Unusual Wedding Venues Around The World

You’ll have a lot on your plate once you decide that you’ll get married. Aside from thinking about what your entourage will wear or what food will be served at the reception, you also have to decide on your wedding venue. This is a crucial decision to make as this can influence the ambiance of your wedding and the mood of your guests. If you want your wedding to be memorable for all the right reasons, start scouting for unusual wedding venues in your location.wedding venues

This will surely make your wedding unique and one for the books.

There are a lot of unusual wedding venues around the world. Regardless of where you live right now, you’ll surely find a location which suits your budget, preference, and style.

Unusual Wedding Venues

If you don’t have any idea where these locations are, take note of the following:

1. The New York Public Library in New York, USA

Couples usually share the same or similar interests. While some love to travel across the world, others would like to enjoy the solemnity of reading a good book. If you and your future spouse fit the latter, consider choosing the New York Public Library as your wedding venue. This is the second largest public library in the US, and yes, wedding ceremonies can be held once certain conditions are met. For starters, you should provide a written letter to the office library and inform them what you have planned for your wedding.

2. Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada

Depending on the preference of the couple, a wedding can be held on beaches or hotels. If you want your upcoming wedding to be far from the norm, book the Hotel de Glace in Canada as your wedding venue. This chapel is made of 15,000 tons of ice and snow. Once you hold your wedding here, you don’t have to worry about the bride’s gown too because the hotel can actually provide one. The Hotel de Glance is the perfect choice for couples who want their wedding venues to be cool – figuratively and literally.

3. The Tree House in The Lodge, Scotland, UK

Children would usually play in tree houses and imagine their lives when they grow up. They would pretend that they have their own homes and partners even when they were still young. If you’re guilty of playing this game way back when, good news – you can now make that role play a reality by getting married in The Tree House in Scotland. This wedding venue is perfect for couples who want to recreate their childhood memories and have an intimate wedding.

4. The Underground Cavern in Wookey Hole Caves, Somerset, UK

Because of the history and ancient stories involved, caverns will usually have a very mysterious ambiance. Whenever you’re in it, you’ll likely admire its beauty while being in awe of the mystery behind its story. If you’re planning to give this kind of experience to your guests, hold your wedding in the Underground Cavern in the United Kingdom. Once you enter this cavern, be ready to be amazed by the different rock formations and bask in its pleasant atmosphere. If your guest list doesn’t exceed 100 people, the Underground Cavern should be one of your top choices.

5. The Edinburgh Zoo in Edinburgh, UK

Yes, you read that right – you can now exchange vows with your spouse in a zoo in the United Kingdom. But unlike what you’ve probably imagined, your wedding ceremony won’t be held in a jungle or even outdoors. The Edinburgh Zoo actually has a mansion which can be decorated for your wedding. You’ll be provided with a red carpet and breathtaking views of the zoo once you decide to choose the Edinburgh Zoo as your wedding venue.

6. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, USA

A bridge can symbolize a lot of things. It might mean long distance relationship or bridging gaps between differences, just to name a few. If a bridge played an important role in your relationship, holding your wedding ceremony on the Golden Gate Bridge might be the perfect option for you. Aside from the bridge itself, this wedding venue will give you and your guests the perfect sunset over San Francisco Bay. Enjoying this view while being in the arms of your loved one might be the only combination you’ll need for your wedding day.

Consider Other Factors

The uniqueness of the wedding venue is just one thing. To ensure that your wedding ceremony will go as smoothly as planned, take time to consider the accessibility, price, and size of your wedding venue, as well. All of these factors are important so all of your visitors will have a good time during your upcoming wedding!

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