Wedding Cover-Up Shawls and Wraps: The Benefits They Can Bring

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. After all, this is where you seal the deal with the person that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. As such, like other special occasions, you’ve got to look your best. Aside from getting the best hairstyle, you’ve got to buy the best dress.

It is a fact that people do tend to be “extra” when it comes to their wedding dress. It’s their special Wedding Cover-Upday, after all. For instance, 25% of brides visit more than three boutiques and 70% try more than three dresses before they find the wedding dress of their dreams. A total of 31% of brides prefer A-line dresses, with the rest preferring mermaids, ball gowns, and sheath dresses. Color schemes vary, too; 40% prefer ivory colors, and the rest opt for white, soft white, and champagne dresses. Spending escalates, too; 32% of brides spend more than $1,000 for their dresses, and 18% buy a second dress for the reception!

However, did you know that there’s a way to look luxe without breaking the bank? Accessories such as cover-up shawls, wraps, and shrugs can actually accentuate your body and give you that much-needed style to set you apart from other brides.

Here are other benefits of wedding cover-up shawls and wedding wraps:

Spice up the occasion with a bit of color:

Your wedding gowns will most likely be a shade of white, unless you want to be extremely radical and go for an entirely different shade of color. Traditions will most likely make you go with a white dress. If you love colors, you might not be amused. Shawls and covers allow you to add color to your plain white dress and mix and match patterns that won’t entirely deviate from your gown. They allow you to show off your fashion sense and personal style, too!

Add a flair of mystery to your figure:

If you chose a dress without sleeves, a shawl or a wrap is a perfect addition. The purpose is not to hide your arms or your figure, though. Rather, having a shawl around your upper body does give you that mysterious and dramatic “vibe” that will surely make heads turn upon your arrival, especially if you want to be a bit “extra” in your wedding.

Symbolic for metamorphosis and transformation:

Aside from the mystery vibe a shawl or wrap brings, it can also be a symbol of metamorphosis and transformation.

Imagine wearing a shawl or a wrap that covers the main details of your upper body and taking it off later on – your personal take on “lifting the veil” and your transition from a single person to a happily married one. It’s like saying you’re ready for your new life.

Additional layer of comfort against the elements:

No matter how meticulously you planned your big day, there are still things that you can’t control, such as the weather. Sometimes, the elements can get in your way, whether during the ceremony or in the reception. The venue can unexpectedly be cold, warm, or windy. It’s best to come prepared. A shawl or wrap can protect you against these elements and ensure that you will be comfortable, so you can focus on the ceremony and enjoy your celebration.

Easy to acquire and customize:

Unlike other forms of accessories, shawls and covers can easily be bought in stores and fashion outlets. What’s interesting is that you can actually have a shawl or wrap specifically designed for you, so you have a unique accessory that no one else will ever have.

The Takeaway: Upgrade Your Wedding Wardrobe with Style

The inner wedding designer in you may initially doubt cover-up shawls and wraps for your wedding. Isn’t women’s clothing made to showcase its beautiful designs and the wonderful body of women? Interestingly, shawls and wraps can actually add a bit of spice, style, and pizazz to your wedding dress. Get them ready for your big day!

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