot that covers the dress in all its glory!

More great wedding photos ideas you’ll want are you and your soon-to-be spouse surrounded by those you love most. A  great way to do this is to gather everyone outside and use a drone camera to fit everyone in the frame. Shifting the perspective your photos are taken at can make a huge difference in the outcome of your wedding photo ideas

5. Fun  with The  Groom

Don͛t  forget to capture some special memories of the groom with his groomsmen. Have the photographer take some silly shots of them such as your fiancé shows off his wedding ring and the rest of the men pretending to be overly excited. Capturing the groom mid-air as he͛s being thrown up in the air also makes for a great shot. These make great keepsakes for everyone to enjoy, as you can being a great groom to your list.

6. Thank You Photo

Sending a thank you letter to your guests add a nice touch and makes them feel appreciated for attending your wedding. After all, this day would have been as special without those you love most. Consider sending a photo instead of yourself and spouse holding up a thank you sign.  You can make this as silly or elegant as you͛d like.

7. Wedding Shot List

The best memories are those captured when no one is looking.  Ask your photographer to take a random wedding photo; of guests, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and of course the bride and groom!  This includes shots during the toast, applauses, or guests on the dance floor. These are fun shots to look at for everyone!wedding photo

8. A  GIF of  the Happy  Couple

In the modern society that we live in, GIFs are definitely in! This is such a creative way to capture this special day. Have your photographer select a beautiful location and come up with a clever pose that represents your relationship.

An animated photograph makes for a unique and special keepsake. We know that you want to capture the special moments of this day to the fullest.

To do so, you need a  professional wedding photographer with a fun, fresh wedding photo ideas. The ones listed above are slightly less conventional and will spice up your shots. We congratulate you and wish you nothing but happiness during your ceremony and beyond with thinking of different wedding photo ideas!

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

It’s your perfect day, so everything has to be…. well… perfect including your wedding photographer so below you will see questions to ask wedding photographers to make your day perfect.

But planning weddings can be very stressful. It takes a lot of time, preparation and research, and even then, something can still seemingly go wrong. However, considering you’re marrying the love of your life, everything is also seemingly right. But no matter what, you still want those perfect photos!

Wedding Photographer

Picking wedding photographers can be slightly overwhelming as you only want the best of the best to capture every second. Here are a few tips on considering how to choose the perfect wedding photographer for your special day:

1. Consider What Type of Photographs You Want Done

Photography is an art form, and thus, there are many different styles, even among wedding photography.

Some photographers are trained more classically, while others focus on portraits, others on “natural” and impromptu shots, and others consider themselves fine artists. Knowing the difference is important to you, as you want to know what you’re signing up for: do you want someone who meshes scenery and people well?

Do you want a focus on people? Do you want those traditional shots or more candid moments? Or do you just want a photographer that goes through a shot-list to cover all expectations/standards upfront?

Either way, make sure you discuss (and SEE) the photographer’s style and confirm that you like it before you hire them.

2. Look at Contender’s Portfolios

After you decide what type of photography you want to be done for your wedding, do your research and ask every possible contender for samples of their work. Many photographers will provide websites and portfolios, encompassing their styles, skills and best work.

This can allow for you to decide if you like their creative approaches, how they deal with lighting and other important aspects that you want to consider for your perfect day.

3. Make Sure your Personality Meshes with Theirs

It is vital to meet your photographer before the wedding and in person. Since you will be working closely with them, you want to ensure that your personalities lend to each other well, as this relationship can make or break the mood of the day.

Consider things such as a contender’s excitement about the booking, or if they are critical about your vision. Go with your gut instinct with these first impressions!wedding photographer

4. Look at Their Professionalism and Philosophy

While you want to have a good relationship with your wedding photographer, you also want to ensure that they are going to be professional. Knowing what they stand for, how they work, and if they will respect you and your desires, such as lighting choices or wedding dress code, is vital. Your photographer is going to follow you all day—you want them to be professional to get the best results.

