Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are always a wonderful thing to behold. Weddings are a definite highlight of every engaged couple who both spent months planning, coordinating, shopping, and inviting their loved ones from all over the town (or world) to celebrate with them.

The covenant of love between two persons in the sight of their family is a memorable thing to treasure. The white dress, the music, the rings, the gowns, the flowers, the food, everything is just so festive and everyone is merry.

We know that planning a traditional wedding ceremony can be exhausting. There are a lot of details that you have to decide and plan, especially the order of your traditional wedding ceremony. When it comes to this, a lot of couples have opted to customize how they want the schedule to flow. Thus, there are a lot of things that you can do nowadays on your own traditional wedding ceremony.

But, let’s start with the basics. What happens in a traditional wedding ceremony? What is the flow usually followed by people? A traditional wedding ceremony gives you the basic highlights of what goes on during a traditional wedding ceremony. In the future, you can always choose to remove, retain, or even customize its elements to your own preference.

But, in this article, we’ll discuss what happens in a traditional wedding ceremony.

Traditional wedding ceremony


Traditional Wedding Ceremony Ideas


The Processional

This is the part where you get to parade for a few seconds. The special people in your life are now present to celebrate this milestone.

The processional usually begins with the officiant making their way to the front where they’ll conduct the traditional wedding ceremony. This is followed by the groom who can be accompanied by his best man, his parents, or he could go solo.  After the groom, the older people in your life that will serve as your guide in this new chapter, followed by your best friends, close relatives, ring bearer, then the flower girls, which will signal the entrance of the bride by decorating the aisle with flower petals on their baskets.

After the little girls have safely made their way to their respective seats, the officiant will ask everyone to rise up for the bridal procession. This is when the music majestically shifts and the bride slowly makes her entrance as the crowd looks at her in awe and the groom tears up as he watches her. During a bridal procession, the bride is usually accompanied by her parents or others that she considers as a parental figure.

Wedding Processional Order



Opening Remarks and The Message of the Officiant

Hearing the words of the officiant saying, “dearly beloved we are gathered here today,” signifies that the ceremony proper is about to start. This will be said after the bride has made her way in front and she’s now standing there with her groom.

The officiant will then address the people and welcome them to a traditional wedding ceremony.  Then, they’ll proceed to talk about the great importance of the covenant of marriage and what it represents. The officiant might even use your own love story as an example of what you’ve fought for to get to where you are now.

With a religious traditional wedding ceremony, the officiant will use this time to read something from the scriptures and encourage the couple with a short message.

Exchange of Vows

This is where you exchange with your partner your promise and commitment to be there for each other and to fulfill your duties and responsibilities as a married couple. You can have pre-written vows that can be found in books or on the internet. But, it’s always better to write one yourself since it speaks from the heart.

Catholic wedding processional order

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If you choose to write one yourself, here are a few tips that can help you.

  • Tell your partner that you love them. We say this too much but sometimes we don’t mean it. Saying I love you out loud is also a proclamation to everyone present at the wedding how much the person standing next to you means.
  • Promise to be there for each other no matter what life throws at you. A common line recited during a traditional wedding ceremony goes like this, “To have and to hold, for better or for worse.” 

Being there for one another doesn’t mean that your presence is just known, but that you hold on to each other through the most difficult storms and also through the sunny days. Life is tough, and married life is no exception, but the great thing about being married is that you get to do life side by side with another human being who has similarly committed on staying no matter how hard it gets.

  • Avoid using always and never in your promises. We’re all fallen humans, and we cannot promise someone perfection. Admit that you’re not perfect but that you’ll try your best in everything.
  • Try to use humor and add little anecdotes that can help lighten the mood. This also provides a realness, so that when others hear it they realize that you’re not trying to show anyone that you’re perfect and that you’ll make it. But, rather just two imperfect humans willing to do the work to make the marriage succeed.

After the exchange of vows is the exchange of rings, which symbolizes that you’re married now.

The Pronouncement of Marriage

After the formalities of the rings, the officiant will now proceed to proclaim that you’re now husband and wife.

First Kiss As A Married Couple

One last very important thing to seal the proclamation that the two of you are officially married is the first kiss as a married couple. It is what everyone has been waiting for, whether they say it out loud or not.

This is the pinnacle of the whole traditional wedding ceremony. It’s when you look into each other’s eyes and nothing else makes much sense. It is just you and your partner in this moment, for the first time in front of everyone you are claiming him/her permanently, forever. Kiss your lover and make it count, for all the people watching and all the cameras recording, make it your own memory to treasure.


After that beautiful kiss, the celebratory music will now play and the officiant will introduce you as a married couple for the first time with the same last name. As newlyweds, you’ll walk down the aisle and lead the processional party out.

Other Add-ons That You Can Consider

Just for fun, if you’re looking for something different to incorporate with those mentioned above, here are some of the few things you can add to your traditional wedding ceremony.

Bring Your Pet To The Ceremony

As an important part of your single lives, don’t forget your pets on your special day. Others choose to walk the aisle with their dogs, cats, or whatever it is that they have.

In light of this, make sure that your chosen venue allows pets so that everything will go smoothly.

Plant A Tree

A great and unusual way to mark this special milestone in your lives is to plant a tree. It’s also a way of helping the environment amidst this global crisis that we’re in.

Customize Your Wedding Program Handouts

If you have time to customize your wedding programs, then it’s nice to add something special to it so that your guests can read and also entertain them while they wait. You can probably include anecdotes about how you two met, a funny store about you two, Bible verses, and photos of you.

To take it to the next level, you can also create your programs as something that doubles as a fan with a short handle, so that if you’re having an outdoor wedding, your guests will be cool during the traditional wedding ceremony.

Hire A Videographer or Photographer That Can Do Same Day Edits

This is a famous trend nowadays. Wedding couples are choosing to commemorate their special day by hiring a photographer or videographer that can create outputs on the same day.

This is also a fun way for you to look back and see all the things that you might have missed as you’re busy preparing for the event. Guests also love this because they like to feel that they were really there and participated in the event.

Overall, this is just a nice way to freeze that moment in time and look back on how joyous it was and how much there was to celebrate.

There’s no strict hard-fast rule on the ceremony proper for your wedding. Should you chose to stray from the traditional style, don’t be afraid to be judged.

Today, there are many people who are mixing both traditional and modern styles into a traditional wedding ceremony. Remember, you’re not any less married than those who choose to go the traditional way. In fact, it’s no one’s business to mingle and make comments in whatever it is you want. After all, it’s your special day and not theirs.

Go where your heart and creativity take you. Make it the wedding that you want and not what they want.

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