Wedding Jewelry Sets

Wedding Jewelry Sets, Tips & Ideas

Jewelry pieces may just be tiny details in a wedding but they are important and should be paid attention to for wedding jewelry sets. Unfortunately, they are sometimes overlooked in the wedding preparation. However, when not chosen carefully, however tiny they are, they can ruin the whole look of the couple.

Good pieces of wedding jewelry enhance the facial features as well as the overall look of the bride and groom. Here are some things you should consider when choosing jewelry for your big day.

Wedding Jewelry Sets
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Wedding Jewelry Sets For Brides:

Your jewelry should complement your wedding gown and should highlight your facial features well. In general, it’s always best to wear classic, timeless pieces. Moreover, don’t go overboard by wearing many pieces of jewelry all at the same time. Remember, less is more.


Your hair accessory or headpiece should accentuate the veil. If you choose your hair down, choose headbands with a classic design. Don’t select a thick one as it will look chunky and less formal looking. If you put your hair up, choose hair combs that will complement your hairstyle.

Better yet, you and your hairstylist can plan your look ahead of time so you can be guided on what type of headpiece to buy.


Your earrings should be simple if you have a heavily embellished dress. Avoid heavy earrings as much as possible, even if you choose to let your hair down. The safest option is to go for a simple stud pair.

However, you can still express your personality on your wedding day by going for a non-traditional approach of wearing a stud earring with an interesting design, such as unique unique jewellry by Muru, instead of the conventional pearl or diamond earrings. If you’re feeling dainty, a pair of drop earrings will work, too.


Your choice of the necklace depends on the neckline of your wedding gown. If you have a low neckline such as a tube, V-cut, off-shoulder, or sweetheart neckline, you can go big on your necklace. You can choose a matinee, opera, or rope type of necklace as these are long, ranging from 20 to 36 inches in total length.

For more conservative necklines such as a scoop, cowl, asymmetrical, high neck, or halter neckline, your necklace should be kept simple. Short necklace types such as a choker, collar, and princess will work well with these necklines, since they are relatively short, ranging from 12 to 16 inches in total length.


Although a bracelet is a less common wedding jewelry piece, the primary consideration when choosing one is that it should go well with your other accessories. Usually, a wedding bracelet is heirloom jewelry or symbolizes something that the bride wants to wear on her special day.

Don’t go for chunky cuff bracelets. Instead, choose simple chain bracelets with minimal details.

Engagement ring and wedding rings

The best tip is that the rest of your wedding jewelry should match well with the engagement ring and the wedding ring you’ll be wearing during the ceremony. Choose a wedding ring with the same band color as your engagement ring.

Aside from those mentioned above, here are some other considerations when choosing a piece of jewelry:

• Don’t go overboard on wearing accessories on your big day.

• Although it’s okay to mix and match pieces, make sure that everything is well coordinated. You can also choose to wear a set instead.

• It’s best to stick on rhinestones and diamonds. Some wedding culture prohibits wearing of pearls during the wedding day. It doesn’t hurt to follow some wedding myths.

• Stick to one kind of metal base for all your jewelry. Don’t mix gold and silver pieces.

For grooms:

Grooms require fewer things during their wedding day. But if your groom wants to accessorize a bit, here are some considerations when choosing:


A timeless piece is always a perfect choice for grooms. Whether you prefer a leather or metal watch, choose a simple and elegant design. For a metal watch, silver works best with a cool-toned tie such as blue and green. On the other hand, a gold watch will go well with warm colors such as a wine or mustard tie.


Your cufflinks may just be small details of the suit but they can enhance your overall appearance on your big day. Metal cufflinks are the simplest and most common type. However, you can also choose a different material such as glass or have one customized with a unique design to suit your personality and style.

You can also have the cufflinks personalized with your initials or some details of your wedding such as your wedding date.

Your wedding jewelry is one of the minor things you have to think of as a part of your wedding preparations. However, you should not neglect this small detail because it can greatly create a negative impact on your wedding look when your jewelry pieces don’t go well together.