A wedding photographer’s philosophy often is a mixture of their personality and professionalism. Knowing how they approach their art, what their views of marriage are, and other factors can have a huge role on how comfortable you may feel around them, and with trusting them. Make sure to know these things!

5. Research Pricing

The budget is a huge factor in any wedding. It is important to know how many photos you want, what packages you’re going to ask for, what extras you can consider, and more. Photographers can be expensive, ranging from 1,000$-5,000$, so having a clear mind on the financial situation can help you be straight forward with your photographer and all expectations.

Reminder: don’t forget that pricing doesn’t just include the prints, but other factors such as the cost of travel, time at the event, number of photographers and post-production work/use of equipment can influence the price as well.

6. Ask About Proofs and Planning

The photos don’t stop after you say, “I do.” Post-production is important as photographers typically want to deliver the best final product they can offer, which means that it may take a month to get proofs back. Knowing what the photographer will do with the photos between your day and receiving these proofs can be helpful: what special features will be used? Don’t be afraid to ask!

You want to capture your day perfectly. This is a totally reasonable thing to want, as the photos taken on your wedding day should be documented for you and loved ones to have for forever. But in order to ensure that your photos turn out great, make sure to research wedding photographers! It will help prepare you and your photographer for what can be an amazing experience.

7. Great Photo Shoot Ideas for your Photo Session

Wedding photoshoot ideas are more than just pretty locations and creative couple poses. They also represent the chemistry of the people getting married. It is every couple’s dream to have the best and most unique wedding photoshoot so they can cherish the moment they decided to become one, forever.

That is the reason why it is important to come up with interesting themes for your photo session that showcase who you are as a couple and the things most important to you. Not only will this kind of theme make your photos look unique but it’ll also make them look more personal.

So, let’s take a look at some great wedding photo ideas for your wedding that may inspire you for your own wedding.

Wedding Photo Checklist

Use Twinkle Lights for a Magical Night

If you’re the romantic kind (which you should be as a couple), it’s best to plan your photoshoot at night and have a play of light in the photos using nothing more than the humble twinkle lights. These lights are so small that they won’t take anything away from the photos by overexposing them but rather will act as a subtle highlight to the whole scene.

To add some more mood to the photos, you can have yourselves lit up by only twinkle lights so that the background just falls away into darkness.Photo shoot Ideas

Take Inspiration from ‘Tangled’

If you like the idea of subtle lights and romance straight out of Disney, then you can take inspiration from the much-loved movie, Tangled. The core idea here is to arrange your photoshoot ideas near a river (or any body of water) and have a background filled with flying lanterns to recreate the epic scene from the movie.

You can also take your wedding photo ideas from other Disney movies if Tangled isn’t your thing.Photo shoot Ideas

Lose Yourself in a Maze

Nothing better than taking photos surrounded by green, right? For some people, something as simple as having a lush green backdrop is the perfect setting for wedding photo ideas. Instead of going to a simple park, however, why not find a cool maze that you can go around?

Granted, finding a maze isn’t going to be easy and you probably will have to travel somewhere else for it, but it’s such a cool idea that it might just be worth it for you.Photo shoot Ideas

Wedding Photo Ideas – Go Vintage, ‘60s Style!

If you like extravagance and high fashion, take inspiration from the ’60s. This was a time of high fashion like none other, and it can help make your wedding photo ideas session visually stunning as well as a lot of fun. The bright lights and intricately-designed decorations will combine to make your wedding photo ideas look like a scene straight from The Great Gatsby.Photo shoot Ideas

Capture the Fluidity of Water

For those of you who don’t want to spend too much on their wedding shoot, a simple trip to the beach might be the perfect way to capture the energy of your love with some help from the water. Having the sea behind you with waves crashing on to the shore can lead to some epic photos.

