The History of Wedding Gifts


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History of wedding gifts….there is no doubt that you’ve attended probably more than one wedding at one point or the other. Weddings differ in so many different ways. But, at the same time, there is one thing that is, or should I say was, constant – the wedding gifts. I can bet to my last coin that in many, if not all, the weddings that you’ve attended, the love birds that were wedding were given gifts.

So, where and how did this tradition of giving wedding gifts begin? Who began it? What does giving gifts on a wedding day mean? Does it mean a wedding without gifts is incomplete?

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The history of wedding gifts is, undoubtedly, a far cry from what many people think. During early days, wedding gifts were simply the bride price. In other words, wedding gifts can be said to have evolved from the act of paying the bride price, now commonly referred to as the dowry. The dowry, on the other hand, is anything that was paid by the groom or by his family or given to the woman’s family in order to get her hand in marriage. In many cultures, the dowry included either animals or land, but mostly animals. The first dowry to be paid can be traced back to around 3,000 B.C.

This tradition changed with the changing times and that is why nowadays gifts are given during weddings. The current giving of wedding gifts start can be traced back to around 1928 when Macy’s introduced wedding gifts registry. Other stores would follow later and play catch-up and, the craze began.

Ideally, during those times, wedding gifts were given with the notion that the couple were most probably starting life and, as such, they needed a few things here and there to start their new life and home. The gifts included china, crystal and silver.

Fast forward to our times, the above cannot really be among the major reasons why wedding gifts are given. Nowadays, most gift-givers simply give wedding gifts as a way of appreciating the wedding couple.

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This is certainly a good question. Before looking at why people give gifts in weddings, it would be prudent to ask yourself how much you know the happy couple and the much that you’re ready to spend on a gift.

Basically, wedding gifts are often given to congratulate the couple. Gifts are also sent by those who might not be attending in person as a way of ‘being together with the couple’ on their big day. To say the least, wedding gifts hold such an important place in any wedding.

Equally, the wedding gift from the groom to the bride is usually regarded as one of the most treasured. Why? Well, it is not only important and sweet but also romantic and a perfect way of expressing your love to your spouse.

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I’m pretty sure that making up your mind on which wedding gift you will give is one of the hardest decisions to make. However, there are a set of gifts that certainly stand out. Such include personalized wedding gifts. They are cherished and loved. They are available for the both the bride and groom. 

There are many creations that you can get as far as personalized wedding gifts are concerned. The major reason for giving such gifts is the fact that you have all the liberty to add all the touches that you feel are, or will be, important especially to the couple. You simply get an opportunity to create your own unique gift that one can hardly get anywhere else. This explains why such gifts are held dearly.

Personalized wedding gifts range from personalized home décor, cake servers, engraved toasting flutes to personalized guest books and many more.


This gift is special, as it is the most important gift. Personalized gifts are so key here. Try a boudoir photo album, a watch for the groom, hand written letter or even a piece of art.

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