Choosing the right wedding jewelry sets for your wedding day, believe it or not, will help in making your big day a memorable one.

Key Ways To Mix And Match Your Wedding Jewelry To Match Your Wedding Dress

You’ve finally said, “I do!” to the love of your life. Now all the excitement, and sometimes stress, of the wedding planning will begin. One of the aspects of wedding planning that brides get so overwhelmed with is their overall look. Every woman dreams of walking down that aisle perfectly, from the dress-up to the teeny tiny details of her wedding jewelry sets.

Wedding Jewelry Sets Inspiration

Here are some of the critical tips for brides to have in mind to make sure that your jewelry goes along with your wedding dress:

1.  Keep your wedding jewelry sets to a minimum.

As much as you would love to go all-out with your jewelry, try to keep them at a minimum. Now is not the time for you to over-accessorize. Fashion experts suggest choosing, at most, two focal points for you to wear jewelry in, such as those from Q Evon Wedding Jewelry. For example:

  • If you have dangling earrings, skip the necklace and go for a bracelet instead.

  • If you plan on wearing a crown or a headpiece, choose to wear a smaller pair of earrings.

You are meant to look elegant and classy on your wedding day. Keep it simple. Piling up too much jewelry will make your guests lose focus. As they will start looking at your jewelry more instead of your face.

2. Buy your wedding dress first.

Before you start jewelry shopping, it comes in highly recommended for you first to buy your wedding dress. It is easier and better for you to purchase jewelry that matches your wedding gown. Rather than adjusting your wedding gown to match jewelry. Even more importantly, your wedding gown and veil are the focal points of your day. 

Not the wedding jewelry sets, which is simply meant to add finishing touches to your overall look.

Focus more on finding your dream dress that suits your style and personality the most.  Then, later on, find the jewelry that goes along with the same. To make your process of dress shopping, and even dress and wedding jewelry sets selling, even easier, create a network of friends, colleagues or family who can help you out with the same.

Read through networking know-how to help you out in this endeavor.

3. Match the shade of the jewelry with the tone of your dress.

You may prefer silver or white gold over gold. However, with the tone and hue of your dress, it directly just doesn’t go together. Therefore, do not force it. To look clean and well prepared, be sure to match the shade of your jewelry with the tone of your gown. In this manner, you will look better, even in photos, as your ensemble does not clash.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet for you to follow based on the tone of your gown:

  • Blush gown, go for rose gold jewelry.

  • White gown, go for pearls or platinum, silver or white gold pieces.

  • Champagne gown, go for gold jewelry, or even colored gems.

  • Ivory gown, go for gold jewelry, as this will best enhance this creamy shade as well.

To be even sure about what jewelry colors go best with your dress.  You can ask the stylist in the bridal shop where you are getting your wedding gown. Often, they may even have sample jewelry for you to try out and test.  Along with your gown, to get a better picture of how your overall look will turn out to be.

Or you can check through the testimonials and photos of the jewelry when worn. If you are online shopping for a wedding gown and wedding jewelry sets to match.

4. Create a delicate balance and contrast with your jewelry and your gown.

Apart from the shade of your gown, one crucial factor that you should also consider is the print and texture of your gown. This is where creating a balance is essential, where the most basic rule for you to remember is to think about contrasts. For example, if your gown is already heavily designed with beads and jewels and lace and other details.

Keep your wedding jewelry sets simple and to a minimum. If your wedding gown is plain and only has very minimal details, then this is when you can go all out with your jewels.

Having too much going on with your gown and with your jewels will only make you look like a messy bride.

5. Consider the neckline of your dress.

Based on your body type, you will also have different wedding gown necklines in comparison with others. When you look at a piece of jewelry that you like, you should keep in mind, therefore, to match this as well with your dress neckline type. Remember that the neckline of your gown, and the jewelry that go along with it.

