Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

So much effort goes into selecting the most important dress you will ever wear. You want that first experience shopping to be magical and stress-free.
1. Price RangeĀ 
Set a price range for your gown and do your research on where you plan to go shopping.
2. Don’t Budge
Stick with your price range.
3. Alteration Services
Select a bridal shop who offers full alteration services.
4. Appointment
Schedule an appointment so you can receive one-on-one time with a sales associate.
5. Give It Time
Allow up to two hours when you schedule your appointment.
6. Your Team
Take Someone with you who is a good advocate for you and not too critical. Your style is your style and what you like…others may not.
7. Free Spirit
Be open minded and follow your gut and heart.
8. Slow Down
Take your time when buying and don’t rush into it.
9. Get Down
Take into consideration the style of dress if you will be dancing.
10. All The Pieces
On your final fitting take your shoes, veil, and all other accessories.

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