A calm sea during the Golden Hour can lead to some immensely romantic photos. Having this kind of a shoot on a private beach, while pricey, will be a much more intimate experience for you and your partner.Photo shoot Ideas

Simply Go Crazy

If you want something completely out of the ordinary, just go crazy with your creativity. Look up some cool photography styles and incorporate them into your photos. From light trails going behind you in an urban setting to making objects float in front of you through levitation photography. There is a lot you can do to make your wedding photo ideas look unlike any other couples in the world.

If you’re worried that you won’t get perfect photos straight out of the camera if you go for such wedding photo ideas, don’t worry because your photographer will probably be using a photo editing software for some photo retouching after the session.Photo shoot Ideas

Relive Your Memories

The time a couple spends together leading up to the decision of getting married is something that should never be forgotten. That is why wedding photo ideas themed around reliving your more intimate memories is one of the greatest wedding photo ideas anyone can give you.

From the first date and the first kiss to the proposal, if you can recreate your memories in a creative way in the form of wedding photos, you’ll end up with a collection of images that you’ll cherish forever. And you won’t have to tell your children how you met their mother without visual aids.

And with that, we conclude our list of some really good wedding photo ideas for your wedding photo session. Always remember that your wedding photo ideas should reflect your own style and your own journey as a couple. Whatever the style of your choice is, remember to leave all technical worries to your photographer and just have fun while the shoot is going on.

Wedding Poses

Wedding Pose Ideas

3 P’s Of Hiring A Wedding Photographer

When it’s time to talk about wedding plans, one of the most important conversations to have is about who will be capturing your special day. After all, these photos are what you’ll have to look back on for the rest of your lives together! Here are the “3 Big P’s” of hiring a wedding photographer.

Wedding Photo Ideas


The first thing to look for in a wedding photographer is their portfolio. Each photographer brings something unique and personal to the table, so you’ll want to have a look at their previous work. Some photographers have years of experience with event photography but have never shot a wedding.

Others are specialized wedding photographers who have several weddings under their belt and a knack for getting those beautiful, classic shots. It’s helpful to have a clear idea of what style you like and consider if the photographer you have in mind fits that style.

Tip: Most photographers will be eager to show off their best work. Check out their entire portfolio to get a feeling for how they shoot but ask specifically to see any work from previous weddings. That way, you’ll be able to compare what they’ve been able to produce for other weddings to your vision for your own wedding.

Wedding Photo Ideas


People don’t usually consider the personality of their photographer in their decisions, but it’s likely that your wedding photographer will be with you throughout all or most of your special day. You and your photographer should enjoy each other’s company.

Always get to know your photographer (and let your photographer get to know you!) so they can get you in your best and happiest moments on your special day.

Tip: Some wedding photographers will set up a preliminary meeting to discuss things like contracts and pricing before any papers are signed or money is exchanged. This is an excellent time to get a feel for their disposition and character before making any commitments.

Wedding Photo Ideas


It’s important to ask about pricing early in the process so you have an approximate idea of how much of your budget will be spent on a photographer. Pricing depends on a multitude of factors, such as:

  • Level of expertise Distance traveled to reach the venue
  • Length of wedding/how long they’ll be there
  • How many photos you’ll receive back
  • Level of editing
  • Shipping/delivery (ask about expedited delivery)
  • Printing

Each photographer will have a different pricing scale. Keep in mind that although you may have an idea of what is “expensive” to you, price is relative and depends on several things. Since all photographers are different, make sure to ask questions and write down answers for reference later.

Tip: With any wedding vendor (photographer, caterer, transportation, DJ, etc.) it is essential to get everything in writing. Ask your wedding photographer for a semi-itemized rundown of prices for each major component of the shoot from the bullets above. This way, you’ll better understand why they’re quoting you a specific price.

Bonus Tip: Follow Your Intuition

Sometimes, you’ll come across a photographer that has a style you absolutely love but is completely opposite from the vision you originally had in your mind. Too often, we are inflexible and think things have to be done only one way. If you have a gut feeling about a particular photographer or style, go for it!

