Unique Wedding Present in St Louis

Featured in InStyle Weddings and local St Louis articles has been a great joy.  We have had an amazing experience offering a unique Wedding Gown Sketch to bridal parties and guests to give to the bride and groom all over the world.  Our artist is English and lives in the South of France.  We receive orders from St Louis, MO, Ireland and even Australia given as amazing wedding gifts.   We are proud to provide such an amazing gift.  The Wedding Dress Sketch has evolved with adding accessories (bouquet, shoes, veil and so much more).  We are now offering the Wedding Dress and Tuxedo or even a Military Uniform.  We allow our customers to tell us what they want created, which allows them to be a part of the design process.  This has been an amazing experience to be more involved with the customer during the design process. We have solved the problem on ‘What Do I Give The Bride’.

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