Play a significant role in framing your face. Here’s a quick guide for you to follow:

  • If your gown is strapless, you can go for rounded jewelry, or skip the necklace altogether by going for bold earrings instead.

  • If your gown is halter-shaped, skip the necklace, as it will only make your neckline look busy. Opt instead for headpieces, or a bracelet to go with your engagement ring.

  • If your gown has sleeves held together by a V-neck, you can choose necklaces that are pendant-type, or choker-type, and pair them with dangling earrings.

Albeit only a small detail, your wedding jewelry jets are that one quintessential touch to your wedding dress. That can either make or break your whole wedding look. With these handy-dandy tips on hand, you can avoid making the mistake of looking overly accessorized. 

Too dull and dry, on the most significant day of your life. Now you can have more of your beauty sleep, rest assured that you will walk down that aisle most impeccably.

6.  Containers

The next time you finish your Tic Tacs or Altoids, keep the container rather than throwing it away.

The amount of ways you can repurpose recycled mint containers is seemingly endless. So, it should come as no surprise that empty mint tins and containers are small and convenient ways to transport wedding jewelry sets. As an added bonus, they’re free — so it’s a win-win all around.

7. Consider Keeping Valuables at Home

It should go without saying that packing all of your most valuable wedding jewelry sets for a trip isn’t the wisest idea. While there may be a few pieces you don’t want to go without during your next voyage, try to keep the precious possessions you bring with you to a minimum to avoid losing or damaging your favorite pieces.

8. Bring Extra Travel Soap Containers

Travel soap dishes are a traveler’s must-have accessory — and not just for obvious reasons. While these cases are great for bringing a bar soap with you in a clean and no-hassle way, they also double as mini storage containers for your valued possessions — wedding jewelry sets included.

9. Wrap Jewelry in an Added Layer of Protection

Using a flour sack tea towel provides your jewelry with soft padding that prevents scratching or tangling during your voyage. A simple way to keep necklaces and bracelets detangled is by laying your wedding jewelry sets out on the cloth and gently wrapping up the towel. Tie the towels at the end with a shoelace, hair tie or any other handy accessory.

10. Use a Pill Case for Earrings

When it comes to traveling with wedding jewelry sets, why not get creative and use an object you’re likely to have already nestled in your purse? Pill cases are the perfect solution to organizing and transporting smaller, valuable earrings. Thinner necklaces and bracelets are likely to fit in your case with ease as well.

11. Place Necklaces in Straws

When it comes to storing necklaces, the perfect storage product would be narrow and long. What fits this description? Straws, of course! And you don’t have to use plastic straws — which have garnered a lot of recent attention for their less-than-green qualities.

Consider using plastic or glass straw alternatives to discover an eco-friendly and durable storage option for your wedding jewelry sets.

12. Organize Earrings With Index Cards

If you plan to use a different set of earrings for every day that you’ll be away, investing in small travel containers for your wedding jewelry sets isn’t going to cut it. If you’re an earring-fanatic who can’t leave your favorite gems, diamonds and hoops at home, use index cards to neatly keep your earrings safe and in order.

13. Lay Your Jewelry in Your Glasses Case

Maybe you have a bunch of wedding jewelry sets to tote around and are afraid that hastily throwing your favorite pieces in your carry-on isn’t the best choice. Since eyeglass cases are often hardshell and provide a sturdy level of protection, they’re the perfect fit for your wedding jewelry sets transportation needs.

Since glasses cases have a lot of empty space and aren’t as small as other storage options, consider using this case for costume jewelry when on the go.

14. Don’t Overpack

Perhaps the most important piece of advice for someone looking to travel with their jewelry is to not overdo it. Take versatile pieces with you during your travels that you can pair with countless outfits. When you lighten your load, it’s easier to keep the wedding jewelry sets that you do decide to take with you neat, organized and safe for future trips.

Preventing your wedding jewelry sets from becoming a tangled mess while traveling isn’t as hard as it seems. With a few of these safety tips in mind, you can accessorize on-the-go while remaining organized, too.

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