Top Wedding Trends in 2021

Everyone wants to get married and knowing the top wedding trends in 2021 is key. Having a magnificent wedding is a dream come true for most couples. The onset of the coronavirus appeared to have marked the end of weddings.

However, this is not the case as weddings are taking place like never before. The pandemic has given rise to the following new wedding trends.

Wedding trends in 2021

Top Wedding Trends in 2021


A Breath of Fresh Air

Outdoor activities bring so much fun. The sound of singing birds and blossoms appearing on the beautiful trees is so satisfying. There is no better place to hold an important function like a wedding than in an outdoor environment.

Such a venue offers a breath of fresh air that cannot be found in any other place. Jeanne Jackson is a renowned organizer for weddings events. She indicates that writers with EduJungles require a conducive environment while writing a philosophy essay.

When I considered her advice, I discovered that such solicitude places are the most appropriate for important activities like writing and weddings. Because of the COVID19 pandemic, social distance has become critical, especially during events. In an outdoor venue, there is enough space to accommodate your guests.

Such a place offers a conducive environment where you can enjoy watching the sunsets with your partner. Instead of hiring expensive restaurants and wasting money, consider an outdoor wedding. You will not only enjoy but also experience the best that nature offers. 

Get Florals Right

You cannot have an excellent wedding without flowers. You may have the best food, clothing, music, and other things that matter at a wedding. However, if you fail to check on the florals, you miss the essence of a wedding. A focus on florals is one of the current wedding trends in 2021.

It is not just about having flowers at a wedding. Remember, flowers communicate a lot about you as a couple. Do not allow the service provider to bring any available flowers. The flowers need to correlate with the theme of the wedding. Choose flower colors that demonstrate the celebration of a big day.

Bright colors serve to bring out the best in a wedding. Ensure that the color of the flowers does not clash with the theme color. Instead, flowers are meant to complement the theme color. This is where engaging a florist assists. Talk to your florist in advance so that they identify flowers that flow with your event.

You would like every guest to see the flow of harmony in the wedding, including how the flowers are arranged. 

Weekday Weddings

Who said that as the wedding has to take place over the weekend? Most of the weddings that you have attended were probably on a Saturday. The choice of the day might have been determined by the availability of people, especially those who do not work over the weekend. In 2021, the most trendy weddings are taking place over the weekdays.

Unlike in the past, where weddings would attract large crowds, the COVID19 pandemic has mandated social distancing regulations. The implication is fewer guests as event organizers attempt to reduce the number of people to minimize the spread of the virus.

One way of restricting attendance is having your function over the week instead of the weekend when most people are available. During the week, most of the wedding venues are usually readily available. As a result, you can negotiate for a discount.

On a normal weekend, many weddings may be taking place, which makes venues very expensive. In a pandemic season like 2021, couples need to use money wisely. A wedding over the week would save on costs and allow couples to get the best services possible. 

The Big Reveal For Wedding Trends in 2021

The big reveal has become the latest wedding trend. The pandemic has limited the number of guests who can attend a wedding function. In the previous years, one could invite as many people as possible. Since this is no longer possible, the big reveal has become instrumental for a couple’s wedding in 2021.

Here, the couple waits to share their first photos on social media. These photos tend to be significant for the wedding. The pictures display a unique moment that is worth remembering. Friends who could not make it to the wedding venue can now share the moment with the couple.

Investing in photography has become critical for couples who want to extend the celebration to social media friends. Epic photos amplify the excitement of the wedding and provide a snippet of how the function went down.    

Transformative Attire

One of the new wedding ideas is having the bride and bridegroom with attires that have transforming aspects. The bride may want a unique wedding dress that makes her outstanding for the event. For instance, a full tulle skirt could reveal a mermaid silhouette when removed, especially during the reception.

The aim is to have a dress that displays different aspects. Such a transformative aspect provides a “wow factor” to the attendees. Remember that a wedding is your day, and you should enjoy it to the maximum with your spouse. One of the advantages of transformative attire is that it will save you costs.

Remember that you are not purchasing a new dress for the reception since you are using the same dress. In this era of the pandemic, saving any amount of money is critical in avoiding unnecessary expenditure. Your guests would be happy to see how the same dress could be customized to fit both the wedding ceremony and the reception.

Work with your designer to see what kind of transformation will suit your tastes and preferences. 

DIY Beauty Looks

Weddings are supposed to be exciting where you take time to make yourself as beautiful as you can. Do It Yourself (DIY) looks have become one of the wedding trends in 2021. Instead of hiring someone to do your makeup, you can do it yourself. For instance, even when you have never done DIY makeup, you can practice days before the big day.

Try out your makeup some months before the wedding happens. This way, when the wedding comes, you will be prepared enough to do it yourself with minimal assistance. The move will give you confidence that you have made yourself beautiful for your spouse. 

Conclusively, the COVID19 pandemic has been instrumental in bringing trends to weddings. While the pandemic has adversely affected many individuals, it has also opened our eyes to greater possibilities. 2021 is the best year to hold a wedding.

The innovation that has happened around wedding events has made them better. Instead of waiting for the pandemic to end, take advantage of your wedding this year.  

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