Your wedding photographer’s job is to capture your special day and give you back photos that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. It’s vital to find someone that fits you, your style, and your budget. These tips can help you find the perfect wedding photographer, and maybe even a photographer for the other important events in your life!

Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

What a find! Dale Weeks is not your traditional wedding photographer. Dale offers an alternative style allowing each couple to take on the role of their surroundings. Each shot is either is sweet, fun, sexy or playful. His style really pulls you in. He has such a creative eye for a fine art composition. Love. Love. Love.






Dale is located in London but takes on destination weddings as well. Click here to see his full wedding gallery.

How to Take an Amazing Photo of Your Wedding Dress

After years of having a stable romantic relationship with your fiancé, both of you are now ready to move to the next chapter of your lives which is marriage. You’ve done all the necessary preparations before tying the knot, except for one thing: taking wedding dress photos of your wedding dress.

After all, you’ll want to capture glorious shots of your thousand-dollar wedding dress that you can show to your children years later. You might wonder though how you can take an amazing photo of your wedding dress that’s one of a kind.

Wedding Dress Photos

To help you accomplish that, here are some wedding dress picture-taking tips for you to take note:

1. Wedding Party Photos – Get your bridesmaids to join you in your bridal portrait.

Even if you can wear your wedding dress all by yourself, you’ll eventually have to ask for help from your bridesmaids in either buttoning or zipping its back shut, as well as helping you wear any accessories to complement the said attire. As you’ll want your wedding dress photos to be more than mere still life images of the garment in question, you should take pictures of your bridesmaids helping you with it.

2. Pull your soon-to-be husband into your prenuptial photoshoot while you’re wearing your wedding dress.

For years, it has been a long-held tradition that the groom mustn’t see the bride wearing her wedding dress until the very day of their wedding itself. However, that said tradition is slowly becoming a relic of the past as more and more couples are starting to take pre-nuptial wedding dress photos together with the bride wearing her wedding dress.

Compared to traditional bridal portrait shots, photos of you and your fiancé together while wearing your respective wedding outfits are a great way to capture the undying love that both of you hold towards each other now and for the rest of your lives.

Taking pre-nuptial photos of you in your wedding dress is also a surefire way of recording your fiancé’s astonished look on his face after seeing you wearing the dress for the first time.

3. When in doubt, opt to take a classic portrait-style photo of yourself wearing your wedding dress.

If any of the two wedding dress picture-taking options above aren’t your thing at all, you could choose the tried and tested solo bridal portrait instead. Here are a couple of things to take note when staging photoshoots by yourself while wearing your wedding dress:

Your chosen setting that would serve as a backdrop for your bridal portrait should be both pretty and uncluttered. Make sure you get a shot of you showing off your dress. Have a little fun. Drop the bouquet and place your hands on your hips to show off you and your dress. You should also make use of natural sunlight as much as possible instead of resorting to indoor studio shots.

The ideal time for taking photos of yourself wearing your wedding dress is around sunset. If you only have daytime light to take photos to get a few taken inside, as daytime light will wash out all of the detail of your dress.

The wedding dress as everyone knows it may have first appeared centuries after the establishment of marriage itself, but there’s no denying that the significance that the dress holds as an embodiment of elegance and perfection still rings true to this day. Thus, you should take an amazing photo of your wedding dress with the above-listed tips in mind.

However, if you feel that any self-photography skills you may have aren’t good enough to capture the beauty of the dress, you’ll want to hire a professional photographer like to shoot professionally staged pictures of yourself wearing it instead. Good luck!

Questions To Ask Wedding Photographer

Asking the right questions, so as to make sure you are working with a professional, as well as making sure you will not be disappointed after your big day. Also, make sure your photographer takes photos of you and your dress. Model it off and make sure the photographers all aspects of your dress—top to bottom, as well as closeups.


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Wedding Picture Ideas





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